Low Carb Fried Rice Recipe – My Most Embarrassing Moment During Quarantine

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donaldcc Reply

This recipe really looks really easy and simple to do. Not to mention….DELICIOUS!! Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you!!

Jeremy Whistine Reply

Bro you keep doing your thing. You’re and inspiration. I’ve tried a few of your recipes and they are the best. You’ve inspired me to do my own channel. I cook food from popular places that I’ve traveled too. “What in the World is Jeremy Cooking” Sort of like bringing vacation recipes home. Soon I’m going to be making a great vegan dessert from Paris. Check it out.

Ladco77 Reply

Just a recommendation for mask wearing – don’t pull it down onto your chin or neck. If anything got on your lower chin or neck, you’ve now got that inside the mask and you put that right on your nose and mouth when you bring the mask back up.

Thanks for the recipe! I’m definitely trying this out.

Anonymous Reply

wanna be friends?

Anonymous Reply

wanna be friends?

Logan Reply

wanna be friends?

TheFroglamp Reply

Missed the uploads, keep safe and healthy kevin

Free lives4bypass Reply

It looks soooo freakin good!!😋😋😋 Yeeeessss!!

Chasstan Prichard Reply

I never knew how much I needed black sesame seeds until today. Thanks for doing what you do Kev. Always in support of the good vibes, healthy eats, and fresh content you and your team keep putting out there

Keto Solution Reply

Love the addition of a bit of brown rice to ‘fool the taste buds’! Gotta try this! Thanks for this recipe!

Jasmine Holford Reply

Ugh I despise cauliflower but the recipe looked good! Lol

Unstoppable Me Reply

Thanks for taking out your time during everything to give us a vid. I appreciate it because I’ve been struggling with ideas for low-carb/keto recipes. Can we use pre-made cauliflower rice? Would you recommend a brand?

Andrew Chance Reply

What kind of cooktop are you using there?

Yumme Momme Reply


Masturah Nordin Reply

Supporter from Singapore! You certaintly deserve more views! Relevant, inspiring and authentic! 💪stay safe!

Carrie H. Reply

Going to try this. Looks yummy😍

Zilero Reply

I love the banter, you guys are hilarious

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