Loose Skin: The FACTS


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Jvrfitness 92 Reply

Sometimes I get discourage by looking at my extra skin man. Then remember I’m healthier than I was before and don’t mind the extra skin

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    @Jvrfitness 92 AMEN!

Whitney Hatfield Reply

I gotta lose 100+ lbs. Definitely gonna have loose skin. Scared? Yeah. Worth it? Hell yes.

    I don't have any idea what to write Reply

    Whitney Hatfield
    So how’s your journey going?

    … It makes me so mad that people who write these types of comment NEVER update their comments..

    Lazarus Reply

    Dunno, I only need to drop 100 pounds, already dropped 20 pounds in 3 weeks. I probably going to have loose skin, meh.

    mymidgetbae Reply

    Whitney Hatfield how are you now, lady?


    Whitney Hatfield hey! it’s been hows the results

    Shiva Maraj Reply

    Very much worth it, don’t be afraid of anything. Our bodies are designed to regenerate and heal itself from anything. Peace be upon you

James Chung Reply

The only wraps that are worth money are whole grain 🙂

    Dalton Campbell Reply

    Nice thinking dex

    MacKenzie McDermott Reply

    I like the way you think

    skeptic proof Reply

    mmmm yes it an good idea but u will look like a WWE beast if u have a lot of skin, so gain not too much, and then as long as your heart is beating normally without fat danger everything else is secondary.

    Antoinette Labaeka Reply

    James Chung 😂😂😂

______ Reply

Human skin is like a balloon. Once it gets bigger, it won’t get the same again.
This is what negative people says.
We are not a ballony skin creatures!
It takes only 2 things for you to get rid of the loose skin.
2-building muscle.
Give it a time and make sure your nutrition and your workout is good, then everything will be fine after a while!

    Bodybuilding&JDM Car Build Reply

    @turki qahtani 110%agree

Bree_ Reply

Hey John, you might hear this often but your skin tone/complexion is incredible. You can really see what healthy food and water can do to your complexion and overall your body.

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    @hinspyer Awwww thank you!!!! I don’t hear it that much!

    KanishQ Quotes Reply

    Yes I agree he is practically glowing.

DesigningaNewMe Reply

You are so adorable to me. Like you’re an awesome person and thanks for not forgetting about the rest of us big people after you lost the weight. Your videos and energy are very inspiring, please keep it up!!! 😀

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    +ShortyOh5 Thank you so much!

    uhavemooface Reply

    +ObesetoBeast New Subscriber here. Dude your awesome. I am so happy that you loss all that weight. Don’t ever give up on your journey to losing that loose skin. It can happen and you can do it on your own. Don’t have to get surgery.

    Aaron Smith Reply

    +ObesetoBeast out of curiosity how tall are you im about 308 17 and I’m ready to go on my weight lost journey

    Todd Taylor Reply

    Aaron Smith I’m pretty sure he said he was 5-8 5-9

    matthew carlson Reply

    Aaron Smith HOW’D IT GO

nabi sonyeo Reply

That baby face, you’re so cute!

    Alonzo MB Reply

    +Octavia Blake Lincoln is dead

    nabi sonyeo Reply

    +Alonzo MB don’t remind me 😭😭

    Alonzo MB Reply

    @Octavia Blake it was fun watching the bullet go through his head

    nabi sonyeo Reply

    @Alonzo MB okay weirdo. 

    Alonzo MB Reply

    Says the person pretending to be a TV show character😂😂😂😂

GettingFatFitter Reply

This is what every physical trainer should be. Most instructors have no idea what it feels like to be fat-physically or emotionally.

    MorteWulfe Reply

    Sorry! Its the “fra” in your name. Coming from a guy that learned classical Latin in high school that looks like the Latin word for brother, “frater”. Only reason I made that assumption! Unfortunately I get the opposite at times, because although I chose my name (actually in a video game ages ago!) for its look and kind of the meaning, I didn’t realize that “Morte” was the feminine version of it! Had some Portugese guy or Brazilian thinking I was a chick and trying to get info lol!

    I personally have cut out most sugars although I will indulge with supposedly specially formulated treats that aren’t supposed to impact blood sugar significantly. I think they have been working because I have steadily been pulling the waist size in but that is because I am avoiding carbs across the board and elevated my activity.

    That is a tip for you ladies as well, do not neglect resistance training and think that it isn’t for women! I think it helps tremendously with getting in shape. I always used to hear how women would complain about how guys can shed pounds so much faster than them. Well guess why!

    Do you live in Ireland? Somewhere I wanted to go all my life. Supposedly some of my lineage originates there, but I am truly a mutt it seems!

    MorteWulfe Reply

    You definitely are on the road to success then it seems. I wholly wish you good luck! Now I just have to get motivated today to do my HIIT routine lol!

    gircakes Reply

    GettingFatFitter would recovered anorexics work as good trainers because they at least know what it’s like to FEEL fat?

    Your Everything Channel Reply

    GettingFatFitter ya my physical was always trying to motivate that i’ll get more girls if I have a great body.. But I already have a girlfriend so I just keep saying.. Okay..

    Frederik Poulsen Reply

    GettingFatFitter Hey! Its been a year, i realise this, but I have to ask you. Do you deem unjust of people to want to be with a regular-sized person(or whatever people call people) rather than an overweight person? I’m curious, I’ve been on both specters of this whole deal, but I’ve never been discontent with people not wanting me because of my body back when I was overweight. After all, obesity often comes along with lack of control over something as crucial as our own well-being.
    Hope you’re on the right path, whichever road that might be 🙂

Vanilla Gorilla Reply

I read an article by a dermatologist who said that losing weight fast or slow doesn’t actually make any difference in loose skin. He wrote that no matter how fast you lose weight, the skin’s elasticity will recover over a set period of time, so the faster you lose weight the more it appears to be looser because it hasn’t had time to recover. The slower you lose the weight, the elasticity will recover with your weight loss. Over all, after like 5 years, both results end up being the same.

    Νικος Αυτιας Reply

    +Chris J nah they cant spot It even when u are on the beach and you were your shorts higher , they would notice it. and if you look fit and have gained muscles you would look.perfect

    Νικος Αυτιας Reply

    +Νικος Αυτιας they would not*

    Νικος Αυτιας Reply

    +Νικος Αυτιας and sorry for my bad english

    Jordan Bleford Reply

    Thanks mate! Im looking to lose 50 pounds and this made me feel better. Im so worried about loose skin!!

    Νικος Αυτιας Reply

    i wish you the best.

Tyler Joseph Reply

this dudes attitude is fantastic

    emye Reply

    Latin Lover shut uppp

    Ebi Lopez Reply

    i wish i was that positive

    Kyle Lindgren Reply

    Latin Lover is it everybody just a sociopath.

    DJ ReZinaToR Reply

    Tyler Joseph agreed. He has a very positive outlook on his new lot in life

Elliott Bruce Reply

I’ve lost 57 lbs so far and I have 30 lbs left. I have quite a bit of lose skin on my arms and stomach. I started going to the gym to tighten it up and get srtonger. I can’t wait til I hit my goal. it will be the first time in my life that I am not overweight or obese

    DDionne D Reply

    I don’t mean to be that guy but i can assure you that you were not born obese. I also highly doubt you were obese as an infant and if you were your parents should be in prison for that.

    Loathomar Reply

    Don’t let muscle gain detract from your fat loss. If you are new to weightlifting, you can gain up to 20lb of muscle in the first year. I advise aiming for a body fat percentage over a weight if weightlifting is pert of what you are doing. I went from 22% body fat to 14% but only when from 245 to 235, so while I lost 21 pounds of fat, I also gained 11lb of muscle.
    Side Note: this is not the best way to do things, I have not be very serous about things, just more working out 2-3 times a week and trying to generally eat well.

    Lol Loli Reply

    Elliott Bruce how tall are you

    Juichi Reply

    I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and I’m starting to see early signs of potential loose skin. Right now my arms are the worst, but we’ll see what happens in the long run. I still have 50-60 pounds to go. No regrets. I need to lose weight to be healthy.


Dude your an inspiration i need help im currently 145 pouns need to get to 125 im on a millatry diet PLEASE REPLYY

Terrence Lowe Reply

this was a cool video! I’m super scared of having loose skin! but it’s better then being 309 pounds lol

Norman Torres Reply

I wasn’t terribly fat, however, I was quite overweight and i lost about 60 pounds in 4 months, so now I’ve got all this loose skin in my arms and legs and its really annoying, but like he said, it could be so much worse.

RollingxBigshot Reply

Dude you sound like Ed from good burger

    No name Reply

    edd minus the bbc and dreads.

    David Solt Reply

    you fucked up my day 😂 his entire channel just changed

    UR3ANFISH Reply

    I’m a dude, she’s a dude, he’s a dude, we’re all dudes heyyyy!

    Anthony_IsLit Reply

    Welcome to good burger can I take ur order? Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaa (funny ed laugh)

Charlie Nonya Reply

I love that these over weight nerds are finding strength in comic book cartoon characters. It’s…cute.

    deranged psychopath Reply

    if i looked like nosferatu i would atleast be noteworthy

    harharhar Reply

    @christos alexiadis I’d let you suck MY blood, know what i’m saying?

    deranged psychopath Reply

    not really

    matthew carlson Reply

    christos alexiadis
    the blood in his boner

Thon Maker Reply

Why did I watch this. I’ve been skinny my whole life…

    Ebi Lopez Reply

    how do i do that

    andrea Reply

    Thon Maker

    gircakes Reply

    Thon Maker Same I’ve never fluctuated my weight more than 10 pounds, (not counting getting heavier as I grow taller and get older) but my boyfriend has always been a chubby bubby and I want him to loose weight purely for his health. I’m pretty sure he’s the one for me so I don’t want him to die before me and leave me all alone in this cruel world.

    Raine Reitsma Reply

    Thon Maker I

    TheWizardOfEgo Reply

    Because he is captivating

KShed Reply

This video didn’t really give any information that would actually help. The only actual way to deal with loose skin is surgery. it’s sad but true.

Grand Master Bushido Brown Reply

Just pin it back. Call it a body bun.

    Andres Jaramillo Reply

    Who you callin’ pinhead.

    Wasted Bruh Reply

    @Joe Spencer lmao yes

    Lord High Tits Mcphee Reply

    Grand Master Bushido Brown lmao

    Sage Crosby Reply

    Grand Master Bushido Brown lol

    Wild 21 Reply

    Grand Master Bushido Brown haha

SplashFree!! Reply

He has the most adorable face…

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