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Angela Anasta Reply

Don’t document weight loss online someone will definitely judge you

    Angela Anasta Reply

    @Bella Wolff progress pics are for your own reference to see your changes when you lack motivation I find it helps a lot sometimes it sets us up for wanting to be how we looked and we feel bad because we don’t look that way anymore but you need to do whatever works for you. Congratulations on your weightloss well done and the ability to keep it off so proud and happy for you

    haggisa Reply

    @Angela Anasta

    But…if the photos are just for you, then why post them on a public forum? I don’t understand that.

    Angela Anasta Reply

    @haggisa because some people try to motivate others by showing them its possible to lose weight like I said its your own personal decision on what to do with your journey but when on social media you might get back lash

    Angela Anasta Reply

    @haggisa my before and after were for me and to inspire others that’s my own personal journey people should document and share as they please

    haggisa Reply

    @Angela Anasta

    Of course they should, I have nothing against that. But if you’re doing it for yourself AND to inspire others, don’t say it’s just for you.

Sharon Mutoni Reply

The truth is, weight fluctuates over time even when you’re trying to be fit and healthy. Mine has and my focus is making sure that it doesn’t change too much. It sucks when your family and friends point that out. Now imagine the whole YouTube comment section. I hooe she can handle all the criticism

    Rebecca Spratling Reply

    So true. There’s a YouTuber who was super skinny and she went meds for anxiety and depression and gained about 10 pounds and within a couple of months the comments were full of people telling her to lose weight and that she’s obese. 😑 I was reading the comments and thanking the universe that I am not on YouTube because I always fluctuates about 10 pound up then down then up and down, rinse and repeat. Those people are so harsh.

    revelation. Reply

    @Rebecca Spratling do you remember the name of the youtuber?

    Mara Henao Reply

    so true, i am an urban cyclist, and i used to bike 10-15 miles per day, (besides lifting) i am not cycling nearly as much but lifting way more at home and I am still heavier than before the quarantine lol

    ... Reply

    The key is to define what your healthy flucuation is. I lost 60lbs then gained 10 over several months. I am now another20lbs down. It is okay to maintain for a while.

    Kx Reply

    yeah absolutely, well said. my weight has been pretty stable for a long time, suddenly i gained some weight but now i’m stable again. it happens. like you, i try not to change too much.

Cynthia Reyes Reply

Have you heard of Beatrice Caruso? She puts her whole weight loss journey on YouTube and she documents exactly what she goes through. She’s also just overall really enjoyable to watch.

    Arianna Mae Reply

    @Cynthia Reyes Yeah I think that’s how I found Bea! It was in a livestream and it was just a short comment because she was watching the stream! Everyone was freaking out in the comments.

    Arianna Mae Reply

    @Cynthia Reyes Okay 1 month ago he did make a video about her and Every Damn Day Fitness

    Cynthia Reyes Reply

    @Arianna Mae I’ll check it out then thanks 🙂

    Rebecca Spratling Reply

    I love her. She always makes me laugh. Seems like the type of person who’d be a good great friend to hang out with.

    hermioneinc Reply

    @Arianna Mae think she still has a while to go. I found her through this channel and OTB streamed her video x

RachelReduces Reply

Even in the stream chaos, happy to have received the important guidance of finding a healthy balance. ⭐

Ask Ashley Reply

Slow and steady. Also making it a lifestyle. Working out 3x a day isn’t realistic. Like can we just show everyone the greg doucette diet? Lol

    Nico Conradie Reply

    Couch Greg is the future👍

J.R. Alberto Escobar Escobar Reply

Social Media is the place in which, my faith in humanity goes to die!

    nomadic potato Reply

    It’s disgusting isn’t it🤮 its definitely one of the worst things to have been inflicted on society, on a list including racism, xenophobia and politics!🙄

    J.R. Alberto Escobar Escobar Reply

    @nomadic potato Yeah, I had more success in my physical and mental health improvement path when I erased most of my social media besides You-Tube and Wattsapp (Only close friends and relatives). I am on my second year without social media and the world just looks more peaceful that way. Tons of love from Mexico.

    nomadic potato Reply

    @J.R. Alberto Escobar Escobar good on you , mate👍 I did the same with FB and my personal profile on IG but I still use IG daily for work, and feel like I have to wash myself after every session😕 good vibes and positive thoughts to you from the UK😁

    J.R. Alberto Escobar Escobar Reply

    @nomadic potato Well done. Same to you, my best wishes.

surmon11 Reply

The problem with Remi is that she was/is giving health tips to very young teenagers. She is influencing these young girls to do things like she does and has made millions of dollars from it.

    Dora R Reply

    Her audience is made of mainly women in their 20s tho. You know, her content and audience changed a lot since 2010. She’s also not responsible for other people’s choices 🤷🏻‍♀️

    brysolaris solarisbry Reply

    @Dora R maybe not responsible but she can influence others easily. Regardless of age. If you see a pretty girl with perfect health and the perfect body bragging about how awesome how they eat is and informing us exactly how they’re doing it with what I eat in a days or work out routines. You can be easily motivated by them, only to find out they’ve only been showing you the “ highlights “ as she called it which just means “hey guys I hid the bad stuff and now I wanna come clean because I can’t take it anymore “ lol but I’m sure she’s leaving all those other videos up where she was eating in a way that made her feel sick to profit off them still. You can get misinformed by anyone at any age

    Cara M Reply

    Exactly ! Young girls need to be watching influencers like Natasha Oceane but they’re less appealing because they don’t sell the quick fix

    Courtney Zelazny Reply

    @Dora R except that’s literally her job: influencer. Her income is dependent on being responsible for someone choosing to buy products and services she uses. Companies won’t sponsor you, send you free stuff, send you on trips, or give you affiliate codes if they don’t believe you are able to convince your audience to do what you say.

    Hanna Hult Reply

    Yes, she should remove all her videos she posted with “healthy eating” from a while back when she seriously underate. She said herself that it wasn’t healthy but she keeps the videos up for people to watch and she still makes money from them..
    If they didnt see this particular video they don’t know that it’s a harmful way to loose weight

Amanda M. Reply

Yesss (long term) weight loss is in the kitchen 100%

Natasha Johnson Reply

The funny thing is she used to get hate about how much she exercised and that she was getting too skinny or that all her content was fitness based. When she started gaining weight people started pointing things out and complaining of the new content! I can’t imagine having to read that all the time!! Then she had Freelee make a video about her… she can’t catch a break!

V A Reply

It’s possible to document whatever you’re doing online WITHOUT giving a single fck what anyone says about it **mindblown**

Katy Mcgee Reply

Her whole journey is super problematic and unsustainable, especially because her whole audience is probably 12/13. It’s much worse if you watch other videos of hers, not just this one where she wants to act real. She eats anything that is zero calories and binge drinks all the time.

    Tieia Middleton Reply

    Yikes. Our daughters are at university and there’s a term used called drink-orexia. Girls starve themselves to binge drink their calories. Alarming.

    Olivia Rivera Reply

    @Tieia Middleton I was like this. My senior year of college (’08 – ’09) I struggled with disordered eating. I would eat very little Mon – Thurs and then drink a ton over the weekend. Which would make me feel gross and bloated, so I would restrict and the process just repeats itself.

    Hanna Hult Reply

    She needs to remove those old videos! She’s Still making money from them…

Alexmary Fayiga Reply

I’ve been watching remi for years and I will say she did a lot of unhealthy things but imagine how much pressure she put on herself she was eating incredibly low calories because she wanted it to be fast and to be successful. I think she’s being way more gentle with herself. Of course she is a bit controversial for eating low calorie foods but guys what do you expect someone to do to lose weight? They’re gonna eat the “zero calorie” noodles and the low calorie chocolate. Now she’s letting herself eat food she loves and also work out rather than working out 3 times a day and eating rice cakes

Hey World It's Soph Reply

I love watching Remis content! She’s such a sweet, kind and genuine person.

I was happy for her, not only for improving life and becoming happier with her body but also for being so open and willing to grow.

Her content always makes me smile😊

I hope everyone’s having a lovely day❤️

Rachmaninov was Emo Reply

That 0 – 100 mentality is just the addiction presenting itself in a different form. And than it takes a toll on your body so you switch back to the other way. You have to treat the addiction and do what feels good for your mind and your body.

-manuela- Reply

My golden rule when I was dieting… my meals have to be delicious. I ate a lot of white meat, spinach, wholegrain pasta with veggie sauces, baked potatoes, eggs, yogurt, wholegrain toast… I hate green salads. I would be miserable if that was my meal. Instead I enjoyed my meals, I just kept track of the quantity and calorie intake and my body did the rest.
I am not ‘on the diet’ anymore but I still eat those foods, I just eat more and occasionaly some other stuff I avoided before.

    haggisa Reply

    Same here. When I was losing weight, I ate delicious muesli everyday and tons of whole grain grilled bread with blue cheese and tomatoes. Also risotto and pasta, Greek salad etc. All I ate were the foods I liked, I just cut out sweets, except for sugar in my coffee. Worked like a charm.

Kwarkool Reply

To test the hypothesis “Health at every size”, think of the extremes of anorexia and morbidly obese. How can it be correct.

Once you are healthy though nutrition, movement and mind. Whatever weight you are, is your size.

ecstaaticmind Reply

I used to watch Remi but her weightloss triggered me so much, because she was almost eating nothing and going to very expensive workout classes and realising that I could never personally do that. I think her intentions were good but the advices she was giving just can’t work in the long term and she got sucked into a spiral of weightloss content!!

MakeshiftMelody Reply

The salad thing got me. I try to eat relatively healthy but I hate salads and I’m not a fan of sandwiches or anything. So I’ll make pastas,or meal prep something more ‘dinner-like’ for lunch and get weird looks from my mum. I’m not gonna eat something ‘typically healthy and lunchy’ if I don’t enjoy them if I can eat what I enjoy and still be healthy

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