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Vain Reply

The only people who are against fasting are those that have never researched it/done it.

    Z I X Reply

    oh no no

    Hal Vil Reply

    @blair wells you go to starvation mode when you have less than 2% of body fat in your body, when you’re not eating it is called fasting by definition. people that normally go through fast have a lot of body fat. I’ve been doing this fasting for 2 months and lost 40 lb and kept the weight off.

    Hal Vil Reply

    @Followyourideas (Aikido Shodokan) read my comments bro educate yourself.

    Ortodox Abulmughayyis Reply

    @Davis John u must be black cus u don’t have any religion and u stink lol

    Felixx Denolo Reply

    We evolved to store fat and then be able to fast for up to like 40 days I think a week should be the limit at least for me

Rebeca Reply

Did you watch the 6 month update?

    theothermaverick Reply

    Rebeca A. Haha 😂 jay gave a savage reply to this morons

    Vann Carter Reply

    This video reaction was part of the 6 month update.

    Rebecca A Reply

    Almost name twins

    Bruh Moment Reply

    Ever wondered? You call people morons yet you don’t know basic grammar skills? You’re also supporting a guy who has made his living off of clickbait and cancerous videos.

Dany Eichouh Reply

Well he’s still looking good so guess it worked. He did a lot of research water fasting can be good but also can be bad. Educate yourself!!

    Hal Vil Reply

    I lost 40 lb in water fast and I kept the weight off sit down and shut the hell up.

jake Reply

Good job on your weight loss, but fasting has more historically and scientific documented benefits and positive results than any modern and commercialized diet.
With the right amount of fasting, autophagy can even break down loose skin giving morbidly obese people better results than commercial diets.
Ketosis has been known about since the early 1920s. The only reason it is not talked about is because it does not make food companies, big pharma or the entire fitness industry as much money.

    Sweet Zongzi Reply

    jake The majority of people in the world cannot fast…..They are literally too skinny…..

    setter_soul_waifu 09 Reply

    @Sweet Zongzi but where not talking about those skinny people, where talking about the overweight people who want to lose weight but when they hear fasting they all get scared because ignorance is still alive in 2018.

    Lisa Lightrider Reply


FlakeyJakey Reply

Yea this guy is a clickbait god.

Fisher Theo Reply

Perhaps you should’ve watched Pro Gamer J follow up vid, it seems like what you are spewing is rubbish.

    Buddha Nguyen Reply

    Looks like this comment didn’t age well.

alicia wideman Reply

Before you did this video you should have done your research I have lost 40 lb water fasting and I have kept it off for 2 years I usually like your videos but not this

Tina Bitch Ass Reply

Those dislikes are the ones who did the research and are disciplined.

    ERIN Jay Reply

    Dry fast to shrink loose skin. Problem solved.

    Eureka Reply

    Lmfao true. I’ve water fasted several times in my life.

    FBI Reply

    @Sean Robinson JR I’m not that old LOL

    Lotus Water Reply

    @Ami K. religious groups do NOT practice it for 28 days.

    Lotus Water Reply

    ​@Thund3rB0lt really?? show me peer reviewed studies that prove this???? You get your medical facts from youtube Wow!!!!😂 Try REAL research not YOUTUBE 😂😂 MORON.

J Zman Reply

This guy is just angry because he took the long road to get ride of weigh, ill informed guy.

    Golo Reply

    Bing bong I work out 3 times a week and I’m fasting at the same time. I’m doing fine and dropping the weight. It’s not easy at all.

    william jamieson Reply

    Golo unfortunately fasting will leave u looking like a twig that can get crushed easily Fasting=NO MUSCLE MASS

Nicole Calderon Reply

He did keep the weight off though… he basically did everything you just said he couldn’t lol

    Nuvo Reply

    You Too Yes he did look overweight

    Drew Dobransky Reply

    Not eating for almost a month isn’t healthy, don’t act like it is.

    You Too Reply

    @Drew Dobransky I was thinking I should do real long fast so I can lose weight faster but I decided to back off and just do intermittent fasting most days and to eat less and fewer carbs and I’m losing about one pound a week which isnt much but better than nothing, it’s sustainable and something I can do permanently

    Drew Dobransky Reply

    @You Too Intermittent fasting is different than not eating for a month lmao.

    You Too Reply

    @Drew Dobransky true. Some people take fasting way too serious, they want to see how far they can push it. Even people that are in perfect condition they still go on these insane fasting Ventures. Now if you are extremely obese then you have tons of fat on your body and long stretches of fasting won’t hurt you but will make the weight melt off


You definitely should’ve educated yourself more on the topic.

Kadin Molock Reply

If Jesus can do it so can I.

    Amethyst Farah Reply

    Well jesus walked on water. Go take a jog on a swimming pool.

    supernes1995 Reply

    @Amethyst Farah I just did, it was excellent cardio

    Huilai Tian Reply

    And Moses and Elijah…

    ZZZ Productions Reply


Dark Horse Reply

I lose 350 in 2 year

    Kausar Shaikh Reply

    Hey.So happy for you.But did you gain weight again after the fast is over?

    Buck's Shots Reply

    Did you get a divorce or something? Lol

    Amandas weightloss journey Reply

    How much did you gain back in the first couple weeks. Did you level off after a point?

    Pepsi Tate Reply

    You fasted for 2 years?

Curtis Jackson Reply

I’ve water fasted before and it worked for me and maintained my weight after. Do your research you obviously know nothing about water fasting.

    P a r a d o x Reply

    ######### I mean it depends how much weight you want to lose and after the fast start introducing food slowly back to your body, I’ve heard to not eat fruit right after fasting

nurudin nuhefendic Reply

What are u saying won’t work…is literally what i did.Ur talking about something u have no idea about.

    Ametha Williams Reply

    He is saying, the weight will come back when you eat or ingest calories. I remember back in the day, Oprah Winfrey did a liquid diet and lost an insane amount of weight. When she began to eat solid food, all the weight came back. I have done a water fast for three days and lost 11 pounds but the moment I ate something, I gained back what I lost with the exception of 2 pounds.

Hi-Gain Guitar Channel Reply

“You can’t just fast for 28 days to kickstart you weightloss journey” said no snake dieter ever.

Truth Betold Reply

Bro you seem so suprised by a 28 day water fast I’m Christian and water fasting is just something we do I know other Christians who have done 40 day fast with water it’s very possible

Brian Moore Reply

I just find it extremely difficult to go a lengthy amount of time without actual food. I have done this for 3 days and it got to the point I couldn’t stand up without getting extremely dizzy due to malnourishment. I’m not saying it’s not possible but you would have to live a complete sedentary lifestyle.

James Henri Reply

The snake diet guy would destroy this guy

Please Unsub Reply

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Do your research.

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