My Quarantine Bday & Mediterranean Diet Turkey & White Bean Soup

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SouthernGurl Tamica Reply

Happy Birthday 🎂 the soup looks great!!

Olivia Szeplaki Reply

That was funny 🦃🦃🦃😂😂😂
And happy birthday 🎂🎉🎊🥂
Hugs from Tuscany 🌄

K Fitz Inspires Reply

Happy birthday brother!!!!

Jennifer Bauters Reply

Happy birthday!

Definitely going to make this someday! We don’t really have ground turkey here in Finland sadly. Turkey isnt native here, so its hard to come by, but ground chicken will do i think! Thank you for another awesome recipe!

Carmen Valentin Reply

Happy Birthday to you
It’s also my grandchild birthday too
Carmen VALENTIN Yonkers N.Y.

Chef ChrisB TV Reply

Happy birthday bruh.. soup looks good! Love your content and the hustle! Keep up the good work!

amber scarbrough Reply

Looks amazing! My seven yr old thought it looked delicious, making this tonight!!

Leigh McKinley Reply

Happy Birthday! Gonna make the same recipe with ground chicken & chicken broth this weekend… maybe a little sprinkle of fresh Parmesan.

Yara Sinclair Reply

Looks good! Happy Birthday 🎉🎁🎊

UnboundPromethean Reply

I have been lurking on this channel for some time. I would like to see more ethiopian dishes. I like Yebeg Tibbs (lamb stew with berbere spice).

Amanda Pearlman Reply

Haha Happy Birthday! Love this! Going to try it! 😁

Shawn Trivett Reply

Happy Birthday Kev great recipe I’ve already made a lot of you’re Mediterranean dishes and they are definitely delicious

Swanyay Reply

Lol dad jokes rock. Will make this meal tonight

tiarabvang Reply

This is just what I needed!!! Soo perfect. Thank you!!!

ThePrinceofDankness Reply

Can you smeeeeeeeeellll…. what the Kev, is cookin?

Jones Girl Reply

Happy Birthday Kev’!! Enjoy your day! And as always your recipes are killer!! 38 is still young, I’m 38 and look like I’m 23 jus sayin boo! Cus like Kev said Black Don’t Crack Baby! LOL

EL Himmelstein Reply

You two are silly 😜 I love it

terri arheghan Reply

Thank you, been looking for a nice bean/soup dish. It looks amazing!

Judith Loue Reply

I used to make White Bean Soup with the leftover turkey after Thanksgiving. A lighter alternative to The Big Dinner, but still soul satisfying. So, if you don’t have ground turkey, but have some cooked “bird” in the fridge/freezer, it will work here, too. BOOM on the recipe and the BDay, man.

me Reply

That looks incredible ill be trying it tomorrow

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