My Experience with Loose Skin & Compression Clothing

Instrumental produced by Chuki:
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IV.V. MMI Reply

It’s crazy how you can see how ripped he is under his own skin……

    syazuwae86 wan Reply

    Robert P hello is it really need surgery? can skin slowly come back normal without surgery?

    Brian Reply

    syazu wae genetics. It’s different depending on the person. Some have little loose skin and some have a lot. Age matters too. In your teens or twenties? You’ll probably have less because of youth. 40+? Probably have more.

    Pvpaducc Reply

    Xavier Williams 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    muga227 Reply

    syazu wae no. When you are severely obese, and lose a significant amount of weight; as he has, there is soo much previous, excess skin, and no where for it to go. It will not shrink or ever tighten to your body shape. The only thing that will correct it is a body lift surgery and tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). I work for a Plastic Surgery Practice, and surgery is unfortunately the only way to correct it.

    Jennie Smythe Reply

    A tummy tuck is so common. I women get it all the time after child birth and the lose sin that happens. Id cut mine off if i had it but. He seems to love hikself the way he is so so thats great for him as well. I think itd give him more freedom and confidence. In the future in relationships and daily life.

Terry J. Reply

start a Gofund me to get your skin removed.. Im sure by the summer your have the monetary you need. YOU DESERVE IT!

    Gibbypastrami Reply

    @Abdullah AL-Zughaier not when you have a lot, losing like, 10-20 pounds, you can use cocoa butter and it can get tighter, but for someone with a LOT of lose skin its not really possible to get rid of a lot, like for me, i weigh 300 lbs, if i were to get down to 200 id have a lot of loose skin, cocoa butter wouldnt fix that, it may get a LITTLE tighter, but not much

    Abdullah AL-Zughaier Reply

    @Gibbypastrami I guess

    Austen Davis Reply

    @Michaiah Williams Fat white dude huh? Now who’s generalizing? What’s the point of people making a argument against someone just to turn around and use the same idiotic ideology that they did?

chris toledo Reply

So he is basically super fit but he just has extra skin, I’m glad it doesn’t seem to bother him I wish him the best in his journey

    Mickerod 987 Reply

    chris toledo that is because he do a Lot of cardio

    Wady Wady Nady Reply

    @Jacob Teel i am 20 , went from 95kg to 75kg and I have damn loose skin .

    susanne anique Reply

    @Wady Wady Nady give it time and keep it moisturized. It should recover.

    Wady Wady Nady Reply

    @susanne anique I think I still have some fat to lose , does this fat prevent skin shrinkage? I haven’t lost anything for a year and a half now

    susanne anique Reply

    @Wady Wady Nady I don’t know. I remember when I lost weight at your age I had loose skin everywhere, including my face. It normalized with time. I didn’t calculate how long, it just wasn’t an issue after a while. I wouldn’t obsess over it unless it was actually in the way of activity

autumnleaves Reply

He seems so genuine and sweet ❤️❤️❤️

    Mouth Chewington Reply

    Ugly duckling syndrome. It’s real.

    Ayyylien007 Reply

    Just marry him already

Dwight Lavon Reply

Even with the loose skin and all.. you’re a gorgeous man.. 😍💚

Vedang Ganpatye Reply

If confidence had a face ❤️😁

Juan Gutiérrez Reply

It’s very brave of you to put yourself out there to help others. All I can think to type & say is “thank you”.

    Maha Awad Reply

    Juan Gutiérrez great guy

PotatoMunch Reply

This guy is making it impossible for me to come up with excuses

    monique perez Reply


    kyle the dued Reply

    You don’t need to come up with excuses

    Nate Reply

    PotatoMunch my gym is 6 miles away and I don’t have a car or bus route what do I do then cause I can’t keep walking that much day in and day out

    Chloe SFF Reply

    how will I skip P.E class now??? 😰

    anna moore Reply

    @Nate ı have a similar issue but for days that is hard to go to gym there are home workouts, there is a app that nike made that is great for working out at home but its a bit intense so maybe other youtuve might help too if you are beginner ( like me, I just started like two weeks ago)

Rifqi Ramadhan Reply

Nice one tom holland.

    Jane Golbach Reply

    And here i thought i was the only one thinking of the same thing😂😂😂

    EVERYTHING ! ! Reply

    Rifqi Ramadhan yeah he does look like him

    Jess jms Reply

    You just read my mind!

    Lil Catlie Reply

    A little bit buffed Tom 😀 But cooler ^^

Celeen Hill Reply

He’s actually really good looking

Wharton Builders Inc Reply

Bro you have a rockin’ body. Skin is an organ it does it’s thing. Your musculoskeletal structure is beautiful. Keep getting those gains!

PeaceLoveAndRico Reply

Let’s face it… you’re ripped. I bet you could sell out in a heartbeat and model for compression clothing. You make it look💯🔥🔥🔥

rachel.doremi Reply

Honestly, it’s the closest thing to understanding why sports bras are so important to women

    Dana Mahmoud Reply

    Jaydahdon Reducing bounce and movement when working out/running/jumping. If you have large or a flappy chest, it makes you feel uncomfortable or demotivated 😕

    Jean Pierre Polnareff Reply

    New Phone
    I don’t know how to explain it without sounding super awkward lol.
    Basically, if we don’t wear a sport bra our boobs kinda move too much and when they fall down it tugs at the skin that holds the boobs up and it hurts lol. So it doesn’t really hurt our back, just the skin holding the boobs in place. If people work out too much whiteout a sport bra holding everything in place it can actually cause sagging due to all of the tugging on the skin.

    fantasyfanatic1995 Reply

    @New Phone Imagine going for a run without wearing boxers or underwear, and how that would affect your manly treasures. I imagine great discomfort. Imagine something similar, but on your chest, and it can cause back pain and balance issues for women with larger breasts

    Wetwork Reply

    @CakedFaceKenya we finally feel your plight. hahaha

    yoonminism islifeu Reply


Carla V V Reply

Women know exactly what are you talking about. It’s like women running with out of sports bra.
It hurts. Thanks for sharing

    vinessa wess Reply

    Carla V V
    OMG! And jumping rope without a sports bra is so painful

Paula Kristoffersson Reply

His body is goals, now I’m jealous… and motivated😂

Jean groff Reply

Why would anyone give a thumbs down to this guy putting himself out there to help people ???
Screw you losers !

Great video man, thanks for the tips, was really helpful and brave considering how crappy some can be for no reason…

Good luck, will check out your other vids.

    april bagwell Reply

    Because people are garbage! If they don’t care for his message/ video then just move on! They just want to be ugly because they’re either jealous or bitter!

    Murk Did dat Beat productions Reply

    Because people are stupid

    Thats not how you make porridge Reply

    Thumbs down because he has tatts

Yoga with Carlos Reply

I have no words to express how much respect I feel about this video. Dude you rock it!

Felipe Maira Reply

its Amazing how confident you are with your body and the lose skin Thank you for your honesty Its incredibly moving and im so happy i came across your videos Much love Bro And stay Awesome

Jody Roussel Reply

I tend to think my extra skin is clapping cheering me on 👏👏👏 I really need this video 😂

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