Hacking Meal Prep: Tips, Tricks & Recipes! / Básicos de Preparación de la Comida

(traducción abajo) We can plan to win or plan to fail! Here are some tips, tricks & recipe ideas for meal prep so you can stay on track to achieve your goals! SEE LINKS BELOW for FAQs!

Part 1: What is Meal Prep? –
Part 2: Storing & Reheating Food; Microwaves –
Part 3: Meal Prep Tips –
Smoothies Prep –
Roasted Veggies recipe – /
Breakfast #vegan Quinoa recipe – /
Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl recipe – /
Chicken tips –

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My daily meals:

For more healthy, quick recipes:


Planeamos para ganar, o planeamos para fallar! Estos son unos consejos rápidos para la preparación de la comida para que puedas seguir en el camino para alcanzar tus metas! Echa vistazo a los enlaces abajo para las Preguntas Frecuentes y recetas.

Parte 1: ¿Qué es la preparación de la comida? –
Parte 2: Almacenamiento y Recalentado de Alimentos; Microondas – ttp://youtu.be/RshYHedZpCA?t=3m42s
Parte 3: Consejos para la prep de la comida –
Prep de los Batidos –
Receta para Verduras Asadas – /
Receta vegana para Quinua para Desayuno – /
Receta vegetariana para Quinoa en estilo Mediterráneo – /
3 Consejos para Cocer Pollo –

Camiseta de All Natural Daffy –

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Naziyah Rivera Reply

Thank you for this video it really helped a lot.

Fit Men Cook Reply

Part 4 of our series on Jumpstarting Your Healthy Eating Plan is now live! This was an awesome series to make and I hope y’all found the content helpful. **Please share your favorite part of the series AND one thing you learned.** Sharing helps build community and get ideas so we can all move closer to our goals. Thanks for the opportunity. Now, let’s gear up for an awesome 2015! #BOOM!

    burlhorse89 Reply

    @***** you can use myfitnesspal-u enter ur weight and it tells u what ur macros(protein,carbs and fats) should be.also depends on whether u cutting or bulking.

    yeahthatsright33 Reply

    Hey Kevin, I’m moving out of the house for the first time while in med school and I’m a little nervous because I’ve never cooked for myself beyond things like eggs and stuff. Not to mention I need to start eating right to pick up weight and muscle. Thank you so much for the videos seriously. These will be really helpful to me and it took some of the edge off. Wish me luck and thanks again! Keep up the truly amazing work! (I happily bought your also actually super well made app)!

whatif Reply

can you make a video of what you eat in a day..thanks

James Lucas Gilbert Reply

I loved the tips on solving comum problems that we find when meal prepping.. Keep up the great work!

Malaika Malz Reply

Uggghhhhhhh I’m just in love with this channel!!

A Mirror Less World Reply

Great job man eating healthy is the way to go ^_^

curlykiki Reply

7:32 lol at the professor vibe! great video.

Nadia Dear Reply

Kevin what great ideas you have. My fav was the three different chickens preparation

RodneyMoua Reply

DUDE, THOSE CHICKEN BREAST IDEAS WERE MIND BLOWING FOR ME, hahaha. holy crap. i just meal prepped today and just had grilled chicken breast (like i had 2 weeks ago..). Thank you SO much for the ideas!! Definitely gonna try that for next week, lol. i am so in shock right now.

    CreativeAlia Reply

    Thinking the same!

chellenjay Reply

I will admit, I seen 23mins and thought, ” Eh, too much info!” BUT, I ended up watching it TWICE!! And taking lots of notes, I really needed this, I thought I was the only one who couldn’t bare to eat the same thing over and over without just giving up and pitching everything!! The chicken kabobs and separating the flavors is genius!! I am a visual person, out of sight out of mind should have a picture of me next to it, so I would love to see how you prepare/decide on the best seasonings for meals/meats. Thanks for all your help 🙂

Roxanne Quiroz Reply

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! I really liked the green smoothie prep tip. Question for you, do you drink the green smoothie by itself? Or do you drink it along with your meal? Thanks!

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    I usually drink green smoothies instead of having a side salad (depending on the contents)

Kourosh Pirnazar Reply

You’re the man!!!! Seriously you’ve converted me. I’m so doing this. My favorite part is hard to pick but if I had to it would be the quinoa part. Continue being the man!!!

TheDaveMonster Reply

Dude! This is absolutely amazing! This video answered every question I had when I was starting out on my journey and had no idea about meal prep! I definitely have to start pushing myself not to be boring with meal prep any more! This stuff looks incredible! Just wondered if there was a good way to be sure that your food containers are airtight for freezing? Thanks again bro! LOVE your videos! 💪

Nilanthy Balendra Reply

Daily smoothies, the struggle is real! Thank you for the great tips!

Janett Reply

Amazing video! Very professional, organized and informative.. makes me want to start meal prepping right now! My favorite part was showing how to cook chicken in three seasonings at the same time. I’d really love to see more tips and tricks like this for cooking things with multiple flavors at once to have a good variety and avoid getting bored at all costs. Thanks so much for all the work you put into your channel. I’m new to it but it’s quickly become my favorite channel on youtube.

    Janett Reply

    @Jan Duarte The ice cube idea was also genius. Will make sure to try that too.

jessfiasco Reply

This is amazing!! I appreciate this so much! Taking out the time and effort on all of these tips in the videos has been very much appreciated and I thank you! Great job!

Eva Danielas Kitchen Reply

so glad I discovered you! Very helpful

icetek0713 Reply

I just want to say “Thank You”.  Your channel is helping me save my life.

Teresa Noriega Reply

Wow!!! I speak English but I love and appreciate that you speak Spanish 👌🏼☺️

Rita Reply

2 seconds in, loving the T-shirt!! 😁😁😁😁 Haven’t heard the vid yet, but already know it’s going to be outstanding!!! Love the exceptional detail!! ♥️♥️👏🏽👏🏽♥️♥️👏🏽👏🏽

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