Meet My New Girl 😍

Thank you so much for watching! I am excited for you guys to meet my new lady 😉

Workout: 30 minute emom
minute 1: 10 burpees
minute 2: 10 goblet squats
minute 3: 10 shoulder to overhead

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A M Reply

Have you tried Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch? I would love to hear your thoughts/review!

    Jakoby Jacobs Reply

    A M I second this! Would be fun to see a fitness you tuber review a game for “fitness” Great idea!

    Jessica Miller Reply

    I would love to see someone able to get their hands on it! Lol.

    Shani Friedman Reply

    @Jessica Miller lol for real! they go on ebay for over $300 when it’s only supposed to be $80

Melo Reply

She is super cute 🙆🏻‍♀️💕

Randy Loses It Reply

You’re gonna best duncle (dog uncle)!

Milli Phoebe Reply

I’m going to attempt this workout today, rip neighbors that live below me.

P.S. your girl is so cuuuute and fluffyyyyyy 😭❤ congrats

Leah W Reply

Before I clicked I thought to myself “I bet she’s a dog or cat” lol

    hello aziz Reply


    Nicole Maestas Reply

    I clicked hoping it was a dog

    Hal S Reply

    Marley same🤣

    Emily Baker Reply

    I was thinking dog 🙂 lol

    Meygan Marino Reply

    Same here haha

Ask Dr. Swole Reply

You can’t not click on a title like that lmao

Rose Threewitt Reply

Bailey is such a cutie! love Love LOVE her!

Tracy Ragland Reply

Any girl that gets to be his girl is very lucky 😉🖤 lol

    Sophia Méndez Reply


    Rachel Sugarmuffin Reply


    Stephanie D Reply

    Yep he’s hot

    Gabe Headley Reply

    He goes through girls like underwear. How long before he drops this “girl”

philip Trevor Reply

you could not live without drifting
and where did that bring you?
back to me – Tha-NOS

My Brave Change Reply

Almost broke my heart lol! She’s a beauty!!!

Nikki B Reply

Ahhh so cute!!! So happy for you! Getting my Weimaraner Jack is honestly the best thing that’s ever happened to me! Dogs make everything better

Vanessa Pereira Reply

Awwww she’s so cute🥺 Hi Bailey 💓

Jordan Houle Reply

I have a 6 old lab name George and taking him for walks has greatly saved me from me!

Dogs are great!

Corleigh Goring Reply

When I saw the notification I thought to myself “it’s either a car or a dog” lol

Tara Chapman Reply

Ohhhh your dog is so cute my dog is a jack Russel fox terrier he’s my little man

Elena Cargill Reply

Probably the only YouTuber I’ve continued to watch consistently in quarantine. It’s always nice to listen to a positive person being positive

Bentley Gray Reply

Omg I see the comments about a dog and I can’t believe you’re gonna make us wait until after you work out 😖

Christina Collins Reply

Seeing the title: ah yes, well it had to happen sometime, I bet she’s great.

After watching: She’s the most beautiful lady in the world. She is the ideal woman. I am so jealous.

UltraRocks Reply

This is bad. Every time he posts a video of his girl it doesn’t end well. He’s going to breakup with the dog.

T.A. H Reply

“She’s not my dog -” she is if you bribe her with treats and make her love you the most.

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