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darklausal23 Reply

Here so Early 😃 I did a week worth of food from Disney’s movies because I’m a child according to my husband, I have Greg’s cook book, and I ❤ it!

A C Reply

Can’t wait for Greg’s response

    Demy26 Reply


    Alex Reply

    We all are

    *hellodarknessmyoldfriend* Reply

    Jup lol can already hear his screaming

    Aiassem G Reply

    Oh damn we are all scared of that drama queen ( in a good way lol)

    Thuan Tran Reply

    He replied to another thread in this comment section so you know he’s on it lol

Tony Reply

So far I think there is zeeeeeeeeeeeero chance Greg won’t like this video.

    E House - Gun Gamers Reply

    @The Soviet Pinecone Oh he’ll make fun of him for it for sure, but I fully anticipate he’ll like the video regardless. After all, he has the right Ninja blender!

    Patty Reply

    He’ll still yell about but it will be his “I agree with you” yell.

    Tony Reply

    @Patty Well yeah, Greg will be Greg.

    Diiful Reply


    roharro2 Reply


Karine Keller Reply

Man, the laugh when trying to wrap the wrap. XD
I have yet to try the Apple poop myself, I think you’re supposed to put more water in it.
The doc really changed my life. Greg is entertaining but the best thing about him is that he removes the confusion around fitness. Most e-celebs lie through their teeth to make sure we never reach our goals and keep watching their bs.
I know the doc would be pissed but I still hate veggies and never eat any. xD

    FryingPan Reply

    @Raaid Cotman-El What a therapeutic dose of trt is, depends very well on the doctor and on the country you are in. Greg stated, he wants at the higher end of normal Test-level, about 10ng/dl (I think). I’m on trt and I keep being told “nah, let’s try the lower levels first and then we’ll see, how that works out.” For comparison, I get 16mg/day to apply on the skin, but not evven the half of it enters the bloodstream.
    However, I started making progress again instead of getting weaker.

    Raaid Cotman-El Reply

    @FryingPan a therapeutic dose will get you within the normal range. you might be given doses on the higher or lower end of the normal range. if your test was low you will feel more energy, stronger, elevated mood, but it won’t make you look like a body builder. you have to have a dose of test above the normal range to look like him or Mike o hearn.

    FryingPan Reply

    @Raaid Cotman-El there is no dose, that will make you look like a bodybuilder. you have to have the genetics and you have to put in the work.
    but you should know that, if you had watched more than two of greg’s videos.

    Greg Doucette Reply

    Raaid Cotman-El I am on 140 mg of test a week. I must of said this 50 times by now. Have u seen what I looked like NATTY??? Come on man

    Thuan Tran Reply

    @Greg Doucette I was reading this thread just to reply this, but then Doc himself appears!

Sara Bird Reply

I honestly feel like this is an exact replication of anyone who is starting a new food journey. You just kinda play it fast and furious with food you have. We have all been there. You live; You learn. But mistakes also aren’t a bad thing.

    Jennifer Betanzo Reply

    Hey. If you don’t mind me asking, what is this green symbol beside your name Sara?

    Wise Wigga Reply

    @Jennifer Betanzo new member

Miriam K. Reply

I’m watching you make Greg’s anabolic French toast as I sit and eat Greg’s anabolic French toast – breakfast inception. 🍞🍳

    Mike Hawk Reply

    Im reading this comment eating anabolic french toast

Nina Ossenfort Reply

When he said he put some blueberries on top I hear Greg yell: THERE ARE NO RULES! 🤣

    Joshua G Reply

    Ahhahaha yesss!!!!

    lazy kingdom Reply


Munch818 Reply

Since I’ve watched Greg’s videos for months it is funny watching you make all the mistakes that everyone makes their first time like not getting a big enough tortilla/ filling it up too much and watching you make the apple goop was so funny, because you have to microwave 1 bowl for like 10-20 minutes and after 3 you seemed so confused on why the apples weren’t mushy yet.

    Chijaruable Reply

    He did end up microwaving the apple goop for at least 20 min tho and still nothing 😂 That sneaky apple goop

    Munch818 Reply

    @Chijaruable oh yeah, I watched it, but it was funny how confused he was after only just a couple minutes

selina nachtmann Reply

Can we please appreciate the fact the he stands up to his mistakes and doesn’t try to cover them. That is awesome:)

    FryingPan Reply


    selina nachtmann Reply

    @FryingPan yes

    FryingPan Reply

    @selina nachtmann there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents. 😁

    selina nachtmann Reply

    @FryingPan cute way of thinking, I like that🥰

    FryingPan Reply

    @selina nachtmann hab ich von bob ross geklaut. 😉

Franganito Reply

The French toasts and the Wraps that cannot be closed due to high volume veggies, are the 2 key meals I eat almost everyday, from Greg’s cookbook. I’m trying to stay away from the apple cum 😀

    Dominique Paquin Reply

    I also switched to French Toast in the morning due to Greg promoting them so much!

    Martins Skutans Reply

    Gregg might be the only person on planet, who can make apple goop taste good. I made it too and it tasted like apples with wallpaper glue. I think, cinnamon and sweetener should be added 4x more than in recipe…

    Zack Mandarino Reply

    @Dominique Paquin I personally due kodiak cakes or waffles most morning and its great for morning energy at one serving 21-28 grams of protein

    Alucard33592 Reply

    @Zack Mandarino I had the french toast this morning 6 slices of bread and 8 egg whites…..if my math is right I ended up pretty close to around 45 calories and to be honest 5 hours later I’m still not hungry

Jonathan Bullman Reply

So if you use blackout curtains and they don’t have any type od radiant barrier they won’t help with temperature. The black ones may even make it worse.

They will still absorb all the energy from the solar gain and it will be absorbed into the air in the room.

If you truly need to cool that room down fo pick up some foam boards that have a radiant barrier.

Put that side tight against the window to reflect the solar gain and the insulation will insulate the room from the low r value windows.

If you can cut them to fit you can put them up and take them down.

    Sarah Doe Reply

    Yes! I like to also add that putting any kind of reflection on your windows is more effective, if you do it on the outside. If that is possible/allowed of course.

Jadon Cochrane Reply

18:17 HOLY XANTHAN GUM BATMAN!!! That was like a whole tablespoon! XD

Cailin McCracken Reply

I lOVE the “I ate *blank’s* diet” videos!!! You should do more of these, it would be a cool switch up in content, and give different ideas for people looking for what diet works best for them.

Megan Reply

Alternative recipe for the apple “pie”; put chopped up apples, a pinch of cinnamon, a small amount of water, 1tsp corn starch, and sweetener of your choice into a pan. Cook on medium/high until apples are cooked to your liking. The corn starch is optional but it will thicken it. I often make this as a topping for my oats. *note: other fruits can be used in place of apples, I’ve also used peaches. Additionally cooking it on the stove should take less time then the microwave, it usually takes me 10-20 minutes for a single apple.

    silvacious Reply

    That is exactly what I do!! Then add a little fat free Cool Whip to the top once it’s portioned into a bowl and it’s delicious. You can also do it with blackberries or raspberries or peaches. I use this as my cheat dessert as I made my way through the 180 pounds that I lost. Damn I’m gonna make some tonight.

    Megan Reply

    silvacious So easy and delicious. Plus if the apples are naturally sweet enough you don’t have to add sweetener 🤤 I’ll take your recommendation and will give berries a try soon.

    FirstFallSnow Reply

    Those are just fried apples, a southern USA dish. Minus the butter, of course. Cook longer with more water and you’ll break down the fruit completely to make compote you can use on pancakes or as a dessert sauce.

    Megan Reply

    FirstFallSnow You realize America didn’t invent cooked apples? In my initial post I’m referring to a method of stewing apples, similar to recipes that are used all over the world.

Trinity Bruns Reply

Greg always says “there are a ZERO rules”. So you did great.

Annie Park Reply

abbey’s channel brought me to greg and i like his no judgement attitude a lot. There’s a zerooo chance I’m not gonna lose weight following his advice haha

    Chijaruable Reply

    It’s imposible to type and read “a zeeroo” without Greg screaming it in your head 😂

    Jeffrey Valcin Reply

    Ah zerreeooooooo

Julio Loreto Reply

Love John’s attitude, the world need more people like him

    Angerpanda Reply

    His attitude is just so wholesome.

    Premium Leader Reply

    Thank you 😊

Manuel Gallardo III Reply

“Microwave HARDER than the last time!” 🤣

    Diiful Reply


Gene Gibson Reply

There are no rules in the anabolic kitchen !!!

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