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E Lawless Reply

Oh dude, I saw yesterdays video and agree with you 100% She’s clearly a normal sized woman it’s disgusting people want to health shame someone who is more than likely at a healthy weight…

    Kaya Kat Reply

    People that are disgusting at her picture are probably the same people that call random people fat in public.

    E Lawless Reply

    @Kaya Kat exactly, people need to learn not to say anything at all if they can’t say anything nice

    Queen Chico Reply

    A lot of people take model size for being the norm. Too much tv is the problem. Tv is not reality 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Coach - Cedric Zebaze Reply

    Lol and life is not all about fitness.

Kaya Kat Reply

Men can get muscular way more easily than women, because we naturally have more subcutaneous fat on the outside of our muscles. A woman could be more “fleshy” and be just as strong as a man with visible muscles and be equally as strong.

Plus, why instead of advocating for body positivity for any gender, is he putting women down to raise men up.

    Eva Eßinger Reply

    Funny thing is, IF you’re a highly trained, super fit woman with all the gains your body is capable of reaching (well, even if you just happen to be more muscular than ‘the average pumped girl’), you’re likely to be body shamed for that as well.
    Not inside the fitness community per se (well, yeah… Depends on the guys working out next to you), but sure outside, and even more if you’re proudly showing off like the males do.

    Posterior Chain Sis Reply

    @Kaya Kat Unfortunately, in my experience most untrained men are still significantly stronger than trained women. Ofcourse there are some female phenoms, but I find it frustrating at times.

    Kaya Kat Reply

    @Posterior Chain Sis what do those men do for their jobs or in their free time? Men usually have more labor intensive careers and hobbies than women. They are also taller and broader, so they have more weight to lug around on average. Men also train in a different way to women, because muscular women are derided in society, so they don’t even try to lift heavy. My original post was saying if a man and woman were put in the same environment and trained the same, the man would develop more noticeable muscles that the woman, but over time they would both be equally as strong. Sorry if my last reply got away from that point.

    mih Bozdag Reply

    @Kaya Kat A woman would probably have to be really strong for a woman to be stronger than a average guy tho. (She wouldn’t be natural) I guess that also depents on where you live and the difference in what an average guy is.

    mih Bozdag Reply

    @Elise Nieuwe No I did get that I was kinda saying the same just about the just as strong part. Men are built bigger with more muscle right. Even a very strong woman (natural way of course) would probably not be as strong as an average guy.

Harbor Anthem Reply

Sounds like this guy just really doesn’t like women.

    Harbor Anthem Reply

    J B I don’t know him, he may be sweet in his other videos but he sounds super bitter in this one.

    Nörmchen van Vörmchen Reply

    @J B this vid showed how he really thinks. He is a disguisting man.

    Gaia Seraphina Reply

    Rather like an eliticist. Too much into exclusivity!

    Stephanie Reply

    I was about to say this.

Paige C Reply

These people really don’t realize gym shark has been posting this kind of content for a long time on their “women’s” IG 👀 that same model has been working with the brand for a while too.

    Farah Ng Reply

    That’s probably why Gymshark is so comfortable telling those guys to unsubscribe. Women spend way more on clothing and make more purchasing decisions.

    DaDeligtfulDazzlingDerika Reply

    right theres a girl in pink with blonde hair that littery has the same message in a post 12 days b4 this post 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Diy_CaT Reply

    Some men don’t know that women exist outside of their perception.

    They lack object permanence.

    Paige C Reply

    @Diy_CaT 😂😂😂 I’m dead. These men commenting really are like that. So upset that this woman isn’t hot to them 🤷🏼‍♀️

Aubrey Jane Reply

Is he settings his life goals and physique standards based off a clothing brand’s Instagram?!?

    LilMissTravelPants Reply

    @Dummy Jig Fishing I could say my ultimate goal is to become a Victoria’s Secret model. I could train and be toned and slender but that doesn’t mean that I will be chosen because when it comes to branding, and model selection, you are not guaranteed work. Which as a brand ambassador you are a fitness model more than an athlete. You have to be good for that brand and they have to feel you are good for that brand. If his goal was to really work for this company, then his post grows increasingly nonsensical. The fact he opposes their brand choices should be a pretty logical example of why he’s not a good fit for their team. I wouldn’t expect a job either if I just whinged about people getting it over me, it looks unprofessional and it’s counter to the idea being chosen by them is his ultimate dream.

    Dummy Jig Fishing Reply

    LilMissTravelPants I mean it’s nonsensical to us. But to him, it’s his reality lol. To be shredded and peeled to the max is what he believes gym shark is about. Same way some people believe you have to go to college to get a job. Same way some people believe you have to go to church to be spiritual. Same way schizophrenics hear things that aren’t there. It’s their reality and only they can interpret whether their reality is right or wrong.

    I’m not saying he’s right, cause I completely disagree with his thought process. However, I can understand why his train of thought is the way it is.

    He obviously isn’t a good fit for the brand because he assumes what their “brand” actually is. But since “his reality” clouds what the “actual reality” is, he’ll never be able to understand.

    it'skatemate Reply

    100% he is

    69SalterStreet Reply

    Yes, yes he is.:/

    Elise Baldwin Reply


ksimp Reply

She’s honestly hot, I have no idea why people are so outraged

    Point Man Reply

    @Emily , I don’t think you know how men work.

    SurrealCereal Reply

    @Emily yeah you’re kind of hung up on the gay thing

    Gaia Seraphina Reply

    Purposely dude.
    She’s showing off her physical imperfections to tell people, that natural women are not perfect, they don’t have to be. Natural women are not fake ( and the internet is full of fake people who doesn’t look like they wanna make us believe, in real life )

    Erica Ashwood Reply

    Point Man are you kidding me lol. She’s not fat at all. She has a little extra on her lower stomach which is actually really common for women who have had babies or for people that have lost quite a bit of weight. Her body is perfectly normal and even beautiful.

Alex M Reply

Can we talk about how this guy couldnt even close out the League Of Legends game he was watching while recording this video? XD

    Shains Gains Reply


    puddin puppin Reply

    didn’t even need to watch the video, i know everything i need to know about him based on that one fact.

Ashley Nicole Reply

My body looks very similar to that woman’s. Those comments hurt me so I can only imagine how she feels about it. I hope she’s avoiding them… and this person 🙄

    Queen Chico Reply

    She’s on a journey, I’m with her ♥️

Yvette G Reply

As a bigger person who is working out, I can confirm that I like to wear clothes🤷🏼‍♀️

    Piper Archer Reply


    deathpresent101 Reply

    *gasp* how dare you!

    no u Reply

    how dare you do that?!??

    Diy_CaT Reply


    haggisa Reply

    You are uninvited to the Church of Gymshark, filthy sinner. Holy Shark of Gymness is disappointed in you.

Giacinta Micallef Reply

men complaining about having “womens only” spaces or “not enough space for men” is honestly laughable. not like women have been treated like that our entire lives or anything lol

    Bailey Jackman Reply

    Especially in the gym!! Holy cow!

    Amelie3913 Reply

    Right!? Oh, you mean the entirety of human history isn’t enough space for you, dude?

    Farah Ng Reply

    My gym has a womens only section and it’s a sad dark room with mostly creaky cardio machines. It’s sad to see how many women are only comfortable working out in there bc the rest of the gym is beautiful.

    Paije Peri Reply

    Farah Ng my old YMCA had people asking for that too and the manager said no, they are not just a gym it’s a family oriented place women only spaces didn’t fit that. Besides during the morning it’s mostly women anyway.

Queen Chico Reply

A stomach pudge doesn’t mean you’re overweight or unhealthy 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ #TeamObeseToBeast!

    Casey Curry Reply


    WhatAWorld Reply

    Okay? It’s just a little muffin top! #teamobesetobeast

Megan Monson Reply

It’s almost like women have constantly complained for years that Gymshark only promotes a competitors physique and the customers are sick of feeling shame when their Gymshark package arrives and they don’t look like them women they promote. So the customers have taken their money to more inclusive brands like Balance Athletica or Aerie and Gymshark wants to remain competitive or something 🤷🏻‍♀️

Niara W Reply

“Gym Shark is a sacred place!”

…. sir this is a Wendy’s

    Ciara W Reply

    Had to comment cause our names are similar 😂

    MichelleAntonia Reply


    Sam Rose Reply


    Courtney Zelazny Reply

    This is exactly how I felt when he said “If you’ve been training your whole life to be a gymshark athlete.” Gymshark was founded in 2012, so that would make you 8 years old. Your priority should be juice boxes, not juicing.

    Farah Ng Reply

    @Courtney Zelazny LOL. Amazing.

Rachael Jones Reply

He is only this triggered because a girl that hot would never give him time of day.

    morgen condon Reply


Kwarkool Reply

She is a healthy shape. I think if she stood up, no one would even be commenting.

    Rani A Reply

    Yeah. But also, no one should be commenting regardless

    Kwarkool Reply

    Rani A Why not? It is a social platform. That’s like saying dogs shouldn’t lick themselves.

    Shanda Gregory Reply

    What the hell is this dude even talking about lol

    Lindsay Lane Reply

    Yep, I was thinking the same thing.

    Kwarkool Reply

    Giving it some thought, I think this was a clever marketing campaign.

    Gymshark know their followers and they know there will be some cruel reaction. They know that the internet will lose their mind. She probably knows she will get some blow back too but it will increase her followers.

Nicki Starling Reply

“Life isn’t fair” yuppp. Jeez, this guy is so whiny and LOL him comparing gs ig to Olympia! Waaaaa?!?? also, he is a narcissist. Freaking me out a bit.

Jordan's Unix-based Machine Reply

I think this guy doesn’t understand how estrogen or testosterone works lol. He just thinks women don’t work out as hard and that is why they tend to be smaller

    almog1910 Reply

    yeah 😅😅

    Rachel Reply

    lmao such a bizarre way to say ‘i didn’t pay attention in bio’

Sadie Woodley Reply

The title “gymshark athlete” does not confer an award as an actual athlete who worked and competed against others at a set standard with specific rules. It is not synonymous with winning the Olympics. Gymshark does not host an athletic competition, it’s not a sport. It’s just a company looking to have the most effective marketing. Becoming a gymshark sponsored athlete is about how much the company thinks it can profit off of you, and they change those marketing strategies any time they want for their benefit. It is literally nothing like a sporting organization. This dude is a dumbass to have bought into gymshark’s slick marketing tactics about the meaning of their sponsorship choices. It was all fake in the first place, there’s never been any “integrity” behind it

    Nina Bielinski Reply

    Would probably also let you know that he is immune to marketing ploys…

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