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Kristen70364 Reply

I’m getting loose skin. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I’m proud because it means that I worked hard and lost a lot of weight (130 lbs currently). But I’m also ashamed because I let myself get that big, and I don’t like the way my arms and stomach look.

    Glazed Life Reply

    Wow 130 😲 that’s awesome! To me I view loose skin as how much you’ve worked to get where you are

    Tahirah Hamza Reply

    @kristen70364 girl dont be so hard on yourself! You did that! you lost the weight, you could sit there and stay the same or you can change and get healthy and you took the steps and lost the weight. Congratulations to you ❤❤❤

    Sara Farazfar Reply

    Kristen70364 look into derma rolling 🙂 it can help loose skin

    Tom M Reply

    There’s no need to be ashamed. Very few intentionally gain weight. The vast majority do so because their bodies are malfunctioning. We need to go back to the era when doctors raised concerns after seeing a patient gain as little as 10 lbs extra.

    One of the major reasons why people have been growing so big is because processed, fast, and restaurant foods have been intentionally engineered to cause consumers to overeat. In many, this triggers addiction and/or binging. For decades, food scientists have experimented with varying amounts of sugar, salt, fat and a whole bunch of different chemicals to achieve this. There are about six dozen different names for added sugar obfuscating how much is added. The chemicals added are hidden under the words “natural flavors” or “artificial flavors” on labels. Check it out. One or both are in almost everything.

    The Worst Catholic Reply

    Girl don’t be ashamed about that look, just remember, that loose skin is far more attractive than being fat/obese ever will be. It also proves that you went to better yourself instead of letting yourself wallow in bad habits. It may not be perfect, but you look the best you possibly can without surgery, have some pride and comfort in that at least.

Wordsmith 430 Reply

A lot of people don’t realize if they are obese and are going to have loose skin after weight loss, they already have loose skin. If they really look at themselves they can tell

    Gustavo Costa Reply

    Omg thats true!

    John Kowalsky Reply

    Wordsmith 430 yes absolutely. The damage has already been done!

    White Boy Reply

    Clearly you’re misinformed on this. The skin does retract if you take the right supplements and vitamins. Collagen, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Copper.

Manic Cotton Candy Grape Reply

I’m so glad you addressed this. As a 39 year old mother of four, I am constantly advertised to for creams and wraps etc. Loose skin is just one of those things I don’t necessarily love but I can live with it ❤️

    earth star Reply

    THANK YOU! I had two kids and its just a common thing that happens. It’s framed like a flaw, but really its just a fact of life for the majority of people, especially after a huge change in your body like weight loss or having a baby. Lose skin just means you achieved something with your body.

    Manic Cotton Candy Grape Reply

    earth star 🥰

Idelis Guzmán Reply

You inspire me to be better everyday!☺😊❤

Jaime Garcia Reply

I first saw another video with a guy that lost a massive amount of weight and had loose skin, and it put me off trying to lose weight because I thought it looked worse than being fat (I was 350 at the time). Now, after losing 150 lbs, I’m less concerned about loose skin, mainly because I gave up on the idea of taking off my clothes in public so loose skin is irrelevant. Yes, I’m still insecure about it, but I made peace with the fact that I’ll have loose skin.

    Vlade Divac Reply

    Surgery is still there. And maybe you will not even have any… it depends on a lot of factors.

    David and Danielle Rosales Reply

    That’s awesome! I think the overall self-worth you gain when you lose the weight is totally worth the loose skin

    The Worst Catholic Reply

    Bro just going to throw it out there. Loose skin is ten times better on the eyes than being obese. So take some comfort in that with your insecurities. You look as good as you possibly can without surgery, and FAR better than you did before.

earth star Reply

No matter how you got loose skin, whether from losing weight or having a baby all it means is you achieved something amazing with your body. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of your body when its something that only comes from positive change.

Now if there is a medical reason to have it removed that’s a completely different conversation.

Katie Antonopulos Reply

someone very close to my uncle died from getting this surgery. It’s no joke and people suggest it to everyone who loses weight like it’s a haircut. Thanks for encouraging others to do their research!! Love your videos!

    Melanie Avans Reply

    So sorry for your loss.
    People need to remember that every surgery is a risk. That’s why the decision to get a surgery should be well thought over.

    Yolanda IsYolanda Reply

    I will never get the skin removal surgery. As long as I keep my body clean and dry I will be fine. I personally would rather have the skin than the scars from the surgery. Other people may feel different.

    Nerea Reply

    Any surgery is potentially fatal

    JaydensFunny Reply

    This goes for any surgery.

    Astraeanaut Reply

    ​@Rude boy No. Death is always a worst outcome possibility from any surgery without any prior conditions.

Leah W Reply

I am having a hard day dealing with my loose skin. This was perfect timing, I don’t know anyone IRL with loose skin, so it gets kind of lonely.

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    It’s totally normal to feel that way! You might totally know someone but they are not comfortable sharing it!

    Leah W Reply

    @ObesetoBeast thanks for your reply, John. I appreciate you! You’re right, I likely do know people and they just don’t talk about it, it’s not like I randomly talk about mine either. Most of the time I’m ok with my skin.

Kayla Yontef Reply

Lost nearly 200lbs. Started running the trails in my sport bra recently. It was really scary at first but very liberating. I live in Arizona where it’s hot as balls. It’s been four years since my major lost and I’m only NOW feeling comfortable enough to do that.

    Personne Ici Reply

    Remember to wear sunscreen!

    Mrs. W Reply

    Kayla Yontef you go girl! Congrats on the weight loss! I too lost 180 pounds and You are motivating me to start wearing sports bras but I have loose skin and stretch marks from pregnancy even before weight loss. I have worked on my body to being ripped but my lower belly loose skin I don’t wanna show it. But it doesn’t matter. We gotta love our bodies now. Not tomorrow. Now. You are such an inspiration. 👍🏾💪🏾☺️

    Kayla Yontef Reply

    @Personne Ici Haha this is actually really good advice!

DrRush Reply

Hey OtB, I’ve messaged you on IG – I’m an infectious diseases specialist who also specialises in metabolic health and can do a QnA on corona virus and obesity / metabolic health. Also, thanks for this informative and uplifting content on loose skin. Some people try a fascia blaster but I don’t know if it works ??

    GoBlueGriff Reply

    Hey Doc, whats your IG i have a couple questions id like to DM you

    bellamozzarella Reply

    I’m sure Alan Roberts at every damn day fitness would be someone good to speak to he has loads of videos on covid

lizziesf87 Reply

When I started my weightloss journey, I thought I’d never get skin surgery. But as I approach my goal weight, it’s getting more and more tempting. I’m so so so scared of surgery, but the skin is getting more and more cumbersome.

Down 193, 22 more to go!

    Johanna Simons Reply

    lizziesf87 please let us know if you get it done

    Yolanda IsYolanda Reply

    Congratulations on your journey.

    Zi Fi Reply

    Try microneedling mixed with fasting… it’s a slow process but it works!

    RHot Reply

    As John says, please check out the different procedures. Also check out the cost. Insurance usually doesn’t cover the surgery except in certain extreme cases or if you are developing rashes.

    robthebloke Reply

    I’d hold off for at least another year or two (and just as I type this that’s exactly what he just said in the video). Loose skin is at its worst immediately after weightloss, but it will improve over the next year or two. Excersise, eating healthy, massaging the areas, and possibly try taking hydrolyzed collagen supplements.

    My skin was super depressing, but in time it has tightened up enough that it no longer bothers me.

    I guess I’m saying, hold off thinking about surgery until the skin has tightened to its final level (which is far too early right now if you’re still losing weight). At worst it’ll mean you have less skin to be surgically removed, at best you’ll have gotten to a point where you don’t worry about it anymore.

Demon Dad Reply

Everyone’s body is different. I lost 120lbs in 18 months and I don’t have lose skin. I think it’s because I lost the weight slowly but I have no real idea. It doesn’t matter as long as you feel good about your success.

    Half Starved Animal Reply

    I only lost 70 and have to tuck my skin into my pants 🙁 Life is weird like that.

    Arkminus Reply

    May I ask how you lost it? How did you diet and exercise?

    Nadien Jansen Reply

    Fortunately you have great genetics!

    Micah W Reply

    Did you do any fasting?

Alisha Koeberle Reply

I know my loose skin isn’t a lot, but after pregnancies my confidence was so bad. I finally accepted my body and love what my body did creating adorable little humans😄

    Nik Knox Reply

    That’s been hard for me too. I have a bad c section scar that adhered to my abdominal wall, so I have a permanent pooch unless I undergo surgery. I honestly think I would do it, but since it’s considered cosmetic insurance wouldn’t pay. I can’t imagine paying the $10,000 to fix it at this point. I have just had to try and learn to deal with it and be thankful I grew healthy babies in there.

toxitron Reply

Lost 90 pounds in a year. Id radher have loose skin than diabetes or a hart attack…

    ZERØ Reply

    Loose skin is like battle scars. Nothing to be ashamed of

    Stephen Dow Reply

    ZERØ but, just like scars, can be removed with surgery and cocoa butter.

John F Reply

As a side note John, I see a little stubble on you. I’m sure you’d look pretty baller if you grew it out a bit 😄

MrsDrJiggles Reply

You’re so cute and you react to criticism in such a mature way unlike sooo many other youtubers. I feel you are a truly genuine person:)

Shay M Reply

Such an inspiring person. This is the true body positively movement should be.

    Half Starved Animal Reply

    I agree. Living with loose skin (not as much, but I do have to tuck it into my pants), it’s a battle. You worked so hard to win this battle, be it weight loss or pregnancy and people who are still suffering need to know they aren’t alone. I want to feel like I don’t need to hide from a warped belly and nonexistent belly button.

    Johanna Simons Reply

    This deserves more likes!!!

Scott Smitty Reply

People forget that skin is an organ as much as a liver or a stomach is. Yes, it’s more resilient as it is the body’s first line of defense against everything, but it’s still an organ and surgery on it can carry some of the same complications that vital organ surgery might. Sound advice telling people to wait a while after losing weight before getting loose skin surgery. Incidentally, the difference in your physique between the first loose skin video and today is huge. You are doing a great job on yourself!!

Tristan Lorenz Reply

My question is: “Over the last 5 years, has your skin begun shrinking at all?” Much love from Denmark.

    lushpapaya Reply

    En af de ting der kan hjælpe, er faste. Jeg kan ihvertfald tydelig mærke forskel i hudkvaliteten. Min løse hud er ikke så tynd og klam som før

    illudere beliarh Reply

    From what i`ve heard in some podcast/interview about dieting and fasting, there`s this process that your body goes through in which it transforms “damaged” cells into food, called autophagy. The guy that was speaking about this made an analogy regarding the photos of the Holocaust, saying that you do not see any loose skin in those photos, and for sure there were some overweight people that ended up in there. And the reason for that is this “autophagy” process that usually occurs in prolonged fasting.

    I`m pretty sure there`s a striking difference from his skin years ago, and his skin now, but that might be due to his growing size.

    Sexy tyrannosaurus Reply

    +1 I’d like to know this too
    also if you loose it slower does it still happen?

    RHot Reply

    @illudere beliarh Autophagy is a natural process in which the body repairs itself. This process is thought to decline as we get older hence the body ages as we get old. Extreme prolonged starvation as experienced in the Holocaust probably does reduce the skin as the body tries to find nutrients to repair itself. The few studies done on the survivors decades later show higher levels of osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes and dental problems.

    Tom M Reply

    @illudere beliarh Back then, the vast majority of people were slender. They ate almost exclusively home-cooked meals prepared from scratch and moved around a lot. During the war years, govs imposed severe food rationing on normies to keep their fighting forces well fed. There are plenty of photos of overweight WW2 military.

    There are probably no prior overweight dead prisoners in those Holocaust photos. Back then, being overweight was a sign of wealth or having certain ailments. The former had the means to escape the camps by fleeing, paying, or flipping sides. The latter were killed off or experimented on.

    I’ve seen the same claims that autophagy can eliminate loose skin. These almost always refer to the old Holocaust photos. Where are the examples of real people living right now? Has anyone, who ballooned up to say 100+ lbs or how about 50+ lbs, successfully restored his skin through fasting? Let’s see their names and photos.

Morgan Hampton Reply

It’s wild that you can still see how absolutely ripped you are through the loose skin. Hell yeah brother.

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