Stuffed Jalapeno Cheddar Salmon Burger

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Corey Hampton Reply

Early! Dope dish tho!

Jones Girl Reply

Thanks for this vid’ Kev! Those jokes though! LOL . This recipe made me think of my dads cooking and how love his salmon patties! this puts a new spin on them, will have to try this! Love it! thumbs up from me 🙂

Daphne DPics Reply

Can I use sockeye salmon?

Luis Pisquiy Reply

Daaaaaaamn ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Danny White Reply

Seen them back

afroman040 Reply

im stealing the salmon jokes bro !

Trista Noelle Reply

I know what I’m making for dinner tonight

Liza Metoyer-Mata Reply

What if u don’t have the tools to smoke it

jackielajohn Reply

Never seen the smoking part. That was interesting

Scroggins Snapshots Reply

The smoke was an amazing trick… how is it done?

Blue .Barrymore Reply

so who pays the camera guy that records the camera guy?

Titans Pi Reply

Looks nice. I might want to sub the avocado for some remoulade, or maybe just use guac. I’m sticking with the grill though. I guess if you cant use wood or charcoal where you live that is an issue the handheld smokers solve but I dont have that issue.

UltraGoldCoin Reply

Before you listen to this; I wanted to tell you, that you are beautiful and exceptional. Also your a phenomenal human being; I love you and I hope positive experiences will start happening in your life, if they haven’t already. Keep moving forward my friend; start adopting positive and beneficial habits & behaviors. Eat healthy and treat yourself with kindness, in addition to others also. Fair well my friend; God Bless you 💖

Maurice Moore Reply

Wait, so you gonna smoke it like that and ain’t gonna tell us what up? Aw ok

Tam Smith Reply

Look so gooooooooooood

wxz慢慢长廊 Reply

May you also post a link to the smoke machine? And btw doea it add extra flavour?

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