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Kat McCoy Reply

Dude, I’ve never been this early.

    ObesetoBeast Reply


    eon001 Reply

    Same lol I don’t know what to type haha.

    Funmi F Reply


    Kat McCoy Reply

    @ObesetoBeast HECK YES!!!

ObesetoBeast Reply

Thanks to Martin for sharing his journey!

Come hang out on Twitch!

Join the Discord!!!: :

Funmi F Reply

Who’s early? Yes tis me😂

Jeraya Kelly Reply

I’ve never been here this early. I was literally mean planning when I saw the notification!

eon001 Reply

I thought you were going live with Stephen Segal! ;P

RachelReduces Reply

OMG!!!!! Love Martin Copping!!!!! It is so interesting how someone in the Film Industry that has so much access, can not have the information needed about proper nutrition for so long. Glad Marty is on the right track overall now. 😊 Loved all his stories about him working in the industry too!

하니Hannie Reply

I’m sorry but it’s hard to focus when you keep flexing your biceps 😭😭😭 it’s only morning and I’m already THIRSTY 😂

    Cy Eerie Czar Reply

    Lol 😆 I didn’t even notice I was trying to figure out who his guess was 🤔

    Caleb Cicero Reply

    Really you find him muscular?

DietDevan Reply

You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen. Keep the food simple and you’ll see results 😊

Joe Smithe Reply

So THIS is what Bill Burr would look like with hair!

Bonsai Baby Reply

Jon, I just realized you’re the most hydrated person I know!😂 you are always drinking something!
I’ve got to get in a better habit of drinking fluids!!

    Alisa McDuff Reply

    Drinking game: when someone on the screen fringe, you drink

Bonsai Baby Reply

What could be better than two good looking dudes in one vid on New Year’s Day! Happy New Year everyone!

    Alisa McDuff Reply

    It’s a new year miracle to be sure! Fingers crossed that 2021 continues in such a great way!

Alias Fakename Reply

Dear John, thank you for talking about the male side of Hollywood standards. We see the female side all the time but this is rarely talked about

Alias Fakename Reply

If I remember correctly, Anne Hathaway basically starved herself for her role in Les Miserables and she didn’t want to publish her diet during this time because she didn’t want girls to copy her because you know some 8-year-old child bombarded with images of lithe actresses would’ve tried it

    Monica S Reply

    Not to mention huge Jackman was made to water fast so his body would look more muscular WHILE SINGING for long, long days
    Super super dangerous to begin with even without the aspect of needing water when you’re doing a such a vocally demanding role

Derek Cunningham Reply

What a friendly dude, honest and transparent. These conversations for us guys are so important. We’re not alone and we can all relate.

Mira M Reply

Oh wow, so many thirsty chicks in the comments😂😂 I’m glad you guys talked about male body image as well. I’m a teen girl that struggles with body image and restrictive eating so it’s helpful to hear conversations about female body image issues, but also it’s very interesting to hear about male body image issues since it seems like that usually gets swept under the rug. Keep up the good work! Love your videos ❤️!

    S J Reply

    Why do u females make everything about gender. Nobody is sweeping male issues under this rug, we just don’t want to talk about it 24/7 like u chicks

    John Kowalsky Reply

    The real issue is that we all wanna be lean and sexy, but even when we get there we sometimes hate how we look in the mirror.
    For men I would say we need to be between 8%- 15% bodyfat to look and feel good. Females need more bodyfat, probably above 18% – 25% to be healthy. Imo it doesn’t look good on a woman when she is too skinny with no curvature. Restrictive eating isn’t necessarily bad, moderation is good! Just find the right balance. I wish I wouldn’t have let myself go when I was a kid to the point of destroying my skin for the rest of my life. Good luck to you😄

    Mira M Reply

    @John Kowalsky thank you

    John Kowalsky Reply

    @Mira M ok…np

Your Venus; Your Fire Reply

Hearing a man talk about his struggles with personal body image is so saddening but also enlightening because it’s something that media usually only portrays in women.

    S J Reply

    Why do u females make everything about gender.

    S J Reply


    lushpapaya Reply

    @S J talking to yourself huh

    P Reply

    @S J Because men made everything about gender first. You have the luxury to ignore that fact, women don’t.

    cosmic witch bitch Reply

    @S J You malez are always the one who comment “bUt WhAt AbOuT mEn’S iSsUeS” underneath discussions women and others have online. So, what is the truth? Do you want us to discuss men’s problems, or not?

Basicwitch Reply

I’ve been struggling with anorexia and bulimia since I was twelve. I don’t really want to blame anyone or anything for that. But Hollywood as well as all the yellow press covering the newest (celebrity) diets certainly influenced me a lot back then.

    Just JoJo Reply

    Thanks for sharing – I hope you are well and you manage to get on top of those problems xx

Daniëlle Bos Reply

I saw Highlander (the ’86 movie) the other night, and I remarked that Christopher Lambert while fit, had no real muscle definition to speak of. Had the same movie been made 30 years later, he would have spent 9-12 months bulking and cutting before shooting.

OpqHMg Reply

This poor kid growing up 🙁 shocking that kids aren’t taught about nutrition

Sons of Peter Reply

“I’m trying to cut back on running.” 😅 I’d love to have your problems

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