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The Gaining Ground Reply

What’s better than an Obese to Beast video on a Monday?!?!


Let’s get it!!!

    Wes Stan Reply

    Nothing is betterrr

    The sky Is RED Reply

    A beast to obese vid on a Sunday?

    The Gaining Ground Reply

    The sky Is RED touché!

    Ea Vizuals Reply

    Sex. That’s what’s better

Karley Gray Reply

You don’t have to ask her for proof that you worked hard when it looks like you just took a shower 😂

    Kaile Overby Reply

    Karley Gray she didn’t have to validate for us, he didnt ask

A Small Bitchy Banana Reply

Good morning John. I love these videos. Take care and have an awesome day!

Richard Simmons Reply

I love your hair 🙂

chris burns Reply

You’ve been getting huge!!

Josh Bricker Reply

Hey John! I’ve lost almost 140 since my heaviest and over 200 total. You have helped me a ton during my journey. I just moved to San Diego a few weeks ago and I’d love to hang out or talk sometime! I live on mission beach.

    OneShotMan Reply

    Mission beach looks so good ngl.

    Josh Bricker Reply

    OneShotMan it is man I love it here so much. I was so lucky to get this opportunity!

MrsLilpiglet Reply

When you find something you truly like/love, it’s not hard to eat it over and over. For me that’s shell-free salad bowls from Qdoba or grilled chicken Greek salads. I have one of these 4-5 days each week.

Dominique Powell-Saidykhan Reply

We have the same dining room chairs! Lol. I love your energy man… 💯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💪🏾. EDIT: Do you ever feel just exhausted from working out now or was that mainly when you were still losing weight?

Breanna Reply

The hair is looking good! It’s giving me Sokka vibes from Avatar the last air bender. Also the new variety is refreshing to see. I just can’t get down with raspberries 😅 lol. But now I think a goal for myself this year is to try CrossFit 😁 I’m already down about 82 pounds with more to go but feeling excited💕 Great video🔥

    Leemu Hall Reply

    Breanna thatttssss prolly way I was feelin some type of way this video😂

James Jansen Reply

I appreciate your approach to the full day of eating videos. You not only share what you are eating but also how your work out regiment plays into your decision in the kitchen. I still struggle to balance my diet when adding the gym into the mix. This gives me hope that in time I can find the balance. Thank you!

Karlyah Dreloth Reply

What an inspiration, wow, great job! 🖤 Just a sidenote: I think you might really like SimnettNutrition channel, he always does stir-fry at night 😅
Edit: Also the hair looks really good IMO 😉

Lady_V Reply

Heck yeah!! Great inspo as always!.. and I love the hair, like I said on insta; very Vikings 😍. .

Big Mo Reply

Yes finally a vlog after a long time good to see and good see you bro

Will E Reply

Though you have excess skin, there is almost no fat left in the skin! You can perfectly see the muscle definition and how vascular you are. Congrats on your accomplishments!

    Wes Stan Reply

    Its crazy right, super motivational. Prove we have no excuses to get in shape

    Gregory Michaels Reply

    I think it looks great on him. Like a warrior with battle scars…shows what a fucking stud he is for overcoming the 180 pounds of fat loss.

Big Mo Reply

Physique update you look awsome you got good muscle mass i also can see the abs

Jamie Porter Reply

Bro your arms are huge. Gosh damn. See that 6 pack poppin too. Great work.

Lilith Cat Reply

3:43 the girl in the background went crazy on these pull bars 😀

    Joshua Villanueva Reply

    She was building momentum to fly xD

Mido Reply

11:16 “bone apple teeth”

Also yes, I am proud of you for making that funky sandwitch. Go you!

Lucy Reply

“I’ve always really struggled with pushups…”

Me: Oh sam-

“…in a weight vest”

Me: Nevermind.

Leemu Hall Reply

He was cute af when he was outta breath and talking bout how he didnt record everything. Idk why but it was too much😫❤️

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