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Ryan Williams Reply

“What is up you guys? Welcome back to the channel. Thank you so much for clicking on today’s video”

    Sabia S Reply

    Ryan Williams I read this in his voice 😂

    lisa sommerlad Reply

    Mate, I hope he meant that with a comma!! ‘What is up, you guys?”
    Else.. Uncomfortable…. ; )

Ryan Williams Reply

“I know some biddies in Cali, they all be calling me daddy”

Outspoken Oaken Reply

I mean…I can’t find anything for my family. So whatever I can find when I get paid.

Deisy for days Reply

Tbh I’m struggling rn 🙁 I’m stuck at home with a family that only buys junk food

    a person too Reply

    Deisy for days I think the no snacking part would be great to focus on in that case. Junk food is so easy to just grab in between meals, so eliminating that may be super helpful.

    Zoe Andrews Reply

    Intermittent fasting, and limiting portion sizes works for me. There’s a lot of junk foods in my house, but I try to prioritize fruit and protein above all else!



    Lessly Loves Reply


    lisa sommerlad Reply

    @Lessly Loves yep! Perfect time! Plenty of water and rest… Doing that anyway, aren’t we?
    Lots of good info on water fasting. A healthy alternative or the fasting Fatman are good.

Quincy Raven Reply

It’s like you read my mind. Obviously there are more serious concerns but I have been finding it harder to get quality food.

    luna 0682 Reply

    Stores here are cleaned out and packed with people open to close time my parents don’t want to go in because you don’t know who touched the stuff before you not to mention people coughing and sneezing on you not bothering to cover their mouth

paperandblackroses Reply

You have the best heart, John!

Janett Reply

So I just started working out in february and cleaned up my diet in january. I was so motivated to lose some weight and gain muscle. Now, when all of our gym’s are closed and eating healthy is hard my motivation is dropping faaast. But i’m trying my best! My frige is full of frozen vegetables and chicken. I’m also doing some home workouts and physical activities!
Also thank you for posting a video on this topic! This will give me a lot more motivation to reach my goals!

    The Truth Reply

    Janett year u can do it man I was 537 and now 5 weeks later I’m 489 and I bought a punching bag and dumbbells and now work out twice a day! Keep going !!

    Janett Reply

    @The Truth Oh wow! That’s great! Thanks for the motivation punch!!

latino368 Reply

Yes I would like to see some at home strength workouts from u man keep up with the good content

Simmix Reply

been practicing social distancing for all my years after school, so now I’m fine you suckas 🙂

    Sabia S Reply

    Simmix lol I’m a homebody so I’m also doing just fine 🙂

christine rodriguez Reply

This has not changed a thing for me, as far as my goals. I can workout at home as well as the gym. I have plenty of equipment that I really do not need a gym membership.

Ariel Michelle Reply

I literally just lost 20lbs and this happens lol thanks for this post! Much needed

Mona Lisa Reply

I live in a big house with tons of family. Junk food is everywhere, but I made sure to contribute $200 dollars towards groceries and what little cleaning supplies and hygiene products I could find… I got tons of healthier options, stuff for smoothies, stuff to make salads, granola for snacks, oatmeal, fruit juice, fruits, and veggies. I made it to where i’d have no excuse but to choose the healthier options. Also, my calorie tracker is helping me maintain my integrity, once my calories for the day are up… No more 🙅🏽‍♀️. I’m trying to eat small meals throughout my day anyways, so the urge to snack isn’t so intense.

Edit: I hope everyone stays safe through this trying time. 💖💖💖

Lisa Reply

Here we are on lockdown in the sense that everything is closed, but we are still allowed outside. I’ve been somewhat motivated to work out (3 days now lol) so that I’m gonna come out of this closer to my goal or maybe even at my goal. For some reason it’s not even hard to not overeat rn so I hope that continues. Good luck and health to everyone!

Laura Patrice Reply

Thank you! I have a friend all pissed at me because she was complaining that she’s going to gain weight from this whole thing. I mentioned tracking calories and drinking lots of water. She claimed that me not having kids at home means that it’s less hard for me not to snack. I simply said that we all have our excuses. You’d think I started WW3. I guess this is that moment when you learn who your tribe is. Never felt like she supported me taking control of my life and diet, anyway.

Saltwaterfish96 Reply

Today was my birthday and I swore to myself in January that i would gift myself with weighing less than 100kg (220lbs). And I actually did it! I lost around 30 lbs in the last year and a big thanks to you. Stay safe an healthy 🙂

    lisa sommerlad Reply

    Big happy birthday to you from Australia!!!! : )

Jorge Bravo Reply

Yes do some home workouts… my twin lost 100plus pounds just workout at home

ChronicallySpaced Reply

I was actually stunned when I went to the store and the fresh produce section was totally barren. I thought I would have better luck if I wasn’t buying canned or frozen goods. It is crazy. Our local farmer’s market has been posting that they have plenty of stock, so if you have one in your area, it might be worth checking out.

    lisa sommerlad Reply

    Interesting that people are finally starting to wat to eat fresh veges!! Like, really? You couldn’t do this earlier???

Maenad Reply

Thankfully I have a yoga mat, a jump rope, one light pair of dumbells (5lb each), a half decent Walmart treadmill (<$275 so it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles) and access to YouTube. Perfect for getting good cardio in & doing some calisthenics. Not ideal for strength training but it’s better than nothing! A light-moderate intensity workout and is better than a zero intensity work out

Viviane Bee Reply

I went from a size 24 to a size 16 in 6 months and now I am struggling The first days were so hard. I try to exercise at least 30mn a day. What has been helping is a form of fasting. I don’t eat until 5pm, I know that I won’t overdo it. Wish me luck!

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