Homemade Steak and Potatoes Recipe

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Steven Grigal Reply

Always perfectly-timed video uploads for dinner when I’m lacking inspiration. This’ll do nicely! 😀 Keep the recipes coming!

C.L. E. Reply

Looked great! Love how you incorporate vegan ingredients with non-vegan food. I’m gone try!!!!

Jeremy Bland Reply

my minds playin tricks on me.

K C Reply

I gotta make this

Kevin Ramoo Reply

Where are the potatoes

Blake Hannon Reply

Artist/song for background music, por favor? Keep up the good food.

muzeau36 Reply

Love the sweat shirt!!!!💓💕💞

sabri ally Reply

So excited love from London

sabri ally Reply

Damn no link to website 😔

Nana78 Reply

Definitely making this !!! And I need that sweatshirt in my life !!!

The Money Woman Reply

I can’t wait to try this recipe! TY!

Labor Days Reply

This dude is fantastic. What a great channel.

    Chabarius Z. Carrillo Reply

    Fantastic, . . .but is he funny? 🤔

Samuele Crotti Reply

Can you please not change how you say Worcestershire sauce? Please man

Farah Joseph Reply

Where can I get that sweater 😍😍😍

Blue Star Reply

No potatoes because the Asians like to eat Lice while potatoes that we rike are more nutritious and better for us, a gesture of solidality towalds these misers polluting the envilonment fol money causing genetic mutations in bats creating the Covid-19 vilus to kirr us arr

    Sam K Reply

    Wtf are you talking about? Lol

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