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VR Irina Reply

You should talk about quitting smoking more.

    RawForYou Reply

    ahhh, quitting with smoking…. I smoked like crazy for 16 years,i man: like crazy!!!!…. tried several times “really serious to quit…. never managed to achieve my goal…. Then suddenly, from one moment to the other, it was so clear to me that this behavior did not fit the person i felt i am… so i put down my cigarette and never, ever touched one again. No problems, no struggle, no weight gain, just knowing who i felt a really was: someone who does not smoke, simple as that!!!! Good luck to anyone : be the one you were supposed to be!

    RawForYou Reply

    PS that was 23 years ago 🙂

    Ede Sonse Reply

    I am a confessed fan of weight-loss products of all I have tried, I can say that *weight loss green store tea* is the best and fastest acting.

    LivingSoul Reply

    What is there to say about quitting smoking?  Step 1: Stop buying cigarettes.  Step 2: Congrats on quitting.

    themiln Reply

    I used a mental image of a culturally important movie called “The Matrix”, When Neo dies and is resuscitated by Trinity, Neo starts to realise how to break from his mental slavery. When ever I had somewhat of an urge I just made a mental image of Neo holding out his hand to stop the bullets to convince myself I can take control with sheer power of the mind. My thinking behind this was there is a lot of things out there that is bad, but I can take control. I just had to find a way to convince myself. The mind is very powerful given the right internal message.

Heather Goheen Reply

All the tears right now. Hannah, you are my biggest inspiration. I absolutely cannot thank you enough for the things you’ve opened my eyes and my mind to. You’re the best! 💚

kelsey febos Reply

This is your best video yet. I started following you back when you first made the switch to more cooked foods and I remember the nasty back lash you received. I was going through a similar struggle trying to be raw or raw till 4 and kept gaining weight. I felt so lost like what am I doing wrong?! This works for everyone but me. But yours is the only channel that really went in on the issue and from a young female perspective. I swear you have been a godsend to me. So thank you for baring so much of yourself, that’s not something I would’ve ever been comfortable with. I give you so much credit and you’ve helped I’m sure way more women just like me.

    April Jones Reply

    yes! this comment ^^^

    aXiao aXiao Reply

    +April Jones totally.

    CobraDove Reply

    Yes…she deserves mega credit. Hannah, you were instrumental in helping to go veggie and not eat animals anymore

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    Thanks Kelsey im so glad I could help 🙂

Dianne_M_ Kartes Reply

Hi Hannah, I’m one of your oldest fans(57) but you inspire me also to eat starch,fruits and vegetables. I have all of your e-books and love watching you on your journey.

    Alex White Reply

    Its been 4 days and I have already seen drastic results! My stomach is flatter and slimmer! I’ve even lost 4 pounds thanks to Weight Loss Green StoreTea ! Love it!

    Elicia Reply

    I got ya beat Dianne I’m 120

    FaNa FaNa Reply

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Murphy 7803 Reply

Love you Hannah, you’re my hands down favorite YouTuber!

    High Carb Hannah Reply


This Girl Audra Reply

aw you’re so gorgeous girl… i teared up!! xx

    High Carb Hannah Reply


Janet Young Reply

That was so heartfelt, real and authentic. Love your channel.

Ren Likes Red Reply

You’re such a beautiful soul. Thank god there is someone like you on the Internet that people (particularly young women) can look to for inspiration. You’ve made a huge difference in my life already. And for my husband and two young kids. This coming weekend will be our 3 month update on going vegan and we’ve come such a long way in such a short time thanks to positive role models like you and Derek. We were both obese, depressed and ill. Whole foods plant based has probably saved our lives. It’s certainly given our children happier and more active parents. I’ll post our update in the raw til whenever group but if you want to check it out otherwise, my fb page is “renlikesred.” So glad to hear that this is not the end for you and that your channel is going to continue being a highlight in my day. Xxx

Derek Howlett Reply

love you baby, you’re amazing 🙂

    High Carb Hannah Reply


    Haley Jones Reply

    aw yall are cute.

Angie Love & Light Reply

Hey Hannah, i just want to say that i think you are an inspiration. On May 27th 2016 I decided to commit to the vegan lifestyle. I had been thinking about going vegetarian for a while, but once I actually researched more into the meat and dairy industry I realized that I needed to make the change NOW. I’ve also struggled with my weight all of my life. I’m at the beginning of my journey, and I need to lose at least 74lbs to be within my ideal weight range. Its been a struggle since I live with meat eaters, but watching you and other YouTubers lose weight and make a positive impact on the world gives me hope. I very much appreciate all that you do, and the bravery you have in sharing your experience with the world. ♥

    Crackerstacks Reply

    how much are you down now?

    Angie Love & Light Reply

    @Kade Short
    I don’t know yet, but i have a doctors appointment in 2 days, so we’ll see.

    Angie Love & Light Reply

    I just got back from the doctors. Its official! I lost 6 pounds in 1 month so far eating a vegan diet. I’m so excited!

    Crackerstacks Reply

    @benjisquenge congrats

    Tessa R.P Reply

    +benjisquenge that’s great

Nikocado Avocado Reply

💚💚Vegan is the way of the future.💚💚It brings about so much positivity in our bodies, our minds, our oceans, our rainforests, our atmosphere, and of course, in the lives of other animals. I think that it’s GREAT that you’re sharing your journey and that you are putting a spotlight on the starch-based lifestyle. Starch-based is realistic for many people, and that information needs to get out there! As you know I went from all-raw to starch-based and I continually check out your channel as an example of how to promote this lifestyle!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    Thanks Nick 😘


    Look at you now

Tracy N Reply

I’m 55, and have never been this healthy before. Love being a high carb low fat vegan!

Marina Atlantida Reply

Idk why, but I cried(( you r such a good person
I’m in the middle of my weight loss journey, n its soooo hard(
It seems that u r speaking about my life
Keep going, love u

    Alexa Moïse Reply

    You can do it!! ❤️

Patty Blake Reply

Hannah, you are TRULY a beautiful person!! I wish we could meet in person; I KNOW we would be such great friends!!! I remember when I FIRST discovered your Youtube channel… it was because I followed Ben from Wholefuture~I think I saw he had linked one of your vids or something. ANYWAY, I IMMEDIATELY loved you! You were talking about going to your local fruit dealer, and you were showing a haul of melons that you had just bought. I followed you all the from then, through going back to and being in South Korea, coming home and living in the states again.

I feel kind of lame and weird saying this, but even though I only know you through online interactions, you have always given off the energy of being a friend :).

Your story has inspired SOOO many people, and I’m thankful for your voice on YT.

Much love for you (and your hubby)!! I wish you both all of the best~

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    aww Patty I hope one day we can meet too <3

    ForgiveAndLove09 Reply

    +High Carb Hannah
    much love to you dear one. Keep helping no matter what. Hugs.

Matt Richards Reply

Start that strength training. Focus on the big compound lifts like bench press rows pull ups squats and try to get stronger on them and the lean fit body will come. the bike is great but it doesn’t build muscle.

Lisa Newchange Reply

I am one of the older person who watch you. We do appreciated your contribution to the vegan message. 🙂

    Lisa Newchange Reply


    Mandi C Reply

    She seems down to earth and not superficial like some other youtubers. I hope she stays like this being humble.

    Cirilla Ciara Reply

    Eat to live not live to eat. Drink Weight Loss GreenStoreTea to lose weight.

    Joyce Potts Reply

    +The Vegan Movement Of 2016 i hope so too. She’s a blessing to me

oh no it's olivia Reply

I wish I’d had the courage to document my whole weight loss journey on youtube. But I was 376lbs and so depressed and anxious and ashamed of my body and what I’d done to myself. I have been documenting my journey on youtube since October 2015 though, a year after I started losing weight (to date I’ve lost 159lbs). I went vegan on the 23rd of December 2015 and so my whole vegan journey has been documented. But still, I wish I’d had the courage to film the whole thing. Love you Hannah, you’re so inspiring!

    Mandy xoxo Reply

    You two are amazing!

    Blue Dragon Reply

    WOW well done you!

    KatrinaW Reply

    I started documenting my weight loss journey right from the beginning (I only started 2 weeks ago though) and I totally understand the shame and depression that comes from admitting to yourself that you are not fine with your weight. Even if you didn’t have the courage to film the whole thing, just keep reminding yourself that you had the courage to start losing weight and you have the courage to film it now!

    Joyce Potts Reply

    please share,you could be another blessing to me,

    M. Fontaine Reply

    If you started documenting it on youtube from this point on I’ve definitely subscribe!

Nancy Skinner Reply

You go girl. I’m 71 not 16 to 29 but I enjoy you. You are so sweet and so real.

KailaK1 Reply

Omg you was exactly what I am now 188 but ive been going to the gym for 3 weeks i was 194. I think im doing good so far.

    Amanda Ponder Reply

    krazeni cool me too I am 5’4 and 187. Down from 193 a few weeks ago ❤🙌

Maureen-Celeste Reply

I lost 90lbs.  People are always asking me what I took (meaning what weight loss supplements I took).  I tell them that losing weight isn’t rocket science.  I ate better and moved more.   They never like that answer, they always want me to tell them the magic bullet that they can go out and buy and make it easy.  When they hear that’s how I did it, they really don’t want to know anymore.

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