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Noir Deserves Better Reply

tbh i mostly only watch mukbangs to feel less hungry as i diet

    Arshad Hakim Reply

    Thatll make me feel more hungry 🙃😭

    CJ Plick Reply

    When i was intermittent fasting they for sure get me through it. Though I don’t fast anymore and eat normal meals my interest in mukbangs, fast food/ junk food in general has been an all time low lately. Especially after watching people like greg doucette. I can recreate and make food taste almost identical for less calories so im like meh on mukbangs in general.

    Kittra Reply

    Tbh, I’ve used watching them to feel less alone when I eat and also as a recovering anorexic, it actually encourages me to eat when I feel anxiety about it..however I’m selective with who I drama,and *what* I eat which is healthy.

    Twink Reply

    I do that

    Emilie Sarah Reply

    Same feeling happens watching my 600lb life

KelxSing Reply

I watch them so that other people can eat the food for me while I am being healthy haha! I mostly watch people eat donuts and i love it hahaha! x

cariad81 Reply

It’s very damaging to vulnerable people with ED’s

Alvo Reply

It is sad to see putting large quantities of unhealthy food in their bodies, regardless of size. It is also sad that people are rewarded for this type of content. It’s a sick world. Obesity is a huge problem that not many large corporations care about. They’d rather sell their food and make money off of people than supply healthy alternatives 🙁 I started my channel in the hopes of eventually bringing more awareness to the obesity pandemic. It’s sad. It really is.

Miranda Sinistra Reply

I think, if this hasn’t happened already, at the very least his content should be age restricted because of how impressionable kids are. Adults know it’s fake but children are more easily fooled. Just look at JayStation.

ObesetoBeast Reply

Thank you to my “Big Chungus” channel members!
Roy Perry
Genesi Morales
Sixto Sounds

You guys are amazing!

Nicholas C Reply

Reminds of the out cry from every community regarding Eugina, yet she wasn’t doing starvation videos. Disorders and self destruction are very sad, but Youtube will prop up one as acceptable, when both aren’t.
I don’t know if they actually yanked her channel, but there was an outcry to do so, because it was a bad influence on teen girls, and destructive to her own health.

    Bella Wolff Reply

    Well, I get ads for fast food, cheetos, etc. It’s an ad revenue thing. I’d be interested to see how much money YouTube makes off this crap.

Daria Głowacka Reply

I can’t stand mukbangs, bc sounds of eating – chewing, lip smacking and so on just gross me out. Like for real, I feel physically sick just hearing them. Disgusting.

jamie5mauser Reply

I must say, Erik binging on that big dessert and then exercising it off is textbook binge and purge behavior! He binges and then purges with exercise🤦🏼‍♀️

    mo ji Reply

    Thank you. I don’t get how people can constantly overlook this.

    Peanut Reply

    100% and I’m pretty sure he’s disclosed that he’s suffered from anorexia in the past. I’m not accusing him of anything now but it’s disordered.

    Smol Sheep Reply

    @Peanut he was seriously anorexic, he has lots of recovery videos. I think he’s swapped one ED for another personally but that’s just me

    Spiderjoseph Reply

    Not disagreeing but I have to ask the question: is it still purging if he enjoys all that exercise? I follow him on all of his social media’s and he seems to enjoy all the exercise.

oyvinator Reply

is nicokado avokado trying to eat so much that his head turns avokado-shaped?

Hannah H Reply

Erik is a lovely man but surely he is promoting disordered eating. No one should be eating that amount of sugar, fat, chemicals. He’s essentially binge purging through extreme exercise and is using this for entertainment/to capitalise off. But because he is ‘thin’ no one comments.

tahira chowdhury Reply

Tbh, we Americans tend to take everything from other countries and just botch it 🤐

Amy B Reply

I know Eric is your friend, but I have to disagree….it’s dangerous and irresponsible to film and broadcast muckbangs with that amount of calories involved. I’m not saying all mukbangers should be tarnished with the same brush, there is a BIG difference between eating a regular sized meal on camera and gorging yourself with the amount of chemicals and calories that Eric does in one sitting. How would you feel if one of your friends sat in front of a camera and smoked a pack of 20 cigarettes everyday? Carcinogens exist in food too. Working out does NOT counteract terrible food choices.

    Marcel Müller Reply

    Well to be fair Eric was a professional eater and he certainly does burn a lot of calories. Not 10k but I’m sure his maintenance is around at 5-6k.

DaPokeBoss Reply

Question: Do you think Erik technically has exercise bulimia?

    DaPokeBoss Reply

    I would appreciate a response. I understand he’s your friend and running from the truth/choosing to ignore this question furthers the denial.

    Spiderjoseph Reply

    I’m not sure if he does because he really enjoys all the bike riding he does. I follow him on all of his social media’s and I’ve seen his Instagram stories every day and for the most part he’s not doing it to burn calories. At least according to what I’ve seen on his page.

    DaPokeBoss Reply

    @Spiderjoseph He only thing is that he is forced to exercise as much as he does to be able to maintain his calorie intake.

Dr. Lily Anne Ali Reply

It is hypocritical to defend Eric the Electric just because he does excessive over exercising! He does it for views to get ad revenue . Call a spade a spade! Nothing is wrong with making money but he is sending out a very bad message about disordered eating just as the obese mukbang youtubers bingeing on fast or unhealthy food .
Am waiting to see healthy food mukbangs get hundreds of thousands of views .

    Darth Kai Reply

    If only that were true, these mukbang channels are so disgusting. Yeah, there is no “good” mukbang channel on YT.

Anjel - Reply

I love food, never had an eating disorder and cannot stand the sound of eating. Just so that it’s clear where my opinion is coming from.
To me food turns disgusting so easily. People eating messily, gorging themselves, basically force feeding themselves, when they clearly are full, smacking their lips, and burping just makes me want to throw up. I’m okay with people eating with their hands, some foods are meant to be eaten like that, but whenfood is everywhere, when it’s all over their hands and face, and the table is messy, I just cannot understand the appeal. I cannot watch mukbangs, to me they are a form of torture.

boobtoob19 Reply

I want to watch this but I can barely look at Nikocado. He’s so damn gross and it’s not a size thing.

69SalterStreet Reply

It’s literally food porn: nasty af, probably psychologically damaging, and indisputably glorifying gluttony. Food reviews are one thing. A “mukbang” where someone eats a single, normal cupcake is one thing, but these are gross.

Mario Lipton Reply

I feel like nicoavocado likes to disgust people.

Pauline Petit Reply

She’s out of breath just talking, that’s scary.

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