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Nacho Bordagorry Reply

I clicked as soon as I saw the notification.

    Pretzel Logic Reply

    Good little sheep

    Kevin Ramos Reply

    And you felt the need to tell everyone?

Chrystal Frost Reply

There’s nothing wrong with substituting things out if you can’t get the exact items his book calls for.

    Dominik Guzowski Reply

    That’s true, but you should try to aim for similar calories, or try to balance it out in other ways, cause a 100kcal difference in a single item is too much to ignore.

    BogzKenny Reply

    There is no rules in this kitchen- greg

    blackblitz Reply

    Dominik Guzowski lets
    Be real though, half the time you can’t balance it. I live in the uk and half the stuff he recommends I’d had to get sent over waiting something ridicules like 7-14 days. It makes more sense just to use what you have.

    Dominik Guzowski Reply

    @blackblitz I know I’m the same as I live in Ireland and his ingredients just aren’t available so finding a good sub is very difficult, and often requires changing the recipe to something else which isn’t ideal but if it does the job then so be it.

Taylor Drake Reply

I also love convenience but more in the sense of i don’t want to use a bunch of pans and other dishes😂😂

    FryingPan Reply

    @Ber Nie I don’t see a trade-off here. one pan equals one serving for me. if you eat less, buy a smaller pan

    Thatperformer387 Reply

    FryingPan And you’re profile name is FryingPan 😂

    FryingPan Reply

    @Thatperformer387 How did you find out? 😱

    Jan Go Reply

    You know, if you put some water in the pan when it’s still warm it’s a matter of a quick swipe to clean?

    Rae chuuu Reply

    Same! We have a weekly chore chart in my house and I refuse to sign up for dishes on the nights my dad cooks. He uses SO many unnecessary dishes for every little step of his cooking. 😅 his food is great though!

Dwayne Forrest Reply

I also sing Abby Shark lmao

Joe Major Reply

Compared to his usual reaction videos he was practically fawning over you.

    MoFitMeals by Monica Reply

    Why roast each other?! I don’t get it! Both of you can be inspirations to a good healthy lifestyle. Positivity people. Much love to those of us out in the kitchen and love cooking healthily♥️

    El Roo Reply

    @MoFitMeals by Monica he didn’t even roast that kid, and usually someone gets roasted when theyre putting out nonsense for views, rather that good advcie

    MoFitMeals by Monica Reply

    El Roo agree!!

    Quetzal [Pronounced ket-zAL] Reply

    One could say, maybe even ✨SwOoNinG✨😌🌺

    MoFitMeals by Monica Reply

    Quetzal [Pronounced ket-zAL] better word for sure

logan lyda Reply

Most aged cheese has near “a zeeeroo” lactose

Fade Away Reply

I love all the live Greggs getting. He’s hilarious, honest to hell and tells you what you need hear.

    NERONAS Reply

    And he coaches for 4k a month

    CPK Reply

    @NERONAS 4K to listen to THAT voice? Ugh

    elliott richardson Reply

    NERONAS supply and demand if he lowered it there would be too many people to coach to the standard he coaches to.

RandomAsianGuy Reply

John, you’re probably not going to see this, but I can’t tell you how much some of your videos have helped me. The part where Greg brought in the calorie in vs calorie out triggered me to write this. After being stuck in this quarantine, I got to the biggest I’ve ever been. I was pretty upset with myself and I remember watching the video you posted about calories in vs. calories out and I went on tdee to get my caloric intake. And I said hey, you know what I have nothing to lose I’m already getting huge cause of this dumb pandemic, mathematically (as I’m a science and engineer guy) it makes sense. I started tracking my diet and started walking 2-3 miles mostly every day. I dropped 20 lbs since the middle of July and I’m ecstatic! This was with eating sometimes whatever I wanted like a Popeyes chicken sandwich. And I’m going to keep it up. Thanks for everything you do!

    Dj_M1 Reply

    you lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks? That’s a very drastic approach and not exactly healthy. Are you sure you didn’t lower your caloric intake too much? Because that’s going to create problems of its own. You should’ve started really slow and gradually lowered your calories. 20 pounds in 3 weeks is A LOT

    bun ny Reply

    I’m so happy for you. Hope you are doing great and that obesetobest will answer to you 🙂 anyway hope to hear more from you.

    Anemia Anemia Reply

    @Dj_M1 If he’s pretty big, then that’s not too crazy. Half of that is water weight. 10 lbs in 1 week is pretty normal for a larger person who cut their diet way down and started exercising. Then another 10 lbs over the next 2 weeks is pretty average as well. It will eventually taper off.

    RandomAsianGuy Reply

    @Dj_M1 I’m like 6’2 at 340 at the time

    Lord Cryer Reply

    RandomAsianGuy yeah you shouldn’t worry then. Keep up the good work dude.

tehfelf Reply

I’m a simple man. I see my doctor, I upvote.

Brook Nook Reply

I bought his cookbook after this, after watching you eat really good looking meals and stay low calorie just made me bite the bullet for the price. I have a feeling it will be well worth the money

    Tieia Middleton Reply

    It’s definitely worth it!

OpticalArxenal Reply

He sounds like diet Gilbert Gottfriet.

Rick Venables Reply

I’m down 50lbs in 4 months. quarantine was good to me I had nothing but time. I liked watching you and Eddie Hall videos and just cranking on 25lbs dumbbells in my bedroom.

Keto Trucker Reply

I’ve watched both of you always. LOL. And this was not a roast. Especially for coach Greg. He likes you David. Especially if he called you John that means he did some research on you.

    MoFitMeals by Monica Reply

    I enjoy both too! Take these hits as compliments!

Vincenzo Velasco Reply

“French toast takes too long” but them apple pie bowls 👀

Cais Corner Reply

Damn and I thought Freelee hated Abbey Sharp 😂

Zoe W Reply

some apples turn to mush when you cook them, others keep their shape. Was likely just the type of apple.

Ramya Priyadarshini Reply

How can someone hate planning!? I prefer planning than actually doing. 😂

bodyrocker1988 Reply

John is so pure, fair and balanced that a roast by Greg Doucette is more like a light simmer.

Zshumba Reply

I cannot listen to Doucette’s voice. sorry.

Krista Erin Reply

The yell-y voice gives me so much anxiety 🙁

    Andrew Zach Reply

    Greg says himself that when you first watch him you will hate him but you will think about the information he gives out and realize it is good info. Then you will go back and watch another and then another until finally the voice becomes normal. Look at his pets and his girlfriend in the videos just go about their day like nothing is happening.

    A Jorge Reply

    You definitely get used to the voice after a while. It’s so worth it for the amount of great information he provides

    aruallauraarual Reply

    It gives me a headache, and even though I want to watch his videos I just cant.. i did watch this one though.When he was talking to his girlfriend in his normal voice for a few seconds it felt like such relief aaaand then back to the headache.

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