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• Mara • Reply

You should browse r/loseit to forget about all this fatlogic crap and see that there’s still hope 😂❤️

Sierra Rene Reply

I lost a lot of weight a few years ago, but I’ve slowly gained most of it back due to a really stressful period in my life. Since 2020 I’ve been back on track and getting back to my healthy self! Thank you so much for the inspiration John!

    Shannon Vlogs Reply

    You did it once you can do it again! Good luck!

    Sierra Rene Reply

    @Shannon Vlogs Thank you!

    hellomanen Reply

    Omg sameeee
    U can do this pal!
    We r all in this together 💪💪💪

    Herbivore Challenge Reply

    I am on my third time losing 60 lbs and halfway there, I know how you feel gaining back is a bummer.

    earth star Reply

    I went up and down a few times. It didn’t stick until I admitted I had a binge eating disorder and I needed treatment for it. Whatever the root of your situation is I know you have the power to take care of your health.

eon001 Reply

I “diet” and work out to improve my functionality and have a higher quality of life. Whatever my body looks like is what I go with. Weight stigma isn’t a factor.

Tatiana Nicole Reply

I love this sub but I can’t read more than a few of the posts before I want to bang my head into the wall LOL

    Jarrella J Reply

    Tatiana Nicole i hate-read it too.

Timothy Dolman Reply

We should just stop overindulging ourselves.

eon001 Reply

“Worth at every size” That is the perfect quote.

    Mew Mew Reply

    Much better, like that a lot

    Jarrella J Reply

    eon001 This is exactly what I say. Self worth is enduring, does not disappear as your appearance changes, and is an armor against adversity. Pride is fool’s gold. If you cultivate self-worth, you will take care of your health and not destroy it with eating and being sedentary. You won’t just roll over and accept your obesogenic behaviors. You’ll know you are worthy and deserving of a body that serves you, and you’ll take the steps to care for it.

    th1smomentisfate Reply

    As am overweight person I don’t agree with that quote. You’re not showing yourself respect or self worth if you are abusing your body.

    Ami Hayashi Reply

    @th1smomentisfate They’re saying that they deserve respect as a human being at that size, which is true. They’re not arguing that it’s healthy.

Stan 1 Reply

You can be thin and healthy, you can’t be obese and healthy. That’s the difference fat acceptance people need to realize. Saying, “you can be thin and unhealthy,” doesn’t negate the fact that you are more likely to be thin and healthy because being obese and healthy is impossible. Obesity itself is considered a medical condition.

    Alissa Rios Reply

    Stan 1 I’m obese and I’m healthy. Besides the autoimmune disorder that led to my weight gain in the first place, I have no other health conditions, and all my blood work is normal. That being said, I know for a fact that this health won’t last much longer. I’ve been overweight/borderline obese for seven years, and I can feel the toll it’s taken on my body, even though I’m still healthy by medical standards. And a lot of people don’t consider the mental health issues involved with being overweight. That’s why I’ve decided to lose weight. I’m nowhere near my goal, but I’m getting there.

    1Jennamo Reply

    Alissa Rios …if you have an autoimmune disorder…you’re not healthy. But I get what you mean – you are saying you have no health issues related to you weight. The problem is that being obese increases your chances for a plethora of health issues. Same with smoking, for example, just because you don’t have breathing or lung issues now, doesn’t mean you won’t develop them…

    Jade Santos Reply

    @Alissa Rios Wish you the best on your weight loss journey and super stoked that you want to be healthy for your future, overall but I have to point out you contradict yourself with your first statement “I’m obese and I’m healthy”. You can be obese and make healthy choices (which I think is what you mean) but obesity overall is unhealthy medically-wise. All test/blood work you may do in your 20 – early 30s may come out negative but that blanket of youth won’t protect you later in life.

    th1smomentisfate Reply

    @Alissa Rios you can be temporarily healthy as an obese person. But eventually the health issues come. Might take a while but it will happen.

    Note: I’m obese too. My body eventually started having issues.

    Maksim Makso Reply

    Yes you can. But the question is for how long

Belle Grace Reply

I’m overweight and think I’m beautiful and am overall happy. However, I’m loosing weight (I’ve lost 20 lbs!) becauSe I want to be healthier. Not because I think I need to be skinny to be “accepted”. I just want to be healthy 😊

    Darlene Vosburgh Reply

    That’s awesome! Working towards a healthier lifestyle is the right mindset.

    Nerdmom81 Reply

    Same here. I need to lose another 40 lbs to get to a truly health weight, but carry it well bc of my height and frame, and always get people complimenting me and telling me not to lose more. I just laugh and tell them I want to be healthy and that’s my endgame goal.

    Stephanie Peña Reply

    Congrats on making progress in your health journey! I need to lose another 60lbs or so to reach my goal. Hang in there and don’t give up! ❤

    Andrew Cruz Reply

    That’s what it’s all about! Keep killing it

    walklikearobot Reply

    congrats, dude ♥ and best of luck reaching your goals

uniatrix Reply

I’m just speechless about that poem. Really, it’s alarming that people actually think like that.

    Darlene Vosburgh Reply

    uniatrix It’s embarrassing and cringey.

    North star Reply

    uniatrix right like wth an wtf is wrong with their brain

    t chew Reply

    Ridiculous! But this seems to be the theme with a lot of things nowadays

    hellomanen Reply

    Worst thing is that u find the exact sane wording in anorexic posts and whatnot, but somehow only these obese ones wobt get banned smh

A Internet Reply

I think obese people talking about “thin” are setting themselves up to fail by aiming at the other extreme of the weight spectrum.

You don’t have to get thin, just get down into the healthy range.

    Miriam Havard Reply

    A Internet 💖👍👍👍👍👍

    Noel236 Reply

    Yeah I am 5lbs from being in the healthy range I have come to accept I will never be thin (body type that puts on a ton of muscle) but I can be healthy and tone (because heath is most important but aesthetics are a thing). It seems like they are only focusing on aesthetics not on long term ramifications of obesity once you stop thing about thin and fat and you think about healthy v unhealthy losing weight and loving yourself becomes so much easier also as someone who is a recovering binge eater I find that mind shift helped me deal with my ED.

    Catherine Aalders Reply

    Noel236 5Ib is nothing, your in the healthy weight range. Just be careful that you don’t start eating loads more food and your fine 😊

    There are so many reasons why you might be slightly heavier:

    If your black, you probably have a higher bone density and that isn’t taken into account on BMI

    Long hair makes a difference too

    For women breast size – some women naturally have larger boobs

    If you drink or eat before you weight your self that adds weight

    If your wear clothes when you weigh your self

    If your diet is high in salt you can retain more water

    If you do a lot of exercise, your mussels swell a little and you carry more water.

    The time of day that you go to the toilet, can make a difference. If you go when you wake up and the weight your self the number will be lower…

    If you had an ED, your body might still be trying to repair it self and that can affect your body composition. It can take years for it to get back to normal.

    Weight isn’t that big of a deal when your supper close to the healthy zone.

S. Hurd Reply

I repeat this all the time: I’m very old, live in an area of retired people, with several in their 90’s, lots in their 80’s, 70’s late 60’s. We are from all areas of north America. What we share is that none of us are fat. Thick around the middle, maybe. I cannot believe what is happening to people now. Heartbreaking ,literally.

Jarrella J Reply

“Just give up. Don’t better your health. It’s too hard, just accept an unhealthy and weak/sick version of yourself. Don’t strive for excellence or achievements, don’t learn new coping skills. Just remain as you are and destroy your health. It’s ok. Accept your fate.” – Fat Activism.

    Saul Alvarez Reply

    “Hey, don’t sweat it, you poor fragile human being, your fatness is beautiful, have another Big Mac for good measure”

    Just Struttin Reply

    You nailed it! 👍🏼

cat a Reply

Idk, I diet because life is easier when I’m not fat. That’s a valid point.

Rob Reply

I admire you for dealing with “fat logic” as fairly as you do. To me “fat logic “ just seems like an ego defense mechanism

Ludvik Skp Reply

Tovar is a troll, shes best ignored. Besides she’ll sing a different song when The Beetus gets her in a couple of years.

Tripaloski_69 Reply

Notice how these people don’t say “healthy” but say “thin” when talking about losing weight ? Like it’s only visual.

    Kimberlee Green Reply

    Right? That drives me nuts! There is a middle ground between morbidly obese and stick thin. Goodness gracious.

Half_of_me Reply

*Just because you developed an eating disorder from trying to lose weight doesn’t mean everyone does*

    Spooky Sammy Reply

    Exactly. I’ve worked to lose my baby weight and it hasn’t ended up as an eating disorder 😆😆

    cherry Coke0009 Reply

    Being obese is already the result from an eating disorder

    Spooky Sammy Reply

    @cherry Coke0009 also true but fat acceptance community does acknowledge that, it’s only anorexia/bulimia that’s eating disorders 😒😒

Hera tyc Reply

I hate that she’s so pleased with herself for glorifying obesity, I have been morbidly obese and there was NOTHING glorious about struggling to tie my shoes because I couldn’t get past the gut. 65 pounds down in a year, quite a bit to go, but it’s worth it when I think that I’ll live long enough to see my kids graduate.

Ego Amatium Reply

“Weight loss isn’t a prescription”

But what if being overweight is whats fueling your illness? Wouldn’t weight loss be the best prescription in that case? 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Silburific 17 Reply

    For things like sleep apnea, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, it absolutely can be a perscription, and one that won’t cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars, one that you won’t have to worry about running out of if you lose your insurance.

    Nekole Whyte Reply

    @Silburific 17 Also knee/joint issues. and Hernias.

    I sprained my knee and had issues with it for YEARS when I was ~300+ lbs. I’ve lost 80lbs so far, and have zero knee issues.

Halleloolahoop Reply

They talk about “thinness” as if they’re black people being told to become white, or vice versa.

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