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bara moln Reply

Okay hold on now I have to see this 😂 I’m older in perimenopause exercise and eating healthy and gained some pounds and I love how men talk about women’s body’s how they works . My hubby have been saying the same how I suppose to do it to lose weight since it works for him now he finally got a aha moment when he realized with my eating habits and working out that shmuck hormones in women are way different ….really no kidding hubby

    Posterior Chain Sis Reply

    It’s not just men though. I’m 48, hit menopause this year, and have trouble losing weight too. There are enough women who will tell you that you must be underestimating your food intake.

    SomeSortOfDeliciousBiscuit Reply

    I remember one man I knew thought that contraceptives made periods regular, so they worked if you used the rhythm method. He’d been to private school – I wonder if he thought he had to marry a rabbit or something?

    bara moln Reply

    @Posterior Chain Sis no absolutely its not just men. Why is mentioned my hubby is becuase he have for years told me how to do to lose weight and how wrong I was for saying men and women don’t work the same way about loosing weight and how much hormones place a roll. It took him to now when I’m perimenopauseing for him to realise that. I told him straight and simple my system is shutting down the baby factory for ever it’s being demoed to the ground so all the freaking parts it’s not needed and takes a holliday while you as a man and your dingdong dony have to deal with that ever 😂😂😂😂

    Posterior Chain Sis Reply

    @bara moln LOL, not only that, but men have an advantage, because they naturally carry more muscle, and have lower bodyfat. There’s all this talk here about women not knowing enough about their cycle, but menopause is still kind of a taboo. And that’s a shame, because it can be really rough.

zoé Caudron Reply

I’m always so surprised to see how little people know about how a menstrual cycle works! Your body adapts to the different strains you go through – periods are physically demanding so your body slows down a bit. If i feel like crap and crave food for no reason I usually check my cycle and BAM, there you go – it really helps mentally to understand what’s going on and it makes it easier to deal with!

    Rosie Aedo Reply

    Yeah me too! I get bloated, sweat easier and during the night and find it harder to regulate my breathing when running etc. BUT it shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to work out (adjusting for your body, i.e. not pushing as hard, choosing walking instead of lifting etc) unless you’re one of the poor souls who literally can’t move bc of cramps etc.

    crazysmilingdonut Reply

    ​@Caimen Grey I never had any mood swings, pain, cravings etc during period. So its is hard for me understand you side. I also dont know anyone that has really problems with their periods. Just a little pain thats it

    crazysmilingdonut Reply

    @Rani A We dont all know someone that has bad periods. I dont know a single women that has extreme pain, pukes or extreme mood swings. Not a single one! So its hard to understand

    Caimen Grey Reply

    @crazysmilingdonut I wish thats how it was for everyone, but I know many people who have it really bad. Mood swings, nausea, weight gain, fatigue, and soreness. Its like having the flu every month for some people.

    zoé Caudron Reply

    @Rosie Aedo I usually can’t move for a day or two due to unbearable pain, but the days before I can also get extreme PMS and sometimes a day of poor performance will turn into an evening of binge, so it’s also good to be gentle with yourself once you have that figured out! Maybe train a little less or do something easier these days to spare yourself an even worse backlash.. but we should all check our cycles and make notes of our performances, it’s really impressive and so, so helpful 🙂

ObesetoBeast Reply

I know the sped up video is not ideal, but it was the only way I could upload the video. Sorry guys, I’ll try and do better next time 🙏🏼

    mirimiriela480 Reply

    If you could put the captions on, it would help a lot! The auto-captions for a sped up video are a lot worse than the professional captions TedX puts on their videos.

    TheConfusedVampire Reply

    I understand the situation you are in with copyrights. I love you and your videos, this one was extremely helpful for me, but, the speed is making me sick, so, I will probably take a couple days to finish it. Just a fyi if you can find a way around it the future. Thanks for your videos!

    mirimiriela480 Reply

    @TheConfusedVampire Try putting it at .75 speed! It helped me a lot.

    BlairSanne Reply

    It’s fine! I usually watch your videos sped up, though, so I had to slow this one down to understand the other guy. XD

    J E Reply

    ObesetoBeast I liked it. In fact maybe that’s how fast I need it to stay focused 🤔

Lulu P Reply

I’m surprised that most people do not know this, this is stuff we learnt about in school.

    XxIrrlichtxX Reply

    @Rebecca Spratling I went to school for 13 years (Germany has 13 years of school when you go to the kind of high school that prepares you for uni) and I’ve learned more about abortions and how cruel they are supposedly than about a normal menstrual cycle. Also homosexuality was literally one sentence in our biology class…

    teef - Reply

    Unfortunately, even in some places in America, a place you’d imagine as first world, things like this are not taught – that and just general all around sex ed…. saddening

    Lulu P Reply

    @teef – Quite sad, indeed. I’m from what is considered a third world country, yet I was taught this in school.

    Natural4CHairPassion Reply

    @Rebecca Spratling actually a lot of people do go to school and the rate of high school completion has risen exponentially in the last 5 yrs.

    The problem is, this is NOT taught in schools. This was barely touched upon in my school and nutrition classes. Our school boards are one of the best in Canada and N.A.

    Unless one goes into education on the female body, people will NOT learn about 60% of this regardless what post secondary degree they have. I do specify female bc a cis male’s body does not go through nearly this much hormonal fluctuation.

    Nati At 4:30 Reply

    Natural4CHairPassion Not only this, but a lot of parents find it taboo to give their kids “The Talk” until they have no choice 🙁

Veronica Reply

I learned from other women on the loseit subredit about our weight gain due to ovulation, period, and pre-period weeks. So I have 1 week where it’ll show my actual weight. It’s also interesting to hear you talk about PCOS because I don’t think a lot of people know much about it. I was tested, I have the symptoms from the androgen, irregular periods as well as other symptoms. I will say that it has been a beast but listening to other YouTubers say they give up since they’ve had it, Nope. I refuse to give up exercising and trying to get away from PCOS because the consequences of not doing it are getting ovarian cancer, diabetes, having a fricking heart attack. I’m 30-ish years old. I don’t want to lose my limbs or my life when I want to fight for things and make sure the earth is in a better place.

    hilomona Reply

    ok but low-key i didnt need this dude on the Ted Talk to know that i’m bloated af some days of the month, and some other days i might have huge cravings. I’ve noticed.

    JoJo Bee Reply

    Boldana Brašević I honestly always thought that it would just be up on the week of menstruation, but nope! Sometimes I am down that week! Charting and being in tune with my body has helped me understand so much haha

    Roderico Reply

    That’s so sad that PCOS sufferers just gave up. They shouldn’t! Excess weight pours more estrogen into the body and raises the risks for cervical/uterine cancers. I’m glad you didn’t give up, keep fighting!

    CAZZA Reply

    Hi Veronica!
    I have PCOS as well and have found an Instagram page called PCOS weight loss. She is a nutritionist who has PCOS herself and talks about how she has dealt with it. She recommends going gluten and dairy free, it is all explained on her page but please do your own research on google as well if you are interested as I am not a medical professional. I know that it can be overwhelming at times, but I hope it goes alright for you 🙂

    Kelsy Filler Reply

    Check out the book Woman Code! It seriously changed my life. The author wrote it after having her PCOS misdiagnosed for years and it’s full of information on how to get in tune and work with all of the hormonal changes we experience each month. I had a lot of the same symptoms and after making the changes she wrote about, my period is regular and way less painful for the first time in my life at 26 years old.

Jamie Maxcold Reply

Lol 😂 I cannot understand a word he says

    bless this crazy mess Reply

    Same lol

    Rae17 KRB Reply

    Slow down the video speed to .75!

CrazeCrame Reply

I actually really appreciate you watching this video to make it more known. Yesterday I went to the gym and I’m on my menstrual cycle. I’m 17 and I know little to no knowledge of my own body. I couldn’t lift heavy weights like I normally would. I genuinely felt horrible and felt like I was failing but now that I know what has been happening I’m not as worried. It’s normal for me to be that way and I just need to accept that during my cycle. Thank you for this❤️

riley conley Reply

As a woman I knew a few of these facts but most of it is new to me !! This was really interesting to watch thank you for showing this video especially for your female subs

Anna BerrieBlu Reply

The whole thing about metabolism being different in different parts of a woman’s cycle makes perfect sense to me. I noticed a long time ago that it only takes 2 or 3 drinks for me to effectively be drunk during my period. But a couple weeks after my period, it’s more like 5 or 6. (I’m an occasional social drinker.)

    Nefertiti Kimagawa Reply

    It explains a bit to me why certain times of the month I can drop weight and other times I’m packing in the pounds. Its like a weird wave hahah

Sarah M Reply

Lyle McDonald wrote a book about women’s hormones, fat loss and training. I have not read it but apparently it’s pretty comprehensive and took him a long time to put together, I think there is a 2nd volume yet to be released actually. He sells volume 1 on his website

Philecia Tyrell Reply

Watching this on my cycle. I agree completely. I really wish more people would talk about this. Cramps, bloating, cravings, fatigue, back pain, and more all impact the fitness journey. I imagine if men had periods we would know so much more about this. Thanks for talking about this topic.

Nefertiti Kimagawa Reply

I thought this was taught to everyone? Women’s bodies are holding fat for babies whether you can actually have or will have a baby. I have noticed there is time where I have an uncontrollable urge to eat. Like it is literally driving me insane to eat even though I’m not hungry.

    Posterior Chain Sis Reply

    @Marjatta Kolari That’s rough, my daughter also has a lot of pain, sometimes up to a week before her period. My own period always used to be a surprise, but I was lucky that I was seldom totally crippled by it.

    Marjatta Kolari Reply

    @Posterior Chain Sis same with ur daughter, mine often ended up with a collapse after pooping… Pain killer helps with the pain, but they come irregularlly so i usually don’t know when it will start, the first day would be crazy… Im more thristy than hungry throughout the day i think.

    ceebster11 Reply

    You ever get that weird urge to eat steaks during that phase?

    Nefertiti Kimagawa Reply

    @ceebster11 no but I want carbs

    ceebster11 Reply

    @Nefertiti Kimagawa lol yeah I hear that

Alassol Queiroz Reply

It’s great you’re talking about that. There’s such a big taboo about periods that people won’t even discuss it, not even women.

{Artichoke Heartichoke} Reply

I can’t vouch for the specific numbers here, but this is soooo true. My eating and my performance are greatly linked to my cycle. I thought this would be obvious, but I guess he is right in saying that no one talks about it.

Jessica Prince Reply

I learned at a conference that the U.S. World Cup-winning soccer team used a free app called FitrWoman to track their symptoms, and their trainers would send them reminders about to watch out for. (For example, your cycle can affect your sleep or salt cravings, so reminding the players of sleep tips helped.) I’m not good at remembering to update the app, but one morning after a bad gym session, I was given a tip that I was weaker during that part of my cycle. I used to take getting weaker as a sign of overtraining, because that’s what men had told me. But during that part of my cycle, I train at a comfortable level now.

    A Edwards Reply

    Did it have something to do with “Women are not tiny men”? I feel like it did …

    Jessica Prince Reply

    @A Edwards Sorry, did what? It was a conference on women and girls in sports at Emory University. I can’t remember the exact name of the conference, but men weren’t mentioned.

    A Edwards Reply

    @Jessica Prince I found the link. I watched a TedX talk on the subject and it was titled “Women are not small men”. The speaker mentioned using that app. I don’t know if she helped build it, or just used it herself.

Eva Bouchard Reply

I wanna start by saying I appreciate so much that you’re talking about this even though it may be kinda uncomfortable. I love it here

Going back years now but I always used to get myself down when I’d see my boyfriend lose more, faster and tone wayyy before me and he always used to tell me that women are supposed to hold onto fat because we make babies. I wasn’t really mad anymore lol

    Nati At 4:30 Reply

    What an understanding, knowledgeable guy 😭 too bad I’m single

Sarah Lee Cheesecake Reply

It’s kinda sad that young women aren’t taught this at all in school. My whole entire sex ed and health class was “Sex bad, being teen mom bad.” I wasn’t even taught how to use a pad by an adult in my life, let alone the correlation between fat loss and ovulation.

    SuperKrock5 Reply

    Aw. I remember being taught how the male and female reproductive system works and why we have our period. I learned in 6th grade. And then In high school . I was in 6th grade in ..hold on gotta do some math haha …in 1998.

    Leslie Michael Reply

    It depends where you’re located. Im in Canada and we started sex education in grade 6 back in the 90s(so I was 11). We then had it grades 7 and 8, and then more in grade 9 through both health/gym class and also science class. I was in public school though. I also had extensive education from one of my aunts and I watched a lot of informative shows about development because I was “that kid” that watched every science show ever lol.

    Dirgni Flesuoh Reply

    Leslie Michael Ha, we had our first round in 3rd, as nineyearolds, back in the 70ies, then it was repeated every three yrs or so.
    More details as we got older. But stuff like how the cycle affects other things than temper … Nah not really.
    Some about menopause, but nothing like getting heavier, more tired and all the things that might be. Nothing like connecting any of it to training except that excercise might feel good when bleeding … Nothing about weight except perhaps in the part about the pill.

    Jessica Robinson Reply

    I’ll always remember being shocked when my first period started. I was so embarrassed and I had no idea what to do, I had never even seen or heard of pads before so I made a toilet paper “pad” and went about my day. My mom must have seen blood somewhere because she called me into the bathroom and handed me a pad. That was the full extent of my education on the subject. I went through about a year of embarrassment because the pads leaked at school every single time. One time I didn’t know it leaked and I bent over only for some boy to point and laugh announcing to the whole class that “It looks like she pooped herself!” and I was MORTIFIED. They sent me home and after crying my eyes out and declaring that I’m never going back my mom handed me a box of tampons and let me figure it out. Sex ed was literally “sex bad!” and they gave out bags of deodorant, tooth brushes, and these little tablets that you chew to show where you missed brushing your teeth. What does that have to do with sex?!

    Dirgni Flesuoh Reply

    Jessica Robinson That is sad.
    We got book at school from a manufacturer of menstrual supplies and hygienic products, that covered the different pads and tampons, (and deos and the benefits of showering) besides the chapter in biology, sponsoring indeed but it covered the stuff.

Evangelene Fidel Reply

I would recommend to those who are interested in this topic to check out “ROAR” by Dr. Stacy Simms
She specializes in the study of women’s physiology, and her research actually contradicts this video. She explains that women perform BETTER during their low hormone phase, or the days during your period up to ovulation. The reason is that is the phase in which our physiology is more similar to men’s physiology.
Her research also shows that women burn less calories not during a workout, but in the time after. Men’s metabolism will stay up for hours after a workout, whereas women’s metabolism goes back to baseline after a shorter period. It’s a really interesting read

    Elise Nieuwe Reply

    Thanks for mentioning, I’ll check it out.

    Roderico Reply

    That just bolsters my view that women should definitely lean more towards weight training to build muscle, because the best way to keep your metabolism burning is to have more muscle on the body. :>

    The Honest Vet Reply

    Roderico The fact is, regardless of muscle mass, women do not get the “after burn” that men get. If you train women, you owe it to yourself and them to read Roar and learn about all the ways our bodies are different. Training is a little more complex but the benefits are amazing.

    crazysmilingdonut Reply

    I think that the differences between individuals are bigger than between men and women. I know women that perform best during their low hormone phase and many others that performs terrible during that phase and best during high hormone phases. I know a lot of women whose metabolism stays up hours after a workout and other who dont.
    Dr. Eric Helms said that actually in a podcast Interview (smart fitness and food radio #112). So every expert has a different opinion. One of the worst mistakes a coach can do is making plans based on those books instead of trying out what works for each individual woman

flygirlhandm Reply

It is really sad that hundreds of years of science (specifically in this case health science) was truncated by the fact that only men were “allowed” to be educated and they only studied male bodies. They literally wouldn’t study women because women were too complicated: “Still, medicine persisted with the belief that all other organs and functions would operate the same in men and women, so there was no need to study women. Conversely, researchers said that the menstrual cycle, and varied release of hormones throughout the cycle in rodents, introduced too many variables into a study, therefore females could not be studied.”
The result is now we are in 2020 and at least 70% of the female population has gynecological issues that we have no treatments for (let alone cures). I guarantee that if men had been having these issues, they would be solved. But no… women were (and sometimes still) called hysterical. “It is all in our heads.” /sigh
Thank you for covering at least part of this issue obesetobeast

    Nati At 4:30 Reply

    Damn 🤦🏻‍♀️ they didn’t even take those factors into account and continue the experiment. Society has been really unfair to women lol

    Emily Smeltzer Reply

    And “hystero” is Latin for uterus. So that term literally means “suffering/crazy within the uterus”. Fucked up.

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