Recipe Refresh – BBQ Chicken Wrapped Asparagus / Pollo Enrollado con Espárrago

Here’s a refreshed version of my chicken-wrapped veggie meal prep I made years ago! Amazing to see how far I’ve come as a creator and a cook! #BoldRefresh

Original video –

This video was sponsored by Listerine. Views expressed are my own.

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musab bo ouf Reply

As always nice vidz 😙😊

Fit Men Cook Reply

Another one BOOM! 😀👍

Spectral Evee Reply

Awsome Channel man, I hope you keep making these videos! You are truly inspiring 🖒😊🖒
It’s great to know there are people outhere who care about the health and nutrition of others.

Ebony Angel Rose Reply

I be ready for these…

John Klopp Reply

You rock Kevin!

Tappy Toes Reply

How’s the ghb and then cycle working for you?

Tech4u Reply

Awesome video im definitely gonna try this

A Mouthful Reply

This was cool! I really appreciated the refresh with a look back to your old video. I’m a new food creator on here and I’m always second guessing myself while building confidence. It’s good to see how far you’ve come in only four years. Gives me hope!! Side note: I’ve loved your videos for a few years now. My oldest son is out in CA in the Navy and I even send him your videos so he can fix quick healthy meals for himself in the barracks.
Great video. Have a beautiful day!

prjktz Reply

congratulations for being recognized.. the recipe is like always easy and seems delicious

dimitris kn Reply

welldone man you are really inspiring!!!

Farmhouse Chronicles Reply

I love your videos! I was wondering, what knives do you recommend? I feel like I’m always disappointed with the ones I buy.

lebasi0408 Reply

I love your energy and humor!!! Cant wait to try this!!!

Deynapink0517 Soriano Reply

Felicidades no perdía tus vídeos en aquel tiempo 👌🤤

angel merced Reply


The Glacier Reply

You Are Amazing! I saw your traveling blog on my country israel – it was awsome! I love food very much so i have subscribed, YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON!

Noki's Kitchen Reply

You ROCK! I’m still shy of going in front of the camera….lol. Thanks for inspiring me to try it. Gr8 recipe

Mr.Kweezie Reply

This actually looks really good! I feel like I can smell it from the video hahaha

Cameron Jernigan Reply

Could this recipe be modified for the oven or stovetop (or maybe a George Foreman)? I’m a college student without access to an outdoor grill but would still love to try this.

Hiraku247 Reply

I lost it when he said
“Don’t burn the tip” 😂😂

Rican Reply

Hello Kevin, Thank you, I ordered your book about 3 weeks ago, and started meal prepping and I love it, I have lost 10 lbs so far, and I didn’t know how to cook and now when I shop I am in Kitchen ware section I go crazy. Again Thank you for your great energy and making it so easy to change to a better food style. Can’t wait for more books.

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