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Hector Ocasio Reply

Keep up the good work, inspiring me through my weight loss effort

Martial beast L_y Reply

I’m feeling the struggle to workout for 3 more weeks till quarantine is over.😱😱😱

Terk Franks Reply

For breakfast i had 6 eggs and a package of bacon… why am I not losing weight! 🤬

    Leigh Amanda Reply

    @Jared wooooooosh

    Galliano Reply

    Try some fried oreos with some whipcream! Instant weight loss! If that doesnt work, grab some donuts 🍩

    onlooker4564 Reply

    @sara benoli 😂😂😂

    Nick Lopez Reply

    Caloric Deficit……you could literally eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

    Kristian Myklebost Reply

    sick keto diet plan

FitPit76O Reply

Being on a weight loss journey during quarantine is hard!!! I didn’t think it would be this hard!!! I’m 15 lbs down so I can’t complain much! I had my ups and downs though! Stay healthy everyone!!! ✌️

    FitPit76O Reply

    Alexx Demee Yes it does! Especially without my gym! But we have to find a way to get it done! Good luck on your weight loss journey!

    Cynthia Erin Reply

    I am down 9-10lbs and it is really hard to get in that mindset. Keep going!

    Kristian Myklebost Reply

    good job, I’ve just been doing streaks of deficit here and there ranging from a few days to a week or 2 with some maintainance days/weeks between. Straight deficit the whole time was too much for me but I’m doing it for the last 3 weeks of my cut now since I’m getting kinda lean. It has worked ok though, probably dropped a couple % bf and I was lean-ish in the first place. But an extended cut when stuck at home is def a test of your willpower.

    FitPit76O Reply

    Cynthia Erin Nice! 👍

    FitPit76O Reply

    Kristian Myklebost Good job 👍!

Sorta Healthy Reply

Honestly, who doesn’t hate those damn split squats. Those things are brutal

    Anouk van Vugt Reply

    My programming: really slow down the movement and hold weights if these are too easy.

    Tell me in which world these are easy 😂

    Defe Aleladia Reply

    Doing the first leg then realizing you have to do the second leg BREAKS me

    LilyBee Peraza Reply

    🍑🔥🔥🔥 every single time 😓

    Kristian Myklebost Reply

    And you have to do like double the volume kind of since you need to do each side… so instead of like 3 sets now its 6 and you probably have to do high reps too unless you have some proper heavy db’s…. fml

Isadora Fernandes Reply

I’m on a weight loss journey in the quarantine and you inspired me a lot, I’ve already lost 22lbs

    Wendy Oliver Reply

    I’ve done 7, my goal is 1-2 a week but it feels so slow! Youre doing amazing

    Mikayla Jenkins Reply

    Yaay! Thats awesome!

    Selene Ortiz Reply

    Congratulations that’s awesome!

    Mekhi101 Reply

    Isadora Fernandes great job 👍🏾

Angelique Wilson Reply

Thank you for being such an inspiration John ❤️!

My religion tren dbol masteron deca winstrol dmaa Reply

Hey it me jason Genova brother of you

MixedMedia Queen 👸🏻 Reply

I honestly hate when people say “oh you eat the same thing that’s boring” my family and bf constantly say it and it’s so frustrating. If it was boring to me I wouldn’t do it. I’d just prep multiple different meals. 🙄

    MixedMedia Queen 👸🏻 Reply

    Griffly Creations I’m on a meal plan so I meal prep for the week meaning I eat the same for lunch and dinner so family and others constantly comment “that’s boring” to me it’s not. I enjoy it and I see results that’s all that matters.

    Frankie Cochran Reply

    Eating the “same thing” every day is never boring. Well… is if you do not know how to cook. My ex had various allergies and could eat chicken with no issues……..I learned a crapload of ways to cook it. It is like people have never heard of spices…

    xXRhythmOfLightXx Reply

    Same. I eat every day the same breakfast only changing the fruits in my chia pudding. Takes me like 5 minutes to prepare and keeps me full🤷🏻‍♀️

    kshamwhizzle Reply

    I can eat the same thing every night as long as it’s good.

    Marmela Ota Reply

    It’s just depending on the person. I wouldn’t judge someone who can do it, it’s just not for me. But it’s actually pretty convenient when you can eat the same thing everyday without it bothering you.

Shelby Lorain Reply

Regarding you eating the same thing: I’m the same way. 😂 I’ve eaten the same breakfast prepared the same way every day for over a year. I actually get anxious when someone wants to go out or make me breakfast. Lemme have my eggs and oatmeal and go

    alca pone Reply

    I’m like that too but I find that doing things routinely like what you eat and train is really the key to success. Consistency gets the job done💯

Yas Reply

I haven’t exercised in a few weeks because i just havent had any motivation whatsoever with the gym being closed and literally me not being able to motivate myself to do home exercises at all. This video has just made me realise that i can learn to love working out and looking after myself and actually start my journey without needing to pay loads to have a gym membership. I need to lose a lot of weight, but i also want to change that into muscle. It’s all very overwhelming and I’m not sure how to start, but watching these videos brightens up my day and gives me hope. Thank you <3

    BigGainsRob Reply

    It depends on how much you weigh right now. And how long you have been working out. If you’ve never worked out before. Your gonna get noobie gains. But if your like 300 pounds, you can’t just convert that to muscle 😂. Without using exogenous hormones, and even then you still won’t be able to gain that much muscle. Unless your the next Mr. Olympia with top tier genetics. But just start small by walking more and cutting back your calories. Ik it can be hard to self motivate, but think about your long term health. Some days on your diet you might be a little hungry after you’ve ate all your calories. Once you can accept the fact that your probably going to be uncomfortable. It’ll ease your mind a little.

MyCrafts Reply

I’m a college athlete and haven’t exercised in more than 2 months 🙃. Finals are over so tommorow I’ll be able to start my first work out. Hoping to improve my core and legs. Good luck to everyone.

Sheng Feliciano Reply

Bruh…. water mark your pics

Okwuchukwu Ebeze Reply

It is so shameful how many of this supplement companies who know that they can barely get consumers to buy their ” belly fat burners” proceed to steal transformation photos from others. A before and after photo from weight lose programs or supplement companies is meant to boost the credibility of their services. This selfish act does the exact opposite

muniiffy Reply

Dude I love split squats!! They are so effective (makes my booty pop) and I tend to do those over lunges.

    plumkin Reply

    I’ve noticed lunges have started to put strain on my working knee, so I’m looking to opt for split squats

Scott R Reply

Wait. I just imitated the ‘look how buff i am’ move without thinking about it… :’)

Griffly Creations Reply

You always know something is a scam when they highlight some portions of their “stories”, bold some sentences and enlarge the font of others. That’s not what scientific, evidence-based articles need to do.

Weightbegone couple Reply

Cant wait to weigh in this friday after doing the 21 day no scale challenge!..112 lbs down so far hope to be around 120 down!!!!…good work again bro

    Kristian Myklebost Reply

    if the number doesn’t satisfy don’t despair and weight again the next few days, water retention can mess with you when you do infrequent weight ins

plumkin Reply

I also really appreciate that you show yourself taking breathers during your workouts~

Kim in Alaska Reply

I think eating the same thing often for ppl who are dieting or were overweight is very common. We get used to what works and deviations can trigger bad eating.
I think it’s a very healthy way to stay on track/ avoid triggers

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