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laura bados Reply

I am glad to be this early 🥰

DietDevan Reply

The HAES has a very cultish following

    Mickailynn Holman Reply

    I’m not saying it’s a cult but….it’s a cult 😂

Mary Rose Reply

Yay Telltale. I follow him for a few months now and he really knows a lot about cults and has some interesting opinions about all types of themes.

Telltale Reply

i appreciate you taking a look at the video! glad you were interested in what i had to say

    Silver Reply

    I love your channel!!

    Elizabeth 2018 Reply

    @Telltale how could anyone NOT be interested?! Very well done video

    Savanna Krakauskas Reply

    @telltale I fangirled when I saw him bring up your video!!! You deserve so much more exposure i watch your videos daily

    Cassy Winkels Reply

    I sure didnt expect to see a telltale video on an obesetobeast video but I’m here for it! Love both you guys!

    queenofnochill Reply

    Omg i follow you too! I’m an ex jw too! Love your work as well


I’m down 50 lbs and your content is a huge source of inspiration. Only 25 to go!

    Lauren Jenkins Reply

    That’s amazing – congrats!

Staci Elaan Reply

Cult is your word for it. Finding other people to do stupid stuff with so you’re not the only village idiot is the hallmark of our species.


I love Owen 💞 I saw this when it came out and as an atheist and a (sort of) former member of HAES, he made me question myself and dropped out from it.

    Telltale Reply

    glad i could help in some way

Cliff Booth Reply

Dang it i missed the stream

Dynoids Reply

I suggest most of you guys should definitely check out Telltale. Especially if your interested in learning more about cults and what defines a cult. You’d be surprised just how many groups out there are cults or act with cult-like mentality

    Telltale Reply

    i know i was surprised by it after learning the distinction between a cult and non-cult group

    Dynoids Reply

    @Telltale yeah I found your channel after seeing Genetically modified skeptic’s videos on MLM’s after I almost joined one. Had no idea about their existence but the way things felt was off and boom here we are

books and things Reply

Omg I love you for reacting to telltale! His content helped me so much to get over my trauma. I was raised in the same cult as he was. It’s so strange but fun to see two of my fave channels largely about completely different topics overlap.

GIChiyo Reply

HEAS is not the traditional kind of cult, but yeah I do stand by the guy who made this video pointing out that it is for sure the “level 1 cult” version he defined

Tony Reply

Welp looks like I have another channel to sub to. lol 😀

Lauren Ridgeway Reply

I was so confused to see your face with Telltale’s logo 😂😂 this is a collab I didn’t know I needed.

thegiddyowl Reply

Hey there— off topic but I wanted to let you know that I bought a scale so I can more accurately track my weight loss. Listening to your videos really helped me break down the anxiety/demonization I had about the scale, and I really appreciate it.

Frances East Reply

As someone who has been in a few cults (long story), it is important to have levels. There are a lot of differences.

nina Reply

I love telltale!

Hallie Geary Reply

Omg I noticed that one of iiluminaughtii’s videos is on the screen at the beginning! I don’t think he’ll watch it but that’s so cool.

Also 19:49, they’re not technically wrong that it’s a pagan tradition because we don’t know when Jesus was born however that’s definitely taking it too far.

Ange Reply

Am I the only one that feels like they’ve seen this video before? 😀

Angel Reply

Are these re-uploads or did he never upload them after the live streams?

Buira Reply

Omg the greatest crossover, I love Telltale! Everyone should check him out, it’s a great channel.

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