Quickie – Gluten Free Plantain Popcorn Chicken Salad

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Komal Gurung Reply

I love watching your videos ♥️ keep going

Chhotu Patil Reply

Thanks sir I like your recipes and your aap fit man cook but I like bulking please makes on bulking recipes videos

Darksiderr Fitness Reply

Love from India 🇮🇳😊 Nice Video

HelloWifey Reply

Plantain chips are so good! Love the way you incorporated them in this recipe

enrique mas Reply

Take it easy on Wilson.

K Dhindsa Reply

Are they same as banana chips?

Mickey Griffith Reply

“Where did mafungo?” Haha!

Julio Dionisio Reply

Very nice recipe!
Can you please let us know how long will the sauce last in the fridge?

Kristina Y. Reply

The mofongo joke tho!!!! Ahhh i have to try this plantain chicken!

M V Reply

Can I sub the almond milk with Greek yogurt or will that change everything? I want to give the dressing a little more body to use even as a dipping sauce 🤗 thanks! EDIT: Also, where can I get that shirt!?!

Aaron Reply

oh my god that looks so good

crimsonblad5 Reply

Kevin: you know what mofongo is?
Non African white camera man: shakes head.

M.Gil Reply

U sure u not domnincan with that Mofongo joke. Lol

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