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Sara Saadat Reply

i clicked so fast, where have you beenn!!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    im backkkkkk

    Sara Saadat Reply

    @High Carb Hannah i love youuu

Brianne Molony Reply

Im in Australia and should be asleep but I’ve missed you!! ❤❤

    Rebekah Brand Reply

    Same haha

AmyK Reply

Really nice to see you looking so happy. I also like that you have collaborated with others x

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    love them, kiki and chelsea are amazing everyone needs to know about them <3

    i.e.presents Reply

    High Carb Hannah Yes! Just a typo note from a former English teacher who wishes she didn’t notice, but it might help to know it’s @plantifulkiki not planitfulkiki. You said it correctly it was just wrong on the instagram hashtag slide. No worries

Milton Reply

Would love to see more, “Eat more, Weigh less” videos

Ingrid Reyes Reply

You look so tan and pretty. I love how initially you inspired Plantiful Kiki in her journey and now she’s inspired you to eat more veggies. Everyone supporting one another. Love it!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    totally and then she inspired me back to eat more veggies haha

    Nan Gee Reply

    @High Carb Hannah Both of you are very inspiring and keep me motivated.

Mrs Martinez Reply

I’m doing this challenge!!!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    yay we are so glad to have you!

Lika Reply

“This is not a big enough bowl!”… Love it 😀

Kristie's Journey To Self Love! Reply

I have always been drawn to your way of eating. I just always thought I couldn’t handle the yummy food or the sugar part. Focused on food addiction etc. I am going for it though. I love you girl! You are a inspiration 😍😍😍

    Lauren Reply

    I’m convinced this is the answer to binging/food addiction issues. I am biased because this way of eating is what finally, FINALLY got me out of that hole after many years. Other people have their methods, but this is about healthful abundance… and what could be better for breaking the restrict/binge cycle?

    Much luck on your journey.

    Lauren Reply

    Also if you dont already watch her, go check out lilykoi hawaii’s videos too. Especially if you’re the sciencey type. Her content is focused on ed recovery, nutrition science, and mental health. Shes a real gem.

    Kristie's Journey To Self Love! Reply

    Oh I do watch her as well! Thank you so much for the comment! I am excited for this next month😍

Paola Bahadori Reply

I really want to try the challenge! I’m so tired of being overweight and yoyo dieting. I have gained so much weight since the quarantine. I feel sick. I need to be healthy for my family and for myself.

    Courtney Braxton Reply

    you can do it!💪🏼

I Kill Chickpeas Reply

I lost 70 pounds and so did my dad (see my YouTube channel) by doing this most of the time (we eat off plan once in a while and don’t stress out about trying to be perfect). No thought involved, no stress, no counting calories. Just changing the foods we ate. I lost 55 pounds without doing any exercise, and started walking after that and the rest of the weight came off. It really works!! I’m almost 50, and my dad is 70, and this has been our lifestyle for 7 years. People tell me I look like I’m in my late 30s, it really does make you look and feel more vital!

    Margarita P. Reply

    Oh! I love your channel! 😍

    So Jo Reply

    I love your channel. You and your dad are so cute together!!!

    Mary L Reply

    I love your channel too!

    i.e.presents Reply

    I Kill Chickpeas I love your channel, your Dad is adorable. I’m just a few years older. I need to do this!

    Patricia Mahoney Reply

    I love your videos, and you definitely look younger than your age.

The Trek to Tiny Reply

A foot surgery in January that left me non-weight bearing for 8 weeks, followed by a quarantine has put weight on my body…ready to lose it!

    Victoria Leigh Reply

    I’m in a similar situation! I injured my ankle quite badly a few weeks before quarantine so between that and quarantine it…hasn’t been great lol.

Brittany Martin Reply

Omg, when you sat down to eat and chat I was like “yassssssss!!” Took me right back to your OG Minnesota and Tuscan vlogs. More of that please!!!

Teylor Bouchard Reply

What about fruit? Do you have to eat veggies with every meal? Is fruit okay to eat in place of?

    Kristina Fourer Reply

    Fruit have loads of natural sugars in them and carbs. But eating both veggies and fruits is important in any balanced diet 😉

    Veggie V Reply

    Kristina Fourer we embrace carbs and natural sugar. Eat your fruit.

    Veggie V Reply

    McDougal says fruits for snacks, desserts, or before a meal. Lots of long term starch people swap starch for fruit. But also eat your veggies 😁

    Kristina Fourer Reply

    Veggie V first of all, I eat my fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbs. Second of all, I was explaining to Teylor that a balanced diet consists of both veggies and fruits and the rest of the food groups.

    Jamin Waite Reply

    Veggie V that doesn’t seem balanced

luvfitall Reply

I made it “this” far girl :). You started my vegasn whole plant based journey way back when you started and I always appreciate any of your vids!

Patri Sánchez Reply

Little tip for cutting/chopping the broccoli: cut or divide it only for the stems, not by the “bushy” part, so you won’t have a milion little green bits.🥦💚

    Amber K Reply

    That takes more time and effort 😂. I do it both ways depending on how much I have to chop.

Spiced by Maggie Reply

I love this!!! I’m just embarking today on a no sugar challenge – added sugar that is not fruit sugar. I have gained 40 lbs in half a year and that’s mostly from eating all the chips, chocolate and processed food. I can’t definitely implement more veggies as I love veggies!

Coach Meg Reply

Please please please make more of the “eat more weigh less” videos! 💕

Being Your True Self Coaching Reply

Yup, starting eating a lot of dates and immediately packed on the pounds.

    Untitled Reply

    I can’t even buy them cuz I know I’ll eat them all 😂 they’re soo good

    Jamin Waite Reply

    70cal each. Very calorie dense with all the water removed thru processing.

Elizabeth Munson Reply

I haven’t felt so inspired by a video in a long time. I went away from eating vegan a few years ago, long story, but I’ve been going back to eating more plant based. Slowly incorporating more fresh veggies and fruit. I feel more at peace again, it’s hard to explain. You and banana girl are the reason I went vegan to begin with. I actually found her first, but it was when I found you things started to line up and i made the switch. Anyway, thank you for sharing. You look radiant, I can tell you feel amazing. Wish I you well. Can’t wait to start the challenge on Monday.

Jenna Glaser Reply

I have been yo yo dieting for the past 3 years of my life and could not figure out how to stay lean. Once I implemented the volume eating style (I can eat a lot) I lost 25 pounds easy and I have completely stopped my binge eating and now I understand how to maintain my new weight. Even eating out doesn’t give me any stress anymore because I understand what to get. Thank you for talking about this!

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