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Jen Wick007 Reply

I just saw this commercial today & was genuinely unsettled by it.

pasty princess Reply

It really seems so band wagony with the body positive I’m all for representation but i just feel like they could have done it better you know?

helloqable Reply

I thought that it was a terrible marketing decision. I eat halo top since I’m someone who watches my calorie intake (65lbs down, last 10lbs to go) and obviously someone who eats halo top cares about calories so it’s dumb to “fit shame”

    2Dat who dat Reply

    Enlightened brand

Nerd vs Fat Reply

I agree, not a great ad. Seems like someone probably went after them for not being body positive, and so they put this out to try to counter that.

    Jaime Reynolds Reply

    Are they going to put an anorexic person on it next? Gotta watch those calories. Don’t want to leave anyone out. Body positivity should be loving all bodies, right? This is silly. Just be healthy.

    Susan Milke Reply

    I thought the exact same thing

    Tom M Reply

    I think they were trying to target a different demographic than their normal consumers. The reality is the majority of Americans are obese today. This is exactly how obese commonly talk to themselves. If the ad convinces some obese to switch from B&J to them without losing their current market, it was a success.

Oni Giri Reply

Stop ‘should’ing yourself. Start ‘must’ing yourself.

    Summer Joy Reply

    or willing yourself

    Horror Fangirl Reply


melissa j Reply

So you shouldn’t eat salads or try to lose weight or skip dessert…but you should eat Halo Top’s low calorie ice cream…gotcha… 🙄

pianowiz1025 Reply

Lol no one would eat Halo Top instead of regular ice cream unless you’re trying to watch calories. It really doesn’t taste very good.

    Kathryn Singer Reply

    Someone said it. 👏🏻

    Amanda Reply

    If I’m eating any ice cream it’s going to be full fat and indulgent.

    Low calorie “healthy” treats aren’t worth it. Eat better but eat less. It’s not hard.

    Ciara Reply

    To me it tastes like flavored ice

Zsa Zsa Reply

if they woulda just left the big girl dancing and enjoying the ice cream it woulda been fine because that’s a good message, and she looked happy, moving n watching calories… but the whole “stop the should” ruined it.

    Charity Cheney Reply

    Yes, would have made it fun!!!

    mr925KING Reply

    She ain’t big she HUGE 😂😂

    Seyler-kun on the case Reply

    yeah, shes so pretty and would be a nice tone to other ads where the fittest people eat the most unhealthy things

tigertuff Reply

I saw the ad and was very confused

Suhanna De Silva Reply

It’s interesting how in the US halo top lists the calories per pint on the front where as in Canada the calories are listed per serving size on the front

    MTH Reply

    Suhanna De Silva I didn’t realize that! Brands definitely cater to their audience though. I’ve also noticed that the KD Mac & cheese in the US calls for a larger amount of butter in the instructions vs the one in Canada. 😂

    Suhanna De Silva Reply

    MTH Yeah I feel like we’re SLIGHTLY more health conscious than in the US, halo top Canada isn’t encouraging people to eat a whole pint. Same with Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria the calories on the front are per serving

    Sheila Sherret Reply

    It’s probably a food regulation thing. Halotop also has stupid serving sizes in Canada, like ~3 servings in a container.

    Pink Paws Reply

    @Sheila Sherret yea it’s due to food regulation laws.

    Seyler-kun on the case Reply

    in germany the slogan ” healthy ice cream” was even blacked out.. like with a little black sticker 😂

alexis hallelujah Reply

The whole ad seems like a paradox to me because, like you, I choose Halo Top because I try to count macros/calories. Maybe the higher ups in the company are trying to promote body positivity in a very strange way.

    Frood Reply

    I think for a lot of folks it’s the “I ‘should'” statements that they have an issue against.

Jordannah Galea Reply

They’re trying to expand their customer base by appealing to the fat acceptance movement. However I understand they were trying to say “you should eat a salad, but for the same calories you can have halotop icecream” kind of thing.
I just think it’s mixed marketing and doesn’t have a proper audience in mind. It’s like “let’s use a full figured girl to expand the marketing” but forgetting their existing customer base.

Releasing the Woman Within Reply

Omg🤦🏻‍♀️ this ad is so contradictory!! All they are doing is trying to appeal to the body positivity group. Whoever is in their marketing department did them a horrible shame.

Antonio Villanueva Reply

“I shouldn’t not eat ice cream” is the thought that they’re going after. Ice cream is universally seen as a non healthy treat and one of the first things people “should” avoid. Halo Top is trying to say that you don’t have to avoid that treat anymore since their brand has a “healthy” version of it. Albeit a bit tone deaf in their delivery.

    Ahlam Hamdaoui Reply

    Thats what I thought too. But very badly executed lol

    Jessica Kern Reply

    That’s what I thought of it too

    UNO Reply

    No it’s not because in the ad they specifically target working out and fitness which goes against the point of their ice cream you’re not their spokesperson don’t make yourself look foolish with them buddy lol

    A. N Reply

    Yeah, my initial reaction was the same as John’s but I realized the same thing… they’re trying to say that ice cream is off limits because ‘hey, it’s only ——— calories for the pint’. I don’t think know what test group they put this one in front of…

Sarah Shanahan Reply

I think the messages in writing killed it. “I should….” … I should…”
It would have been better to just show her enjoying the icecream and dancing

Primal OMAD Reply

That is an absolutely disgraceful ad. They are literally encouraging early deaths for profit and social brownie points. Well done.

Aimerzzz :D Reply

“I prefer Halo Top to normal ice cream,” said no one ever.

r Reply

When I first saw this commercial I thought they were going to say “Stop saying ‘I should’ and just DO it by eating our low cal ice cream!” but it didn’t got that way at all lmaoooo

Sorta Healthy Reply

I review their products on YouTube and enjoy the majority of them. That add was terrible though. Obviously they’re trying to appeal to out of shape or “normal” people but damn don’t make it so obvious and cringey

    Coushatta Person Reply

    I agree it was very cringy…

Frosted Flakes Reply

i think this ad was misunderstood, i believe they’re trying to say that we need to take the “should” out of those phrases and take action

    Justin Myers Reply

    So instead of “I should skip dessert” they are saying just to take action skip it all together?

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