How I Learned to Make Moroccan Chicken Tagine Recipe

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o.m #z Reply

Moroccan here ?

    chef Ahmed yahia Reply


    ATJ Reply

    ha ana

elba carrillo Reply

Que delicioso, se me hizo agua la boca.. te admiro muchísimo, me encanta la alegría y el amor que le pones a todas tus preparaciones.. AMO TU SONRISA besos de una venezolana enamorada de tu comida… 😚

chef Ahmed yahia Reply

Welcome to agadir bro ❤️💙💐🙏🏼

Theory of Rebellion Reply

Wow, really cool.

Med Elarfaoui Reply

All the love from 🇲🇦
This is was my lunch

izzy Izzy Reply

This video made me feel warm and I don’t know why? 😭😭 All the best guys.

Labor Days Reply

Great recipe!

ATJ Reply

Hi I am Moroccan, lived in Agadir for two years, have been to Taghazout and just love it. I don’t live in Morocco anymore, so this video brought back so many warm feelings <3

Rachelle Reply

Love videos like this!


From a moroccan: thank you! It is perfect. I love your enthusiasm 😀

Leim Dominic DeGuzman Reply

Can you use a regular pan instead of a tagine? I don’t have one?

    Cristal Solis Reply

    Yes any regular pan with a good fitting lid will work!

MsNeccy Reply

i dont have a tagine, what other pan can i use?

    Cristal Solis Reply

    Hi, you can use any pan large enough to fit everything in it and that has a lid! I would say keep at a medium low heat while cooking so it won’t burn!

Michael K Reply

I’ve been meaning to ask you for a tagine recipe! Thanks!

Nepster179 Besha Reply

This looks so good!

Shawn Trivett Reply

Kevin, thank you for such a great recipe. It was nice seeing footage from your trip to Morocco, that’s when times were simpler, before the pandemic hit. I love the fact that you used the tagine, I might have to steal my mother-in-law’s now. Thank also for your positivity and uplifting spirit. Can’t wait to see your next video.

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