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Victoria Albastra Reply

Aaaaa quick! First 😁😁😁😁🏆

Avery Jackson Reply

I’m early for once…wow the extra sprints really work

    HufflePunk Reply

    “I do cardio so I can comment ‘first’ on ObeseToBeast’s videos” 😂😉

Amara W Reply

I followed her insta after I saw the end of the stream

    Sarah Sapora Reply

    <3 Say hi!

Lose Weight Sara Reply

“Most of this stuff is all nuance” truer words were never spoken! I feel like so many of these sentiments/topics are completely different and mean different things to different people. Love that statement.

    Sarah Sapora Reply

    Thanks, Sara!

    Lose Weight Sara Reply

    Sarah Sapora you’re welcome! Hope you have a happy birthday!!! 🎊

    Sarah Sapora Reply

    @Lose Weight Sara OMG!!! Saturday. Thank you. I’m 29. Again. Kidding… I’m old. Bwaha.

    Rani A Reply

    Damn, I read this just as she said it lmao. Kinda scary 👀

Dee's Wellness Journey Reply

Yess, I was sad to miss most of this yesterday, glad it’s up to watch.

Veronica Reply

I had caught part of her interview with you yesterday so I’m happy you uploaded the entire thing. I remember hearing some of it and agreeing.

Rani A Reply

I’m loving these interviews. More please❤️

    Sarah Sapora Reply

    I agree. John is a fair and has a gift for making room for conversation.

    Rani A Reply

    @Sarah Sapora exactly. Obese to interviewer 🗣️

Erin T Reply

Still early in the vid. So far I LOVE this lady. Also I didn’t realize HAES came from a specific book or had a book “attached.”

Elizabeth Roe Reply

Wow, Sarah is awesome! Thanks <3

    Sarah Sapora Reply

    Thank you kindly x

Lejla Reply

Love her posts about self confidence and about improving herself daily… 🤩🤩

    Sarah Sapora Reply

    <3 Thank you!

Taylor Mantsch Reply

As a technically obese person I really love when he reacts and reaches out to people like this

    b33lze6u6 Reply

    @Taylor Mantsch hey obese is obese. I think what might be in your head when you hear “obese” is someone who is morbidly obese which is a category above obese
    But yea if ur like right on the border of obese/overweight i feel u but still. Ur overweight. Use that energy to cross that line!

    Lisa H Reply

    @L I S A It means you are not morbidly obese and still can move around well.

    Taylor Mantsch Reply

    @b33lze6u6 yeah I move around a lot and cut back on intake this all cause people like John and I’m afraid of getting to morbidly obese I just want to be healthy and ok

    b33lze6u6 Reply

    @Taylor Mantsch you got this 👍

    Taylor Mantsch Reply

    @b33lze6u6 Thank you!❤

Emuna Bee Reply

My favourite part is Spotify vs. Pandora (saw the live).

    Lose Weight Sara Reply

    Yessssss such a great analogy!

Not Sure who's on first Reply

She’s so great. So well spoken. Explains things well. This helps me a lot -just to understand. She’s also cool AF.

    Sarah Sapora Reply

    Hahaha nobody has ever called me “cool af” so I’ll take it. Thanks!

Sophie Reeves Reply

Wow she is so cool!
Love that this conversation is happening now. I went from being underweight and anorexic to overweight and binging extremely quickly. The fat acceptance movement was really harmful to me because I thought I could eat whatever I wanted and was fine the way I was – I wasn’t! I wasn’t even happy at my biggest I was just kidding myself about it and the fat acceptance movement enabled me, but I felt more ashamed than ever that I wanted to lose weight secretly and couldn’t just love myself! Getting to a healthier place now finally after years of struggle. I am so glad people like Sarah are talking because she has such a balanced view of things. These are the conversations we need to be having. She communicates in such a fantastic way of things I’d wish I’d heard back then. Thank you!

    Sarah Sapora Reply

    Thank you so much!! And I am so glad you have found a peaceful place for you.

Petty013 Reply

Don’t mind my comment. I just think she has really “smiley” eyes. You can tell from them she is a nice person.

    Sarah Sapora Reply

    That is so sweet, thank you.

Karyn Peterson Reply

This is so insightful! Thank you John and Sarah for this! Two awesome advocates of true body love ❤

    Sarah Sapora Reply

    Thank you, Karyn!

Jasmine Duzong Reply

10 minutes in and I’d love to hear from her again. She sounds knowledgeable and caring and I love her passion.

    Sarah Sapora Reply

    Thank you so kindly, Jasmine.

Roxanne Stahl Reply

She should start a “self-love” community/movement with her values

Julia Coffman Reply

I’m in love with John!! HES A TRUE GENTLEMAN🥰

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