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Karen Ellis Reply

I can hear ya! Hi from Ohio!

Sarah Parker Reply

I’ve never been earlier to a comments section, lmao.

Stacy Comfort Reply

Follow along Live stream workouts? 🤷‍♀️

    freddie hoffman Reply

    Yes please!

Ayla Permenter Reply

Turns on camera and starts humming 😂🧡

Chloe Minaya Reply

Hey John!!!! Im feeling your look today 🙂👌🏼shoutout from Canada!

    A girl and her scale Reply

    Ummmm yah, ♨️😜

    Chloe Minaya Reply

    A girl and her scale 😂😉

James Moore Reply

Hey man! Love you stuff I’m a 20yo extremely overweight dude, any advice on sticking to diet and workout? Really struggling lmao

GSTM is Reply

Where do you live? My girlfriend got us to exercise to a podcast of yours with your Brother that went for about an hour and made me do a burpee every time you guys said an unnecessary “like”. We stopped after half an hour. I checked the first 10 minutes and there were 51 burpees required. Phew!!!!

Amanda A Reply

I can’t believe I missed your first live. 🙁

Kristin Williams Reply

Earliest I’ve ever been! Hi from N.C.☺️
Also, thank you for being one of my motivation to keep going! 35 pounds down so far. Hope you’re having a wonderful day.🌤

Casandra Mendez Reply

CrossFit can you get Charity Grace would love to hear her POV!!!

Amy Curtis Reply

It seems fine with just the laptop. Just make sure you sit somewhere with good light. 🙂

Loo Bert Reply

Thanks for all your videos etc, I have lost 60lbs between January and June, and I am now at goal weight and trying to maintain it, I used my fitness pal and cardio (as I signed up for a charity marathon walk that has been delayed due to covid) on a whim and watching your videos has kept me motivated.

    Jace Johnson Reply

    How you lose 60

    Loo Bert Reply

    @Jace Johnson I used my fitness pal to track my calories, oil I used to cook with and even my condiments, I was tough on myself, and I weighed my food, I still am with somethings that’s its easy to overeat on eg peanut butter. Basically I eat mainly whole foods, move more and weighing my foods and tracking my calories so that I was in a deficit and now I am maintaining.

Big Mo Reply

John please do anthor live q@a soon i missed tgis one but i am still watching it cos i am a big fan of you

Demi California Girl Reply

Darn, I missed your live chat. I have been binge watching all your YOUTUBE VIDEOS! VERY MOTIVATIONAL!

Big Mo Reply

Bro i know your a big YouTubeer but i thought your known hear in the UK and in U.S. but you have fans from Pakistan and india and Portugal in your live chat so happy for you bro please do more of these

Shannon Vlogs Reply

Sad that I missed your livestream! I have you on notifications and everything! Glad you’re thinking about doing more!

freddie hoffman Reply

Damn i shoulda jumped on the live stream when I had the chance haha

Joan Hunter Reply

Audio sounded fine 90% of the time . Live stream be cool as

Shu Reply

John got one big arm and one little arm like the butler from scary movie 2

Heather W Reply

So sad I missed your first live!!! Hope you’re doing awesome!!

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