My GO TO Thanksgiving recipes / Vegan & Healthy!

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Gravy –
Mashed Potatoes –
Stuffing –
Pumpkin pies-
Hash brown Hot Dish –
Lentil Loaf –

Foccacia Measurements – (add to bread maker in this order)
8oz water
2 tsp active dry yeast
2 tsp sugar
320g flour
40g vital wheat gluten (sub flour if you dont have this)
1 tsp salt

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Susan Epps Reply

Your hair looks divine that way Hannah. Seriously. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for bringing so much love and light to this universe!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    Thank you so much!!

Mitra Varjavand Reply

first!! love you hannah <33

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    You’re the best!

Shy Sorai Reply

Anyone else here for the aesthetics?

Sam Elle Reply

i still cant believe thanksgiving is right around the corner!! Where has this year gone!!

Zaccely Reply

Your hair looks so gorgeous that color! And all the recipes look delicious!

Susan Epps Reply

Also… today marks a moment in history in many ways. I just want to thank you for always being inclusive on your channel and in your messaging. As a woman of color, daughter of an immigrant, single mom and just a regular American trying to make this world a better place… I have found great solace and comfort in your channel since the pandemic started. You are truly a blessing. So thank you to a wonderful ally who has made a true difference. YOU. GO. GIRL.

Jess Lovely Reply

She needs to do a video of her outfit here. I love it.

High Carb Hannah Reply

Hey guys thank you so much for watching i posted all the recipes in the description box for you! Have a healthy and lovely thanksgiving and make lots of yummy food! Sign up here to get 50% off the EAT MORE WEIGH LESS Video course & the Lean for Life book when its released –

    Otilia Tibljas Reply

    Thanks for posting the recipes, can’t wait to try the focaccia.

Highway to Healthy Reply

🌻❤️Hi Hannah! I am so happy I just got to under 300 pounds eating this way! I am down 90 pounds and I feel so magnificent! That stuffing looks so good! Wow amazing! Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁 Thanks for sharing!😀😋

Alicia V Reply

Those are definitely great holiday recipes/food!! Love this time of year 😀

Elli Dugger Reply

“See how beautiful? #health man” 😂😂

Sil C Reply

Awwwww thank you so much! I’m commenting before watching because I’m so excited and have been waiting for this type of video. All you recipes are bomb, looking forward to check these ones 🥰

Nancy Plants Reply

I had my first Thanksgiving without family last year and FEASTED instead of nibbling on crackers and olives as usual. This year it’ll probably be just my son and I so thanks for the new recipe ideas. WE WILL FEAST AGAIN!

Laura L Vegan Reply

You are the Queen of WFPB recipes. You create healthy, filling, tasty recipes like no one else! Can’t wait to make that gravy! And, to jump on the hair bandwagon 😆 …your darker hair gives you a sexy siren look. Gorgeous!

MLea Blev Reply

Oooh that gravy looks like an umami bomb! Delicious 🤤

minsumiko73 Reply

Your are a genius! I am trying all these recipes now and for Thanksgiving! Thank you

Evie murphy Reply

GREAT video! I’m trying everything- it all looked absolutely delicious! Nice job, thank you so much for sharing!

Connie Rivers Reply

Thank you Hannah!! Great timing…I made your lentil loaf recipe today as a “test” for Thanksgiving and O.M.G!!!! Delicious‼️‼️

Conscious Crissy Reply

This stuffing is incredible🤤❤️ thank youuu💕

Andrea Al-Karawi Reply

Thanks for making this video. Now I know what to cook on Thanksgiving. Everything looks delicious, well except the mushrooms 😀

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