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Aric Leach Reply

Sorry to hear this man. Life throws some curveballs at you from time to time. You’ve got this 👏🏻💪🏻

Doe Lala Reply

Literally felt the rawness of emotions here… John, we hope you get better😢❤❤

    sonia noreau Reply

    Only support and love from us!

StarGazer kawaii Reply

Good luck, my life is littered with mistakes and there isn’t a person out there that is perfect enough to judge.

Joshy Washy Reply

The light will dim time to time but will never completely cease to exist. You’ve come so far on your journey, and it’s not even close to over yet. Keep up the great work John!

garyjsimm Reply

Brother, keep your head up!!!! Dude, cry, it’s ok. Cry, feel bad and then forge ahead easily and consistently. This is life. Knock down and get up. It’s ok not to always be up and on the ball. REST

    Jusmsrob Reply

    Great advice and soo encouraging!

Neon Knight Reply

People who say the injury is your fault or fake: 1) Don’t support you. 2) Will never support you. 3) Derive pleasure from upsetting you. 4) Know what they’re saying is untrue. 5) Will never offer you a kind word. They live to troll.

Tieia Talks Reply

I think you should seek an MRI. It will be able to look into the soft tissue that an X-ray won’t. I know how you feel. I’ve been there with injuries. I had a total knee replacement several years ago. That sucked. Lol You have youth in your side. You’re healthy and in good shape. ♥️💪🏼

RachelReduces Reply

Breaks my heart knowing you’re in pain. I know you’ll get over this, even stronger for having been through it.

cynthia bernie Reply

Man, I feel you…. back issues are the worst. I broke my back a few years back (lol) and it’s something that is constantly needing work. You got this, you’ll just have to be more mindful of your movements. Hope you get better soon

naumche1 Reply

If you’re working with professionals, then the keyboard warriors need to shut up. If you weren’t as fit and healthy as you are, you would have had a LOT more pain and discomfort. Do what you need to do for yourself. There are going to be people out there that need to hear your message and you’re helping them without knowing it. Focus on that instead of the negative people.

S. O. Reply

Ever had an MRI to make sure everything is fine?

Courtney Jewell Reply

John, I was a softball pitcher from the age of 10 until I was 21. I had a back injury when I was around 12, that took me over a year to get over. Your pain sounds very similar to what I was experiencing when I had that injury. It took being completely off and out of season for like 6 months for it to heal. To date (a broken leg, broken nose, etc) that was and is the most painful injury I have ever had. You keep doing you, keep pushing through, and ignore the people getting you down.

FatGirLifts Reply

The goal is to keep moving long term. Being injured, especially in the moment, sucks. You’ll get back there!

Deficit1080p Reply

Dude your back is insane, like when you were doing those pull ups I was like ohhh my god. JACKED

Bearded Jawsh Reply

I started powerlifting when I was young and I injured myself sounds like the same way you hurt yourself and I’m telling you right now… once you have a back injury it will never be the same and it’s not your fault it’s just how your body is… unfortunately you will always deal this and so will I due to both of us was overweight for a period of time… I’m 31 now and I can’t lift or do movements before injury regardless how many recovery sessions by the best sports medicine people….

Ashley H Reply

I can completely empathize with how frustrating chronic injuries are – I feel for you. Take care, take it slow and be patient with yourself.

The love Below Reply

Be careful, don’t go to hard. If anything feels uncomfortable just stop.

Marta Reply

I’ve been dealing with a herniated disc since I was 18. It’s caused by the lack of curvature on my lower spine and sometimes it hurts so bad I want to cry. My back doesn’t hurt because of a training injury, but so many people have tried to “blame” me and tell me what I did wrong when I literally was born this way. People should have more empathy and stop judging without knowing

    Sofia Marotta Reply

    I too have a herniated disc (since I was 16) for different reasons that were not my fault, and I was blamed too all the time. I stopped caring when I saw that the same people were also upset with me for trying to lose weight to help me with the pain (I got obese because I was stuck to bed for the great pain I was feeling and it did not help)

    Sue Q Reply

    That’s awful. People can be cruel sometimes.

    sarah helene sarmast Reply


    xosecox12 Reply

    I feel this. I dont have the same issue, but I have psoriatic arthritis at age 30. For those who don’t know, it’s my psoriasis attacking my joints. I get told it’s my fault for doing something wrong that my knees are sore but my immune system literally attacks healthy cells and attacks my skin and joints

Chris Atchley Reply

I’m 43 now, I’ve had to learn to check my ego at the door now. Now I always looking at risk vs reward. Spent last 12 years doing 70.3 & 140.6 Triathlons. Early on I got injured a lot. You can still remain strong not squating, Kipping, cling and jerking etc. All High risk movements even if done right with heavy weight. You’ll be ok you’re young. You’ll learn from training mistakes and eventually move towards things that help longevity over the others. Keep grinding. One day at a time.

Sherryn G Reply

I can’t imagine living in a world where you have to apologise for or hide being injured… hope you feel better soon!

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