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Matt Barrett Reply

There’s no middle ground with him. He went from being more introverted and was in some sort of vegan cult/community to overeating and being dramatic. Hopefully he will cut the crap, find some sort of balance in his diet and life, and better himself.

    shellie powers Reply

    I knew he was vegan but didn’t realize he was in a cult🤔

    Maenad Reply

    shellie powers
    No one in a cult self-identifies as someone in a cult

    Magnus Opum Reply

    Yes, he was in the HCLF community (high carb low fat) which is a plague to online veganism (because it’s so unsustainable, so many people quit.) Not sure if he’s in the raw community, can’t remember. Not surprised he went to binge eating (even if it’s partially for views) since HCLF is so restrictive and dangerous…

    rockrhymrr Reply

    This is what he does!! He’s a Muk Banger bro! He also knows it isn’t healthy, but this is his job for now! Trying to be funny, dramatic, and silly while eating a whole bunch of food is his deal for now!
    “better himself”. what do you do in the privacy of your own home that is not necessarily healthy or productive? Nothing? You watch porn too much, drink too much, play video games too much, waste your time on YouTube all day, drugs? None of these Mr. perfect? If only everyone could be like you

    Pizza Rat Reply

    His income is dependent on ever escalating drama and eating amounts of junk food. He’s very much sacrificing long term benefits (both health and financial) for immediate gratification. He won’t change until he has a major health problem. Maybe not even then.

A Small Bitchy Banana Reply

Good of you to talk about this. Its a trainwreck and its a bad influence

Carlie MacPherson Reply

It’s beyond me how he is allowed to continue this. Beyond him and how generally terrible he is, the whole mukbang thing is just crazy to me.


I AGREE! with you 💯 man. It’s so sad seeing people eat themselves to death . I’m trying to lose 300 lbs and I want to thank you so much for your content and motivating me to start my weight-loss Journey. Love you brother !💛

    A_zaura 23 Reply

    You can do it ❤❤ be proud of yourself and never surrender 😊
    I whis you the best

    bless this crazy mess Reply

    I’m trying to lose 150. Added you to watch your journey. 😊

    Nerd Gains Reply

    Same here. I need to lose 200 and I know it’s going to be hard. I wouldn’t be comfortable eating like that on my channel.

    beatriz aceiton Reply

    Who cares, its his body, his choice.

Ang A. Reply

Oh my gosh. I haven’t seen him in a while. He has gained a lot of weight. I’m seriously worried about him.

    Cōlin Flāhērty‘s Intern Reply

    Its water weight.

    Nerd Gains Reply

    I hope he gets better

caviar fortytwo Reply

I find his videos very educational, it’s like a meth not even once video

leneay Reply

Nik is deranged. He’ll do anything for views.

    Brittany' Cannon Reply

    I agree I think he is doing it for veiws

Sstove Ttop Reply

I had to stop watching them because it triggers my binge eating

lekiscool Reply

Food tasting is fine. Making a meal is fine. Binge eating… is concerning.

    calling Ace Jack Reply

    Yes no problem with cooking videos or food tastings but challenges like x-amount of calories or eating extreme amounts of any foods are concerning and schouldnt be monetized.

Veja L Reply

you’re so polite with all your reviews and you absolutely don’t invalidate anyone which is why i love watching you react to things

    Chinchilla hats Reply

    Right? Probably the most humble and polite guy who dose this kind of commentary.

    Nerd Gains Reply

    Being cruel doesn’t help anyone. He’s a kind guy.

Lightning Fury Reply

The one positive thing of all this disgusting muckbangers is that help me to find the junk food awful.

    beatriz aceiton Reply

    There are better things to think about. Who cares.

Opened Eyes Reply

Honestly, watching him makes me not want to eat like that.

Jenn Righter Reply

Unrelated, I love your long hair.

    Jenn Righter Reply

    And the beard/mustache. I’m biased, I love ALL the hair, lol.

Elizabeth Marie Reply

I feel they should demonize the abuse that nik and orlin show. Their relationship is abusive even if it is fake…

Jorge Delao Reply

I weigh 405 pounds I’m starting my journey today when I get to 200 have me on ur show bro please lol and we show this comment

    CVK Reply

    Good luck!

    Jorge Delao Reply

    Thank you so much

    Donnalee Clubb Reply

    I would love to see that.

    Pizza Rat Reply

    You can get there! I’ve lost 130 pounds and I still can’t quite believe it myself.

    64 Percent Reply

    Good luck it’s a very long and hard road

Gator ' Reply

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around him having an onlyfans

    Sitton Pretty Reply

    Feeders like their eaters in all the colors and genders. That’s my first thought about it, and I could be wrong but based on the little bit of his other stuff I’ve seen it makes more sense then anything else.

    Cōlin Flāhērty‘s Intern Reply

    Some of us enjoy it

    Jose Morales Reply


    Nerd Gains Reply

    Say what now🤯

Jenn Righter Reply

I’m in a rare position because I subbed to Nick YEARS ago, I think 2012 but I’m not sure. When he had 1,000 subscribers and was a vegan channel. There’s a lot to be said about him and his channels, but I’m going to hone in on one thing. He has always been VERY dramatic. There was this huge scandal way back in the day when him and his husband went to the Woodstock Fruit Festival and he made several videos claiming that people got herpes from the fruit. These videos were long ago deleted from his channel, but you can STILL find response videos. He gained a lot of attention from those videos. As much as people malign him, he’s succeeded from drama after drama after drama. That is how he has made it on YouTube.
Whatever anyone’s opinion of him is, just remember he could not make money off of these things if people weren’t watching.

    Jenn Righter Reply

    I don’t think domestic violence is funny and I do think it’s strange those videos are monetized. And if there is even the slightest chance any of it is real, obviously that’s even more terrifying and disgusting.

CVK Reply

I respectfully disagree with your point that it’s not worth critiquing his fights with Orlin because you assume that they’re fake. The problem is, he has a lot of young viewers, & staged or not, these fights depict domestic abuse, even some domestic violence, & if they watch such content daily, they’ll subconsciously start normalizing such behaviors, & will be at an increased risk for entering into abusive relationships, themselves. It’s especially dangerous for young viewers to watch this sort of content so often.

    BoxingGenius1 Reply

    That sounds like a parenting problem and not a YouTube problem.

    CVK Reply

    @BoxingGenius1 How does that refute the point I made? You could say the same thing about this guy’s critique of their eating habits, & yet, it appears you did no such thing on this video.

Pizza Rat Reply

Some relevant info about me: I’m a 6’1″ female and my highest weight was 350. Lost 70 pounds doing straight CICO, fell off the wagon for a year and stalled (no regaining thankfully) and started keto 11 months ago and lost another 60 pounds. My goal weight is 180.

I only watch the mukbang cringe compilation videos. I basically do it as a form of reinforcement for my lifestyle change. Seeing people making pigs out of themselves and eating food meant to be served hot after it’s been sitting on a table for half an hour makes me want to hurl. I do think that the people who are very overweight and eating tons of junk food are killing themselves, but that’s their choice.

The only one I think should be kicked off YouTube is Ssooyoung and that’s because she tortures live animals before eating them. That just makes me sick.

GIChiyo Reply

“No one like to eat alsone”
Um……I do, I hate eating with people, the noises and small talk annoy me lol

    Atheena Yanez Reply

    I dread eating with people.
    I used to go to chipotle during my work break, and sit in my car in the parking lot while watching YouTube videos. Best meals of my life. I hate eating with people.

    Lori Jones Reply

    I can hear people chewing. It sounds like they have a microphone next to their mouth.

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