How to Stay Mentally Strong During Coronavirus

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Noah R. Reply

I love that bee shirt (where’d you get it?), also thx for the video

Steven Evans Reply

Please stick to cooking

    Jeremiah Phillips Reply

    Steven Evans why?! (not that I disagree with you lol) just curious.

    Kewl Beans Reply

    oh look it’s the one guy that downvoted this.

dtPlaythroughs Reply

Really grateful for all my favorite content creators continuing to do their thing on YT, providing me some much need normality and levity. Makes me realize how much of an impact these people have on my life (and also how terrible the mindset must be for people watching the news 24/7 in constant panic right now.)

Big red Mckibbens Reply

Hey Bro! I hope that you are having a blessed Wednesday evening. God got this.

Tahiry Pena Reply

Amazing thank you for this 💕❤️
“Closed mouths don’t get fed”

Bambi Papichaya Reply

The quality of this video is insane!! I love it!

Cindy Chacon Reply

Great video! Thank you 😊

Big red Mckibbens Reply

That’s so sweet

Jason Mrase Reply

Kev, you’re really raising the bar for positive content. We are so so lucky to have you as not only an outlet for health & well-being, but a role model in life. Thank you for being you!

Bigras-Dewan Mikel Reply

Where can I get that shirt?!😂

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