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Carly Smith Reply

Can’t you sue? I’m sorry this is happening.

Raquel Santos Reply

That really sucks. You should report that post

RachelReduces Reply

This Heifer is giving Rachels a bad name. 🙅‍♀️ It’s crazy that they get away with this. As far as Keto, I’ve lost 100 lbs. doing Keto for 12 months and have never felt hungry. Now that I’ve stopped Keto, I have not gained any weight back and actually have lost another 60lbs in 6 months, after introducing carbs back into my diet, but still staying in a calorie deficit. Everyone’s body is different and not every diet is for everyone. Listen to your body and only continue with a diet that is making you feel good inside and out. 🧡

    RachelReduces Reply

    @Rebecca Spratling Thank you! I haven’t really, but I do keep an eye on it. If not it will happen, especially because I drink coffee everyday, which can be dehydrating.

    Gaia Seraphina Reply

    Whatever weightloss diet fits you. A caloric deficit is still the key element.

    RachelReduces Reply

    @Gaia Seraphina 🙌


    Where can I find keto stuff

    RachelReduces Reply

    @ECLIPSE SHADOW YT I recommend searching youtube for Keto Connect. The helped me to know what to get started with. I get Keto Friendly Items on Amazon, Thrive and Whole Foods, especially the good oils, flours and snacks.

Sunshine Reply

Unfortunately, Instagram will only allow you to report for spam or as inappropriate material. There should be more options but I did report it as spam.

    Dee's Wellness Journey Reply

    you can specify under inappropriate material – there’s an option for scam/fraud and for intellectual property theft you could use either.

Lisa Marie Nowa Reply

I’ve reported a bunch of these posts with your pics

    Helena Handkart Reply

    Good on you.

    Artiste Bella Reply

    Me tooooo

    Just Me Reply

    Working behind the scene

fatz1410 Reply

This is like that doppelganger spiderman meme. Get a lawyer and collect your royalties.

Shea Wilson Reply

That “Rachel Roberts” is a wikibuy spokesperson.. They cropped that from a screenshot of a youtube commercial..lmao

    Scammer Trolling Reply

    But she’s a weight loss coach lmao

AsheaO Reply

Sierra Schultzzie addressed a similar situation on her channel recently, in which she is being used as the “before” picture and an entirely different person is the after.

It’s upsetting how easy it is for these people to lie, steal content, and see no repercussions.

Courtney Zelazny Reply

I know it’s not the point of the video, but every time John does the front facing camera with the back lighting?!?! Chills.

Dwayne Forrest Reply

Hearing “carbs r the devil” while i eat anabolic french toast and sum salmon sushi for my pre workout meal after losing 100 lbs this year from eating like that……thanx John i got a good laugh brother lmao XD

    Dwayne Forrest Reply

    @Music Dude 24/7 ye i dont track my macros whatsoever but i used my fitness pal for a couple months n thats a ballpark of wat it said. I just make sure to hit my protein keep fat low and i feel amazing. And eat whole food low calorie dense thats where its at. I personally think keto is trash for me

    Music Dude 24/7 Reply

    @Dwayne Forrest I try have an even amount of everything. Mostly protein, enough carbs for energy and enough fat for keeping my hormones in check. I don’t necessarily like low fat because I don’t feel as good.

    Dwayne Forrest Reply

    @Music Dude 24/7ye exactly im not sure wat i have but its adequate amounts thats for sure lol

    Music Dude 24/7 Reply

    @Dwayne Forrest Yeah, I just eat mostly clean food. I don’t track calories most of the time.

    Dwayne Forrest Reply

    Same now

OneLineDerek Reply

There is a positive though: so many people in the comments immediately go “Cool cool but he doesn’t do keto”, so at the very least, these pages are just kicking themselves.

Sarah Mcbride Reply

His voice is shaking- you can tell it hurts him :/ sucks they do this people.

Sander Nilsen Reply

«You can lose a lot og weight eating Twinkies, but it’s almost impossible lose weight while eating carbs”

Yeah. Sure. That checks out…

smut chan Reply

“Hi, my name is Rachel Roberts.”

Hmm, sounds very Marvel if you ask me.

Joyti M Reply

The internet is scary. Identify theft and promoting false advertisements ahh I’d be pissed too 🙁 sorry you’re going through this.

Lauren McMurry Reply

The picture of “Rachel” is actually a YouTuber named MJ Gordon.

    Bex Morton Reply

    Yea they’ve positioned the ‘Rachel Roberts’ in the picture to cover MJ Gordon’s YouTube Button

    Sana Hameed Reply

    Wow omg, I wonder if she even knows.

    Gaia Seraphina Reply

    Is this forgery even legal? I doubt it.
    Imposture is against the law.

datakilden Reply

Hi John.

I’ve been following for some years now, and my weight has been going up and down for years, BUT i know when i gain weight is because of a combination of to much high calorie food and to little exersize. The last year I’ve got my self a dog that i need walk 1,5 – 2,0 hours a day. That in combination with less junk food, and smaller portion sizes, almost cut all sugary drink my weight has gone down around 46lbs.

I’ve always been a hevy dude, bullied in school etc etc. But i know that i have been heavier and lighter than i am now, but i am happy as long as it goes the right way… Heaviest weight was 416 in januar 2015. In around june 2016 i was down to 331, but struggle alot mentally in my life situation at the time. Partially because i worked at a place i did not feel safe, and the same thing at the apartment at lived at the time. Since then i quit the job, got a new place to live, talked to a psychologist since december 19, storting out a lot of stuff, and the overall better living situation has made it posaible to care enough about myself and take care of my healt. Currently 357lbs and its going the right way. I Just wanted to say thanks for motivating me, on days i dont feel like caring.

You are a amazing human being John.
Wish most seemed so friendly and kind as you.

Again, thank you 😊

kidd brolyy Reply

People can’t handle low calorie diets cause they can’t fill up on vegetables and fruit. If you ate enough vegetables and fruit (which are very low in calories) you would be more full and you could easily go on a low calorie restrictive diet, but nobody wants to eat vegetables and fruit!! Eat 1000 calories of vegetables then see how hungry you are then

Kayaking Kelly Reply

“Myths, scams, and flat out lies”

Minineli Reply

They said that you can’t lose weight eating carbs even when you are in calorie deficit but ealier in the video they said 9:27 that he lost weight eating carbs 😂😂

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