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ObesetoBeast Reply

Enjoy me and my dad talking at 36:00 😬 I forgot to edit that out, you can skip ahead a few minutes if you don’t wanna wait

    Sarah Gates Reply

    So cute! I love the fact that he’s looking out for his dad.

    Jasmin Miettunen Reply

    Jump to 38:40 if you want to skip the phone call lol

    dawnelle88 Reply

    It was genuine, love it!

    Laura Landers Reply

    I think you talking to your dad solidified my crush on you even more 😅 so cute

    Tine Putzeys Reply

    Prooving, clearly, that “ya boi doesn’t edit” :’)

RachelReduces Reply

Don’t know why, but I’m so concentrated on how more and more lipstick winds up on her cup as the video goes on. 😂😂

    RachelReduces Reply

    @churchsnake I’m part of the ObeseToBeast YouTube Membership. You get the cool badge and special emotes that you can use here on youtube. There’s more too. You can Join under the like button above.

    hydrogen 1 Reply

    @churchsnake it means she is a member of John’s channel

    Bah9 Reply

    Ooh- I’ve been exercising and barely looking , but now I have to check that out 😉

    hydrogen 1 Reply

    @Bah9 I know how to exercise too. I do it sometimes

    RachelReduces Reply

    @Bah9 😊😊

The Dawn of Vanlife Reply

On the liquid calories, I feel you on that tip. Now, when I CHOSE to drink my calories (like there is a chai latte I make at home) they are very carefully chosen liquid calories and truly selective treats.

    Epona Lee Reply

    I only ever drank water, tea or coffee for as long as I can remember, no juices soda etc. (Just to sweet for me) so I’m not used to drinking my calories. And now that I drink oatmilk with my coffee I really notice that i feel like I’ve eaten something small and my hunger will come back like half an hour delayed compared to when I don’t have oatmilk with my coffee. That really surprised me

    Abbey Adams Reply

    I never drank a ton of liquid calories (maybe one pop and one sweetened latte a week and the occasional bubble tea, etc.) but I find it’s much easier to reduce calorie intake in this way without sacrificing satiety. Every small lifestyle change contributes! I love that this content has taught me that I can still have these drinks if I really want but I have to acknowledge that I will be able to eat less volume of food later and weigh the benefits

    Abbey Adams Reply

    @Epona Lee I’ll have to try it! Thanks for the tip!

    Amanda Lopez Reply

    Same!! My liquid calories are usually treats my coffee, protein shakes and smoothies

    SailorPear Reply

    Can we have your chai recipe?


“you can eat like that and still make progress” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Everytime people see me eat bread they’re like, “you can eat bread?!” and i have to explain caloric deficits 🙃

    Lauren Kaether Reply

    Love me some carbs before working out and bread is my go to

    Esmee Reply

    Bread is so ingrained in my culture, as is cheese, that I never get these stereotypes, heck people find it more odd I don’t eat it on a daily basis myself. :”)

    Mindy Tunnell Reply

    Dude. SAAAAME

    Stine Petersen Reply

    @Esmee same with me. Dark rye bread is something I eat every day 😋 so yummi… And healthy

    tiffanypo56 Reply


Leah Marie Reply

A comment for the women here lol but for real I noticed have been ravenously hungry during “that time of the month” and decided to finally look up the science behind it. I had no idea that along with your hormones changing, that a woman’s BMR is also higher during that time so of course we’re more hungry 😅

    Ari Reply

    I must be the odd one here because I lose my appetite and hunger during that time of the month lol. But Im more energetic for some reason. Is there a reason why this is?

    Leah Marie Reply

    @Ari wow, that’s interesting! I honestly have no idea but it’s definitely something I’m going to look further into and I’ll share the info I find.

    Ari Reply

    @Leah Marie haha yea, it must be because I get full easilg those days so Im not really hungry¯_(ツ)_/¯

    confused Reply

    There’s some great tips here thank you

    Jen S Reply

    I learned new things so thank you. My PMS is bad and I completely lose appetite before my period for about 3-5days. Then during period I’m hungry af and it’s difficult to avoid emotional eating. I also only go to scale for 1 a month since my periods can up my weight up to 6kg only to lose all of that weight in couple of days after. 😀 Weight fluctuation gotta love it.

Olympic-grade lurker Reply

I dunno Jon, there just are some days where wolfing down a 600 calorie slice of cheese cake as my dinner is highly satisfying.

    Bella Vida Reply

    Maybe but after 20 seconds I want more and more

    kitty b Reply

    A slice isn’t enough though. Just like you can’t just have one chip.

    Olympic-grade lurker Reply

    Cheesecake is different though. It’s so dense that I’d puke if I had a second. Maybe I’m just weird.

    Ifss X O Reply

    Satisfying but not satiating!

    Brooke Reply

    @Olympic-grade lurker same! I can’t eat it fast though, I eat slowly because it’s such a treat and I want to appreciate it

Davan Cerda Reply

I love frumpfit, Jordan shrinks and, of course you!!

    confused Reply

    Jordan is such a great person

GIChiyo Reply

“One cannot subsist on lettuce alone”
“Freelee has entered the chat”

    kitty b Reply

    I don’t think she likes greens too much. She’s obsessed with fruit.

    Haley Reply

    @kitty b yes, I think she eats minimal greens. Like very minimal 🤣

    Dalek Supreme Reply

    You need bananas.

golden Reply

“She saved the first for best”
– to Beast, Obese, 2021.

    Mimi Reply

    Also: ‘a flip that switches’😹

    Rachel Carpenter Reply

    John’s first name is officially “Obese”.

    tiffanypo56 Reply

    I loved when he said that😭

kated89141 Reply

You cracking yourself up about amen/awomen… cracked me up

Marina Reply

I have to cut out Cool Ranch Doritos. I thought I could just potion out a serving and fit it into my calories but I can’t stop myself from going back for more so I’ve had to ban them from the house for now. But I still treat myself to other things like a square of dark chocolate after dinner.

    Lilly James Reply

    I can’t buy my favorite chips for the house either (cheddar and sour cream ruffles). Sometimes as a treat I get the small single serving bags at the checkout that way I can’t eat like 15 servings in one sitting 😅

    Sally99 Reply

    Same here, I only buy cheetos when I hang out with a group of friends because then I know I won’t eat the whole bag myself

    Valentina Fuentealba Reply

    Same here but with pringles, I am capable of inhaling a full can in 10 minutes so I just… don’t buy them anymore lol

    asdds ffddd Reply

    That’s why you should learn to enjoy less calorie-dense snacks like low-fat popcorn. Won’t matter if you binge because it’ll just be ~400 calories.

    Basically, listen to Coach Greg.

Omer Lavian Reply

Pulling out my SmartPop for Coach Greg’s response!!!!

DietDevan Reply

I definitely agree with learning how food is making you feel. I’m going to start journaling the foods I eat and how they make me feel after eating them.

A. S. Reply

Don’t apologize for pausing and commenting! It’s a commentary video smh

TheNormalOddball Reply

A lot of people think she’s pandering but I think she just highlighted the good over the bad. Of all she does is talk about the tips not to follow people are going to wonder “what tips should I follow”.
It is a smart video idea but also there’s nothing wrong with it

Semi Reply

Quite true that the menstrual cycle does effect weight and hunger. Even more if you had a child and breast fed. It takes a lot more discipline and will power, than other times, but it can work if you take care of it 🙂

Greg Doucette Reply

Look for my video on Abby sharp posting soon recorded in a few days been waiting for the right time which is now

    RachelReduces Reply

    You are spirit animal! That response was 18 minutes of Cinematic YouTube Beauty. The combo of Anabolic 2.0 promo and serving Abbey humble pie nearly brought me to tears.🙌🙌

    Christina Arundale Reply

    Shameless plug. Love it😂👏

    Raymond Waters Reply


    Katy Courtright Reply

    Yesss! My smartpop and I can’t wait for that!

Paige Reply

O2B: “called out?” clickbait
Me, who has already seen Abbey’s video: LOL we both know she loves you!

FrumpyFit Reply

John: “I didn’t listen to anything she was saying because I was jamming out to the music.” Me: 💀💀💀
But I totally agree with what you said about how sometimes it is the right decision to avoid a certain food. I talk about that later in that same video. Loved the video & your content 🙌

Amanda Akerman Reply

I really feel like Abbey is trying to grow and learn and I appreciate that. Also love the Cool Mom Energy

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