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ccisthesekxs Reply

5/1/10? Or 20? Lol

    gsxellence Reply


    ObesetoBeast Reply


    ccisthesekxs Reply

    ObesetoBeast okay okay I’ll leave you alone haha 😂

    Eva Madrigal Reply

    We ❤ u. Dont stress. Get better. Feel better. You can do it!

    Eva Madrigal Reply

    @ObesetoBeast lmao❤💪

eon001 Reply

Stretch, walk rest up. You’ll be fine. Heck start a twitch channel and play video games and talk about current events. You’ll be fine. 🙂

Ask Dr. Swole Reply

People often use injuries as an excuse to give up and stop being consistent. Glad you’re showing us your return to training – you got this! 💯

Alicia Clark Reply

I missed the last video but your videos have motivated me so much and even made me decide to start sharing my journey to lose 100 pounds. Accountability is a motivating factor for me. Keep sharing!! Walking IS my workout right now 😂😂

    Bella Wolff Reply

    I lost over 90 pounds. I’ve kept it off for 3 years. There’s a research project called something like National Weight Loss Registry and people can ask to be a part of it if they have sustained a huge weight loss for years. One of the things they reported was walking is one of the things many people report doing. It’s really one of the best ways I’ve found to maintain weight because I don’t experience a lot of hunger and recovery is not an issue like HIIT. Although, I also still do cardio, but that’s to improve, well, your cardiovascular system. I also lift, but walking is what I do for weight maintenance or loss. The other 2 I do because they have other benefits

G&J Esq Reply

Did we go back in time lol 2010

Simone Taddia Reply

You should read books it’s a workout for the brain.

mpcoyne Reply

I hope your recovery goes well. Please keep making videos. It is inspiring to see someone working through injury and recovery. You are providing useful information when you honestly confront the fact that there are occasional consequences to an exercise regime, as well as benefits, and show that one can recover.

bootstrappers Reply

It’s crazy to see what you can do when rehabbing. I’m recovering from an overuse injury so I have to do lots of hip flexor work right now I and I was so mind blown that I could do those exercises with no pain even though I couldn’t even walk at first due to pain. My pain was completely gone after about 3 days of dedication to rehab and now I’m already doing a return to running progression after a week. Every injury is different, but it is amazing to see how you can help your body through certain injuries WITH movement. I have heard, that for my specific issue, specific movement is the cure, and rest is not really very effective

    WhateverItTakes Reply

    Was this a program? I would love to learn more.

JB Alabastro Reply

Adjust and readjust, the important thing is to keep moving forward!

WODprep Reply

So happy you are on the road to recovery brother – CJ is THE BEST at this stuff 🙌🏼❤️

Ash Reply

Wow, small world! CJ’s office is in the same building as the gym I’ve gone to for the past two years. He’s helped a bunch of my friends work through various injuries without the restrictions of “traditional” rehab. He’s a beast in the gym, too! You’re in good hands!

dreamy realist Reply

I wish someone told me when I got a terrible back pull where I couldn’t walk or bend over for months…I thought I was broken
….it will be alright. Bodies heal. It takes TIME to heal. But you are NOT broken. Even bones heal. This is both mental & physical and it will go away. ❤🤗

lushpapaya Reply

I thought, you were breaking up with us John

    Tracey Korol Reply

    lol…thought the same thing..

msnpassjan2004 Reply

Take your time. You overcame obesity like a beast, this is just another injury and that’s part of being an athlete. Now show us how it’s done.

Aaron Hirschberger Reply

I have degenerative disc disease and consequently have 3 herniated discs in my lower back. Definitely feel you bro, hope everything heals up quick.

Travis Barnette Reply

Train like a beast, recover like a beast 💪

Eliza Watson Reply

The small disclaimer about this being YOUR routine for healing your back is so important. Well done for the emphasis on this fact. I hope you have a restful recovery 😀

Michael Varney Reply

I predicted on his last video that he would post another within 3 days.

cel VsMachine Reply

Just like when you shared during the marathon stuff appreciate you always being real with the struggles. Hang in there brother. You’ll be back to 100% before you know it

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