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Leo Nolan Reply

she looks like how british people sound, idk if that makes sense lol

    Ashley Hamby Reply


    Jane Doe Reply

    Jillian is gorgeous!

    Rosemary Reply

    It makes too much sense 😂

    Dayana Avendaño Reply

    It does. Lol.

    ConfusedMari Reply

    Yess. Like Hillary from Love it or List It

Breona Hawkins Reply

I would have to agree with the behavioral changes; I’m currently losing weight, and I had to remove all of my binge food from my house. I tried to justify buying those foods by saying, “Oh yah dude, I’m gonna eat like one or two of these to get that sweet crave release,” but I’d smash the entire box. Right now, I don’t have the willpower to eat one or two cookies without triggering a binge, so I don’t buy them and find healthier options.

    Saltwaterfish96 Reply

    It’s the same for me. If it’s in the house, I will binge it

    asser m. Reply

    totally!!! there are so many people out there who CAN have a box of cookies at home and eat one every blue moon, but i assure you those people arent currently losing weight 😂 that “ease” in my relationship with food is what i am striving for!
    for now, ill rather stock up on apples

    Donnalee Clubb Reply

    Agreed. Don’t get the items. If you have to go out and get the item you crave, you actually have time to think about it and shut it down.

    Donnalee Clubb Reply

    @Lady Suricata I grew up in the SAME situation. Very hard.


    My husband and four sons love junk so I’m pretty much on my own. I definitely was a sweet treat binger so it is harder some days than others. I just had to change my mindset.

Alassol Queiroz Reply

I can’t pay attention to what she’s saying because I keep looking at her hair.

    Emily Baker Reply

    Lol for me it was the tan line of where he’s been wearing his watch 🙂

    cj Reply

    Emily Baker she’s a girl

    Emily Baker Reply

    @cj Oh lol I misread the original comment I thought she was talking about Obesetobeast sorry. My mistake.

    Donnalee Clubb Reply

    I think her hair is fire.

    Rita Bos Reply

    She’s too masculine for me

Heather Kay’s Weight Loss Reply

Behavioral changes are so important. All the small habits you create lead to lasting results over time!

    Saltwaterfish96 Reply

    @Bob Ore I was on vacation last week and decided to hike into the mountains (best view of my life). On the way up I thought I would actually die in those woods bc I was to exhausted from carrying 50 pounds extra on my body and having no fitness. Being unhealthy/overweight takes so many opportunities from you.

    Rice&beans &rock&roll Reply

    @Bob Ore There was nothing in the original comment making it out to be easy, just that its important.

    Heather Kay’s Weight Loss Reply

    Rice&beans &rock&roll Lol thank you…I was like, “uh…..never said it was easy?” 🤷🏻‍♀️ it definitely is NOT easy….if it was , I wouldn’t be on my millionth try to lose weight 🤣 But seriously, making small goals with rewards, trusting the process, and having accountability in the form of friends, family, social media, etc is what is making all the difference this time around for me! 💕

    Rice&beans &rock&roll Reply

    @Heather Kay’s Weight Loss Thats great! Rooting for you! 💜

    Heather Kay’s Weight Loss Reply

    Rice&beans &rock&roll thank you!!

Fraylen Grullon Reply

I gonna have to put these into practice because I’m struggling hard right now

    Milly Brumwell Reply

    Me too! Good luck, I know we can both do it 😊❤️

    Fraylen Grullon Reply

    @Milly Brumwell thanks let’s get it

    Ilona Reichenbach Reply

    Same. Best of luck!

    ? Reply

    Fraylen Grullon just don’t be so fat

    RAIRAIN Reply

    You can do it!

WhatAWorld Reply

Well I’m glad I watched this. Usually JM hurts my feelings, but this is her softer side.
“Yeah, JM, I agree with you this time.” 👍

Mary Reply

lol my ex was like that! He would hint that I should lose weight; and then when I would start off strong on a weight loss plan (whatever plan that was) he would eat all the (expensive) food that I meticulously prepped which left me to try and source fast food outside where he couldn’t be a part of it – in turn it would undo my efforts and I’d be back at square one. Then he would berate me for giving up and say “You just need to exercise more!” This happened so many times over the years; as someone with a mentally draining full time desk job I didn’t have the time or inclination to do what I loved to do in terms of exercise as the classes were during my work hours. 🙁 YES, I know the fault lies with me – I should have communicated, I should have been more assertive, I should have known he was going to eat that batch of keto chocolate mousse I made, etc. But it wasn’t until we broke up and I had to start fending for myself only instead of him as well, that I began to think clearly about my own weight loss goals without him or anyone else sabotaging it.

    Donnalee Clubb Reply

    I NEVER think it is a good idea to live with someone before marriage because this is what you get, someone intruding on you. Now, people may say, well if I married him, it would have been worse. Well, to that I say, if he asked you to move in, he doesn’t want to marry you at this time anyway. He probably won’t say “Well, let’s get married then”. I just feel women give so much of themselves when they start living with a man. She begins to nest. Many times he gets lazy.

    Mary Reply

    @Donnalee Clubb You’re entitled to your opinion, however I completely disagree with you. Would you road test a car before you invest in one? Of course you would. Would you taste the soup while you’re making it, or would you not taste it and just wait until it’s plated up on the table before seeing if it needs seasoning? Likewise, it’s good to live with a person to see if you’re compatible together, thus saving the misery of divorce in the long run. We were together for 13 years, and granted that my partner had his faults and traits; he was otherwise a generally kindhearted person and we are still friends to this day. Diet aside, we were nice to each other, and we still are. I’m still as much of the same woman now then I was when I first met him, and honestly I find it insulting that you would suggest that I am otherwise. If anything I am MORE than what I was because I learned and grew so much from it.

    PS: You don’t HAVE to get married to prove you’re commited to someone.

    Mary Reply

    @stfuna4b Yeah that part of him was definitely sucky.

    T Reply

    @Donnalee Clubb How would anything be different if they were married first? Do men not act like this in marriage? Do they not get lazy? I don’t understand your point. I personally think it’s irresponsible not to live with your partner/fiance before marriage. You shouldn’t enter marriage unless you are 100% sure. Also many people don’t believe in marriage so what are their options?

Marlene Lieb Reply

That’s why I find it so hard to loose weight with little children around they eat all the time and they should they are little and need to grow. It was a hard long way for me to not eat every time they would eat and also not eat all they would not eat. Even if intermittent fasting may not be for everyone it taught me that I can just not eat while someone else is eating. That discovery was mind blowing for me. That does not mean it is not still sometimes really hard but it is getting easier.

    Gypsy Wolf Reply

    I noticed that too while watching my 13 yr old niece for a few weeks. I don’t have kids. It was an eye opener on many levels.

RachelReduces Reply

Jillian Michaels, you get one time for me to agree with you and not want to throw my computer on the floor when I watch your video. THIS WAS IT! 😒

    nocturnaltruthseeker Reply

    Yeah I watched her kettlebell video years ago. I’m still cringing. She’s a horrible trainer however this is the one thing I agree with on.

    Jenn Vazquez - Purple Penguin Fitness Reply

    Ditto! 100%


I just lost 25 lbs in 4 months. I have been doing really well with eating but I still have my off days. Everyone needs some cookie SOMETIMES. But then get it back together after that.

    Milly Brumwell Reply

    Well done❤️❤️❤️


    Milly Brumwell thank you!

ConfusedMari Reply

“You can’t eat what’s not there” pretty basic but so true 😭

    Miracle Motivates Reply

    Seriously 🙌 All I have is veggies, salmon, ground turkey, water and fruit. My new fast food item is: Chipotle guacamole and chips or the kids menu, with guacamole, veggies, blackbeans, water, 2 small tortillas.

Moshman Reply

I stopped going to my parent’s place to hang out with them because everytime I did, I was offered Coke (not ‘zero’ not diet) and junk food while I was there when they knew I was trying to lose weight, and after I asked them to quit offering me these temptations. I told them I wouldn’t come over as long as they kept trying to get me to eat things that I considered poisen to me. I didn’t cut them out of my life, but I didn’t let anyone step on my boundries.

So sometimes, you need to cut people out of your life if they become an obstacle to a higher-order goal. If communicating isn’t enough, maybe the next step is to distance yourself from them until they start respecting your boundries. It’s healthy to have boundries, it’s what makes relationships work.

    Diamond Reply

    I completely agree! Had some friends that had drinking and eating problems. Which always made me yo yo alot with my weight loss progress. And it’s honestly the best thing I have done

    Kat Reply

    I did the same thing. I now have my mom come over my house that way I have control of what we eat, her house is full of junk food.

A Internet Reply

I do find it easier to say no to food in the supermarket, than say no to food once it’s in my house

That's Just Your Opinion Reply

The Tip about communicating with your family members is great. However, not everyone has very supportive familes and environments. Just saying. Even if you communicate, people choose not to listen. Has happened to me multiple times.

    Esmee Reply

    My parents actually held me down and forced a cupcake down my throat… Because, ‘I needed it’.

    Thing is, in their own way they love me and were genuinely worried. They’re not 200kg+ by being knowledgeable about food or being honest/realistic with themselves, they believe you need to eat sugar once in a while to ‘feel good’ that ‘extra-fibre’ pancakes are healthy, that fries aren’t unhealthy since potato and they use the good oil! My stepdad preached to me for months I was going to drop dead from nutrition deficiencies (whilst limitings my access to foods like vegetables, any protein sources and slow-digesting carbs.) At least he stopped when he realised it’s been some years and I’m still alive. Logic doesn’t work with them, if it did they’d educate themselves and not suffer the 200kg+ life, because it’s not that hard. The tiniest of changes would have a major effect overtime, at which point the next change will look tiny as well. Saddest part is I know how they live and I could suggest 100 options they’re barely notice or wouldn’t negatively affect them, but they’re too busy sticking their head in the sand because it’s scary to admit you’ve made mistakes and to change.

    LolaHuesos Reply

    In my case my family is supportive but we all use the same fridge and are to store food, and like the videos said my will power is real good for a bit until I cant anymore and eat those tempting oreos. I’ve even considered buying a small fridge and storage area for my room to avoid that temptation but I dont have enough space 😂

Rebecca Brown Reply

As someone who likes cooking the idea of see food as just fuel seems depressing to me. You can still make amazing food and lose weight. I know it’s a privilege to have the time and the income to be more creative with meals but just because you’re losing weight doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cooking and making new tasty food anymore if it’s something you really enjoy.

    Tina Reply

    Yes. I feel this so much. Food is more than just food to me, espnon special occasions or when i cook for other people. I want them to remember the meal and the event.
    I’d be so sad if my husband didn’t truly enjoy my cooking and behaved as if it was just fuel.

    My Sharona Reply

    I’m not overweight from eating pizza and chips…I’m overweight because I know how to cook delicious food. I have learned to make healthy food delicious. You don’t have to have plain chicken and broccoli. Last night I made kale and tomato salad. I made dressing with evoo, tahini, ginger, lemon juice, garlic, vinegar and a little water. Each ingredient has health benefits and when it all came together it was so delicious. Take that boring chicken breast, cube it up, season it with a flavorful spice blend and throw it on the grill. I’ve struggled with weight my whole life, I’ve tried every diet and diet pill.. eating for fuel is the only way. I’m in my 40s and even though I still have about 15lbs to lose, I’m in the best shape of my life..I can see muscle definition through my clothes and that’s a first for me.. because I finally got it through my thick head I had to change my eating habits

    Farah Ng Reply

    I used to hate cooking but in the early days of the pandemic, I signed up for one of those meal kits and now I love it. Being able to control exactly what goes in my food is awesome. I don’t do the meal kits regularly anymore but I reuse the recipes all the time.

    Okay. Reply

    I love cooking now. I’m excited every day to make and cook food

    Cran1um92 Reply

    I disagree to a large extent. You have to get it through your head that food is not meant for enjoyment. Its purpose is to fuel the body. As humans, food became enjoyed as a family/community. It’s the connection to other we often get when sharing food that we crave, not the food. That’s why no matter how much icecream you eat, it’s never enough. Just my opinion. I will not eat junk food unless I’m sharing it with my nieces and doing a bunch of activities. For example,, I’m def eating funnel cake at the beach. On a random Tuesday, there is no reason for me to eat that lol

AJunier1986 Reply

I start binge eating really badly when I don’t sleep enough. So, I need to keep my sleeping schedule right

    Farah Ng Reply

    Me toooo. Also when I’m stressed at work. How are you keeping your sleep schedule on track? I have this app on my phone that won’t let me use apps after a certain time.

deadfriday Reply

Youtube: two adds in a row.
Me: *wanting to skip them but since is obesetobeast doesn’t*

    Christina Munro Reply

    deadfriday same!

Dolores Batalingaya Reply

I CANNOT be the only person wondering “when did John get thiiiiissssss damn fiiinneee “ 🤣😭😍😍. Literally the hair and beard transformed you from a pretty Justin Bieber to a sexy Zac Efron 😂😂.

E C Reply

She’s so on the spot about the spouse and kid snacks. I’ve found taking everything out of the boxes and neatly organizing it in a wire rack shelf of the pantry for the kids actually keeps me away from it. I see how much is there and it makes me feel like I’m taking from them if I see the stock go down. Obviously my kids aren’t going to go hungry if I eat a sugary granola, but attaching that association to it helped me.

Electra McCain Reply

“Weight loss is 100% mental.”

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