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JoeJoeBinx Reply

I have been so inspired by your weight loss my heaviest was over 400 I started a weight loss journey here I’m about 350 now. I would love to hear your feedback

    JoeJoeBinx Reply

    Sindy J thank you so much!!!

    I hate bears Reply

    I believe in you!

    JoeJoeBinx Reply

    I hate bears I really appreciate that thank you!

    IAmKikaka Reply

    You gotta that!!!!

    JoeJoeBinx Reply

    IAmKikaka thanks you!!


I’m glad she did this! It’s so important to find balance!

Ask Dr. Swole Reply

It’s unfortunate to see how a lot of people have been negatively impacted by bodybuilding and the emphasis placed on getting extremely lean. Competition isn’t necessary it if takes you into an unhealthy place!

    Iolanda Girleanu Reply

    Well, for her at least, the problem was trying to be competition lean all the time (and also cutting while being competition lean), which any sane bodybuilder would tell you is not possible/healthy. Not to mention 800kcal during prep is extreeemely low.

Sasha Savelli Reply


    Nala 305 Reply

    I’m not sure what exactly that is, but I stopped over exercising and started eating enough and it has helped my PCOS enormously. My period has become more regular and my acne is better 😊

    Wise Dice Reply

    @Very Tired damn that’s bad, anyways I seriously wish you the best of luck in the future.

    dirquist Reply

    I really can’t speak to what you have gone and are going through but I just want to express joy for you. I just love and am so proud of these “youtubers” also. They have really inspired and helped so many people just by being brave and putting themselves out there so intimately. Look how amazing it is that we can all share in the joy in what we have done from such opposite ends of the spectrum.

    Sokrates Reply

    @Very Tired Wow keep it up! I have a friend that is not doing so well. It is such a serious disease.

    Ms Maybe Reply

    Congratulations on your recovery!!

SwimPimp Reply

After watching you I realized that I need too start pushing myself a little more, so thank you for that. My starting weight was 400lbs and I’m now 380lbs 3 weeks after watching you again.

    I hate bears Reply

    20 pounds in 3 weeks! You’re doing great! (as long as it’s healthy)

    Mike Ruiz Raps Reply

    keep it up thats awesome

    dirquist Reply

    Heck ya, rock on. Im down almost 80 and attribute a lot to John. The main thing he always says that helps me keep on track is that if you have a bad day thats ok because you can keep going the next day, don’t give up over a bad day, or even week or longer. Keep trying to eat a healthier balanced diet eating plenty of food to feel strong. Its not a race, took me over a year to lose 78 which is where I am now. I really love my scale with the app the keeps records of everything on an app, its really motivating to me.

    LilMissTravelPants Reply

    Keep pushing yourself, you are worth it! Happy for your amazing progress <3

    Fatima Sobalvarro Reply

    wooowwww great job! keep going! I bet you are going to be so strong fisically and mentally

Kari Peterson Reply

You are so informative and sweet. You are firm in your opinions, but have such a kind approach. I have watched her video, which was ALSO so informative. Thank you for all of your information!

Avi B Reply

Brush that goatee caught me off guard like, you look like a different person now

    Lexie Durick Reply

    He reminds me of fluffy but muscular lol

    Rani A Reply

    It fits him

    Ropsana Khanom Reply

    The goatee makes him look so American now (not saying it like a bad thing)

    The real root Think about it Reply

    Brush? This man needs to shave and not slick his hair back 😂 check out TeachingMensFashion

Laguana Reply

I’m so proud of Stephanie. Health first. Aesthetics second. We love to see it.

    Ápo. Reply

    Healthy bodies are aesthetically better.

    Ele pendergast Reply

    Argeed I think people can tell she looks healthy now and better now

Sara Miller Reply

900 calories of cod and asparagus would throw me into binge eating so fast. I hate both of those foods, too. HIIT on tops of that…..That must’ve taken willpower. I restrict 1200 to 1800 per day because I am trying to be flexible and balanced. It’s working well for me so far. Before I was restricting to 1200 no matter what, and that was awful enough to make me spiral out of control. On the other extreme, 10K calories is crazy. Even at my biggest I don’t think I would’ve been able to accomplish that without getting ill.

    Sara Miller Reply

    @famuns We are all different, but I see where you are coming from. My stomach wouldn’t be able to handle 10K, I would end up getting ill. Others may have better stomachs than I!

    Sara Miller Reply

    ​@Mattie McCarthy I am losing weight, not trying to maintain. 1200 is my baseline; that is saying it’s as low as I will allow myself to go. I work an office job where I sit all day, and that makes me sedentary. When I get home, I don’t have a lot of hours before bed. I do work out when I get home most days, so I eat around 1500. If I don’t work out for some reason, I eat around 1200. If I have an active day, like back when I used to go to Disney World a lot, I don’t even count my calories. If it eases your mind, I do have a doctor, take nutritional supplements, and we monitor my weight loss. I am healthy other than being obese, so no worries.

    jen g Reply

    @Mattie McCarthy 1200 is healthy for a petite woman. I’m 4’11 and my doctor told me that I could safely go as low as 1100 a day for weight loss. If you are a petite, sedentary woman it’s reeeeally hard to lose weight. I have such a low tdee. It sucks 🙁

    Mattie McCarthy Reply

    Sara Miller ahhhh yeah because I am a petite girl and eat like 1,500-2000 calories a day!! I understand I was just confused and didn’t know you were a short babe like meh!!

    Mattie McCarthy Reply

    Sara Miller also I’m not trying to loose weight like you (but I do keep loosing weight which is kind of concerning)

Wordsmith 430 Reply

Danny gets fit had a bad issue after competing and gained 65 lbs which he’s struggled for a few years to lose. So please be careful if you’re thinking of competing

    Fatloss & Family Reply

    This is facts. Took me years to recover from that 💪💯

xx0Chrissy Reply

Seeing your bright white smile on stage showing off your muscle just makes my heart so happy. I’m so freaking proud of you!

Tricia A Reply

This was a great video! Thank you!

For me I personally felt like when Stephanie *initially* did the 10,000 calorie challenge vids I had a lot of discomfort with them because I did feel like that could easily end people up in a very bad place and/or set unrealistic expectations.

When Stephanie really explained things in the All In vids I understood that it was about **her** personal journey.

I hated the hate that she got and still gets from some people who call her a fat, lazy, cow and other things.

Some people truly feel that she was only “healthy” with her binki body (and tbh most of the comments that I read with that opinion are from guys). That is so problematic

When I first lost 50 lbs I turned into a “gym rat” I didn’t have an unhealthy relationship with food, but I did with excercise. I know some people don’t think that actual exercise addiction exists- but it does. I really messed up my body.

I gained all the weight back over time. When I lost the 50 lbs again (and am keeping it off- although I have gained a little during quarantine – still healthy weight though) I made sure that I balanced my excercise. I literally started with 5-10 minute workouts 3 or 4 times a week and built up. I enjoy my workouts, I push, and I usually do around an hour (mix of cardio and strength) 6 days a week. If I miss a day- or do less, I am not happy, but not irrationally angry.

I feel like I needed to reset my brain and Stephanie did too. But as you addressed, if someone isn’t coming from the same place or having the same need, then (especially with Stephanie’s more intentional type approach) from the outside, without context it is a set up for unhealthy eating.

But just as careful calorie counting (at least at first) can really be perfect for some but horrible for others, this approach 1000% isn’t for all, in fact it is for a VERY VERY small percentage of people.

I appreciate that Stephanie did this though because it was shedding light on disordered eating and unrealistic expectations of trying to maintain an “ideal”.

Thank you!!

Fire Rose Reply

Love and respect, a subtle point. You said she was thin and “wanted” to gain weight but you were large and “needed” to lose weight. Being under weight is a health risk too. 💖 🔥 🌹

    Kevin C Reply

    @Smuddpie Yeah because it’s so hard and brave to stuff your face with food. Fighting in a war, protesting in Minneapolis, going through cancer is having courage. Gaining weight is so easy every first world country is trying every possible method to fight the epic death tole from obesity related diseases. Losing weight takes courage, stuffing your face with Oreos does not.

    CatK Reply

    Kevin C an anorexic trying to gain weight and an obese person trying to lose weight are most definitely comparable! Both are mindset and require willpower and determination to regain health.

    human Reply

    She didn’t “want” to gain weight, she knew it would happen because she decided to eat more. But if you watch her vid you’ll see how uncomfortable she was with the weight gain initially, but it was a necessarily ‘symptom’ in order to not feel extreme hunger anymore.

    Kevin C Reply

    @human Still not as hard as losing weight. I’ll be interested to see her struggles with the actual hard part now of losing all her extra weight if she goes down that path. Even though she already looks really hot right now and doesn’t really need to change.

    Rae chuuu Reply

    I noticed that too, but I just took it as he doesn’t want to speak for her by saying she “needed” to. But he can speak for himself in that way. John is extremely polite and that’s what I thought it was. Just like he might not want to say an overweight person “needs” to lose weight bc it will sound more judgmental (even if it’s true).

LDBHealth Reply

I think she gave lots of people hope in the fitness industry who struggle with body image.

Amber Blaylock Reply

You mentioned this briefly, but so many people forget her credentials and education. Although this does have some to do with mental/emotional food issues, it has way more to do with her physical/health issues. She is an incredibly educated, scientifically minded individual and approached this whole process in a very methodical and medical way.

    flowers sunshine Reply

    I think her educational credentials only made her behaviour, even more unacceptable to me…the binge eating was disrespectful and can promote eating disorders, like bulimia.

    Emily Reply

    @flowers sunshine That’s not binge eating. That was genuinely her hunger level and she said she was eating consistently over 5000 calories every day just to feel satiated. Also she probably said it at least a hundred thousand times over the past year that she does not recommend that style of eating unless approved by a doctor or a registered dietitian.

    Rodney Mills Reply

    @flowers sunshine Well then you didn’t digest the video correctly. She was starving. Her body had BEEN starving for a long time. Her cellular biology was starving.
    Eating large portions doesn’t automatically equal a binge. A binge is a thing we pretty well cannot control. It’s an offset of anxiety that causes you to eat an inordinate amount of food. Gorging yourself is not the same as binge eating. Overeating is not the same as binge eating.
    At no point was she binge eating. The “binge” part of it is an emotional symptom where one eats way past satiation to cope with emotional stress. It’s not just.. extreme overeating. Everyone can overeat. Not everyone has a psychological disorder that causes them to do this.
    She probably HAD an eating disorder in the first place, and it was anorexia.
    Ridiculous. Your take is ridiculous, and I’ve actually struggled with binge eating and bulimia for 15 years. That is the dumbest and most irrelevant take I had ever heard.

    Jess ONeill Reply

    @flowers sunshine did you even watch thevideo where she explained it? She was pretty much dieting 24 7 for years. This “bingeing” mindset was a way to try and fix the unbelievable hunger she had.
    Eating disorders don’t just skip you because you have credentials

    MsStarlet21 Reply

    Amber Blaylock yes yes yes!!! Thank you for this comment. I hope everyone sees this!

Serina softball Reply

She also had symptoms of HA (lost period) which is really dangerous for women.

    Paris Sinclair Reply

    Definitely, I think that’s a super important point to mention.

    Rodney Mills Reply

    I mean… we learn in middle school gym that a lost period is a super classic sign of starvation.
    And I’m a guy.

    Ms Maybe Reply

    Rodney Mills my school also taught me this.
    Hair loss, tooth decay, skin changes (paler, dry, paper-like), period loss in women and erectile disfunction in men.

    Ellenor Bjornsdottir Reply

    Dangerous in anyone, but it’s less obvious with guys and the threshold is a lot lower.

MillieHelen Reply

I actually think you and Stephanie would have a lot of similar views. It would be an interesting interview and I encourage you to reach out to her if you haven’t already. Love your channel. I’m 60lbs down and at a healthy weight in part thanks to the motivation of your channel.

Christin DeFord Reply

I personally don’t think it’s fair to give this such a strict warning. Her approach feels very specific to people who deal with extreme hunger, and especially women who have amenorrhea. I highly doubt anyone will flippantly do this, especially considering watching her video and seeing how difficult it was for her at times.

    Ivy Reply

    You would be surprised how dumb people can be.

    Sokrates Reply

    You can also do this without extreme hunger. You just wont lose or gain any fat 😆

    Stephanie Viloria Reply

    true! i completely agree. i also think some people who are farther in their ED recovery journey have tried this as well.

Ashlee Reply

She doesn’t state it outright, but she basically went through eating disorder recovery.

    watery wanderer Reply

    Literally in eating disorder recovery right now, and it is very like this.

    This Channel Has an Attitude Reply

    I don’t want to be a downer, but I’m not 100% convinced she’s fully recovered. She’s at a healthier weight, but so much of what she says sounds very scripted. Not that she’s lying, per se, but I feel like she’s leaving some things out.

    HikaruCrystal8 Reply

    @This Channel Has an Attitude Well, you also have to take into account that she’s trying to make an entertaining video. That’s probably where the script part of it comes into play

Katie W Reply

The part about losing her period is SO important. Your body takes what you eat and puts it towards essentially four functions, first it goes towards maintenance and then growth and then lactation (if apparent) and then reproduction. If you lose your period, it means all of your nutrients were used up by the first three functions and there wasn’t enough left to maintain the last function of reproduction. This is a sigh your body is not getting enough nutrients as there isn’t enough left to manage all four functions. It’s important to pay attention to because it could even mean your body isn’t getting enough for the other functions as well. When you lose reproduction, it’s an extreme red flag from your body that you aren’t giving it enough nutrients to maintain all your functions as reproduction is the last function the body puts nutrients towards. Pay attention to your bodies ladies 🙏🏻

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