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inglorious_Machina Reply

It’s almost like putting immense weight on your joints is a bad thing.

    Mr.Beau Reply

    Yeah who who would of thought.

    Every Damn Day Fitness Reply


    Allan Greenson Reply

    Every Damn Day Fitness thes so called trainers are an absolute disgrace to the fitness community. Thank you for your great informative videos

Amanda R Reply

Oh look, the dangerous game show hurt someone.

Colour me surprised. 🙄

    somebodyonce toldme Reply

    Youre british?? XD noticed the way you spell “colour”, what other words do UK and US spell different?

    Neoo Reply

    @somebodyonce toldme it’s spelled colour in canada

    somebodyonce toldme Reply

    @Neoo oh i think Britain as well

    Amanda R Reply

    @somebodyonce toldme Canadian 😊 but a part of the Commonwealth so we spell it the same way

    somebodyonce toldme Reply

    @Amanda R we americans smh lol

Just Some Guy without a Mustache Reply

She snapped her ankle? That is scary. I hope she recovers well.

GraceWaterlilly Reply

IT’s almost like they don’t really care about their paticipant’s health… Who would have guessed that

    P H A N Y Reply

    GraceWaterlilly Shocking, I know. 🙄

Julie Waninger Reply

Whoever thought a mud pit was a good idea is a joke.

F.I.T. in GJ Reply

Alan brought too much attention to why this show is not good, that would be a big part of why they are going heavy on the copyrights

    Every Damn Day Fitness Reply

    Not stopping until it gets cancelled

    Neoo Reply

    @Every Damn Day Fitness this is why we love your channel

    MJ Bankhead Reply

    Keep doing what you do Alan!

Panagiotis Skartsilas Reply

I got into an argument with someone this week about weight loss. I was telling her I had a realistic goal ( 158 pds in 3 years 1-2 a week )about losing weight from 355. She was insisting I was limiting my self. That could lose that weight in 6 months , only because I’m limiting myself. People are nuts . I’m 331 lost 25 pds in 8 months.

    Lime Green Mamba Reply

    @Bugged_Out_Frankie You also run the risk of your hair falling out if you lose weight too fast. It’s usually temporary, but nonetheless quite unsettling.

    Bugged_Out_Frankie Reply

    @Lime Green Mamba that I have heard of! And also teeth issues, which is weird

    Angelo Messina Reply

    Slow and steady wins the race, just stay consistent and you’ll get to wherever you want to be.👍

    Katarina Short Reply

    Dude you’re exactly right in your expectations though. Many organizations say that 2 lbs a week is the max you can lose in a healthy way. Don’t listen to her random bullshit info and keep killing it!!!! Wishing you all the best 💕💕

    Katen Staines Reply

    Yep that is totally unrealistic to lose so much in the short time that person is suggesting. It’s not a race, whatever is sustainable to keep the weight off is the best approach. I lost 140 pounds in 18 months, but I didn’t have a specific timeframe, that’s just how it turned out to be.

charredskeleton Reply

Loss of mobility can KILL a morbidly obease person. Reply

My main exercise is walking, I was almost 700 lbs and at that weight your joints are going to struggle and be in a lot of pain. All started with small changes and remaining consistent.

    inglorious_Machina Reply
    Even little things like idly tapping your fingers and bouncing a knee can add up over the course of a day. It wouldn’t be much, but that few dozen extra calories burned in a day will add up before you know it. Reply

    @inglorious_Machina oh for sure! When I walk, I try and flap my arms like jumping jacks, or try a quick squat if my knees are feeling it. Any little movement you working something <3

    asad rahimi Reply dude your pic shows a MAAAASSSIVE difference. good on you man. bless u. Reply

    @asad rahimi Hey bro! Thank you so much! I still got a lot of grinding to do <3


I can’t believe this doesn’t happen every episode honestly

Cornwall1888 Reply

Alan Roberts is about to go in raw, balls deep

x drowssap Reply

It’s all about the $$$. The participants aren’t innocent either. For them $$$ is also important

Mike Vasquez Reply

Parents can also be a trigger because of the “clean your plate” mentality.

    paperandblackroses Reply

    So true.. it stems from the previous generation when food was not as easy to grab and just eat. So clean your plate so you won’t be hungry for a while. Now we have fast food, processed junk food and it’s too easy to overeat. A dangerous combination. Now it’s super easy so there’s no excuse not to just box up what’s too much or start with a small portion and put leftovers in containers and have it later.

    Chrissy’s Juicy Vlogger Vlogs Reply


CaptainTics Reply

I love how this show has access to the most recent information regarding health and wellness and there still spouting false claims such as “you only have a 16 minute window after working out” Its really obvious this is a game show that exploits obese people for views.

    Lambochaser Reply

    Think she says 60 but yeah

Angela Engle Reply

Your last point is the whole reason I don’t watch the show. It feels like they’re just throwing these fat people under the bus by making them do stuff that is physically intensive so cynical people at home can laugh at their suffering. If you do the research, 80% of weight-loss is diet and nutrition related and exercise is 20%. They’re only showing you 20% of the work these people are doing while hiding their calorie, macros, and food intake. A LOT of shows do this and it frustrates me.

80sriceman Reply

Imagine that: physics exists! too much weight and rediculous exercises equals busted joints and ankles.🤷‍♂️

himynameiscyn Reply

The fact that they had edited this to include her injuries just speaks volumes on the morality of the producers. -_-

    inglorious_Machina Reply

    Drama makes them money.

Sascha Wittig Reply

This show is so toxic for the audience who struggels with their weight. I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist and ALOT of new clients come with this shows mindset to me. I am so freaking sick of it. It is just unhealthy, extremly dangerous and overall not sustainable for the majority. Also, I really hate these ‘professionals’ that teach this crap to the contestants.

    Mindy Springer Reply

    THANK YOU! The coaches I have HATE this show for all these reasons. WHY IS IT STILL ON?!?!

Zoe Andrews Reply

I don’t see how these so called “coaches” can be proud to call themselves fitness coaches when they put these people’s health in jeopardy and ruin their health for the long run. But anything for the money right? 🤦🏽‍♀️

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