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Handeeman Reply

great video baby 🙂

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    +Life Inside A Box thank u love <3

Dorina Roams Reply

i wish i was patient enough to make such nice meals haha! loved them all <3

hownaice Reply

I eat burrito bowls most of the time because my mom always makes beans and chile since we’re mexican lol it’s so easy! And adding chile (not chili) to anything automatically gives anything so much flavor! ♡

    Emily Loughlin Reply

    +NAIRDA please do! I’ve been vegan for 4 months now and have definitely been finding my flavour hacks to be getting a little boring would love to get some more ideas xx have a great day!

    Ximena G. Reply

    I’m chilean! Born and living in Chile 🙂 This was so funny to read hahaha

    Rach C Reply

    I agree 100% 🇮🇹😉✌

    Tania Reply

    lol im mexican too and i do the same!! beans, salsa, cilantro and tortillas are staples in our house

    Diana Robinson Reply

    NAIRDA i so agree with u i do not believe in it. All that carbs especially refined could not be good for u, whole plant based foods made in interesting ways is the best way to a vegan life.

PlantbasedAthlete Reply

All of these type of meals are in our rotation, they’re so simple, good, and satisfying. Great video showing how easy this lifestyle is.

    Intuitive Eating Vegan Reply

    +PlantbasedAthlete I absolutely agree! Spot on! 😉

    PlantbasedAthlete Reply

    All you need is 2-3 starches you like to rotate and you just make different variations of meals. This is no different than a flesh eater cooking Chicken, Pig, & Cow with different variations over and over.

    Intuitive Eating Vegan Reply

    +PlantbasedAthlete This is what is keeping me fully vegan – transitioning from Vegetarian – and I’m in awe at how easy I’m managing now. Now the family here are following suit (all vegetarian but cutting the dairy) so as long as I keep doing like you say, and rotate it, it’s a winner. Still love my Banana smoothies during the day too! Even in a cold wet Scotland Hahaha 😀

    Kristina Reply

    this is exactly what I thought!

tiffcre Reply

I love your videos and I can tell that your overall production quality is improving. but due to me working in film and editing I’d like to make a suggestion. due to the lack of furniture in the room you film all of the audio is bouncing off of the walls instead of being absorbed….and there’s nothing you can do about that….but during post production/editing, you need to adjust your audio levels to where they are NO higher than -6 db. because if you are above that, then your audio will be blown out like it is in this video. hope that helps. 🙂

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    +tiffanycreuz awesome thanks

    Lauren Reply

    if she adds rugs on the floors and fabric tapestry wall hangings and fabric drapes on every window that will diminish the sound bouncing off the walls etc…


I know it is a lot of work but we are glad you are still making vids for this channel…..cause most of us that watch life in a box…started here………getting taller…

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    +GREAT WHITE its not that much work lol but thanks buddy

    Neymar Mitkov Reply

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ENDOFit Reply

Thank you. I was just trying to figure out how to standardize my meals. This is perfect.

Priscilla Chan Reply

Love all these simple hearty meals!! Literally can eat everyday 😄😄😄

Sarah Reply

For anyone looking for GF pasta, Tinkyada is THE BEST!.

Brittney Nicole. Reply

you resemble mariah Carey sooooooo much !!! :))

Celimene Reply

Love this video! Really beautiful meals and ideas, thank you! My top and favorite meals I always have at least once or twice a week are oatmeal, sweat potato chips, pb + jelly toast, bananas, homemade pizza, rice and vegetables.

Jo Cauldrick Reply

Thanks Hannah, they all look totally amazing. Congrats on your marriage BTW

TitusLivy777 Reply

A home run list of awesome meals!!! Dang, girl, you really know how to eat!

Nikki C Reply

I love how you are down to earth and not into putting on a big production. I almost gave up watching female vegans, glad I found you….lol

Gem_Gem7 Reply

I don’t know why I’m just noticing this. But you look a little like Mariah Carey.

    Nicholas Stratton Reply

    Gem_Gem7 she kinda does lol

    Kayla Phillips Reply

    Alyson Hannigan was my first thought haha

    Laurel Reply


    Naghmana mazhar Reply


    Vincent Nichols Reply

    Maria’s half sister lol

jemsjems1 Reply

love these recipe’s ..thank you!!! xx

Nikki King Reply

You remind me of Alyson Hannigan 🙂

Dream In Autumn Reply

Omg this food look sooo amazing!!! thanks so much for sharing and for inspiring others!! 😀
Love from a vegan vlogger living in the UK xx

Sung Mook Reply

They kill me showing dairy commercials before vegan videos. Propagandist bastarda 👊👊👊

    zosophnkey Reply

    Sung Mook i also hate those stupid ads about meat before a vegan video😣😣

    David Hutchinson Reply

    Or the latest stupidity from Steven Grundy MD…..beans are BAD…LOL….Total BS

    David K Reply

    I got a commercial for toilet paper cuz they know vegans be pooping mad

    Sara Blankenship Reply

    I get the satisfaction that those bastards have wasted their ad on a vegan audience, and that they just unknowingly paid a vegan. Hahaha. Suckers.

High Carb Hannah Reply

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