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Paymon Reply

people with a restrictive ed know that well lmao

emille mcmillan Reply

Lost 40 pounds as of today

    Therron Rux Reply

    emille mcmillan nice 👍🏽


    emille mcmillan thats amazing, i’m down 21.6 lbs as of today. It’s always great seeing others that have a common goal. Great Job!

    kk Reply

    emille mcmillan congrats! i’m starting today:)

Lisa Fraser Reply

Yes, 100% agree! So happy to see this.. my mother dropped to 32kg (70lbs) at her lowest weight due to digestive issues, trust me she would have continued to lose weight and would have died. No magical ‘starvation mode’ kicked in to slow down her weight loss.

Also, people underestimate what they eat. They don’t weigh or measure their food, they ‘forget’ about things they have eaten.. I do this as well, which is why I log food before I eat it. A friend and I went out to dinner, later she was saying that she had eaten well and only had the grilled chicken.. I had to remind her that she ate a third of my risotto as well. Plus she had been out for lunch earlier. You can’t gain weight unless you’re eating more calories than you need… and the body doesn’t work on a strict 24hr cycle, it’s a rolling average!

Goodvibes Reply

Do intermittent fasting, cardio and weightlifting with progressive overload and avoid wheat and sugar all while being in caloric deficit and you’re good to go! Add eating vegan for the extra points!

    Mobstem Official Reply

    Those do have benefits but just not eating sugar isn’t the only way to do so.

    RalphSimmz Reply

    Legit what i did and lost 80lbs in 6 months . I was 285 now i am 200 lbs a little over a year since i started doing intermittent fasting . I do it every day still and it’s easily kept off weight

    kk Reply

    Goodvibes i prefer HIIT over cardio but agreed

Lonnell Johnson Reply

Honestly thanks for this bro out here saving life’s with pure facts

Sorta Healthy Reply

This video just triggered me straight into starvation mode. In all seriousness though, I agree 100%.

Sammy dial Reply

This is so true. I was eating right for 3-4 months. Didn’t lose ANYTHING. Turned out I was eating too many calories. Now I’m counting and losing 😁

Pretty Thighs Reply

This is so true! I have been eating so little (I thought) and I just wasn’t losing weight for a while. My PT gave me a new eating plan to follow for 10 days and I lost 2.3kg in a week.

Lili Sz Reply

yes, a lot of people think of it in terms of I was in a calorie deficit 5 days of the week, and in a surplus 2 days of the week, but don’t take into account that if the weekday deficit is by 300 kcal/day and the weekend surplus is by 750 kcal/day, then you’re actually on maintenance calories.

Zachy P Reply

Hey, love your videos! Would you be able to talk about how to go from eating in a deficit to lose weight to eating in a surplus to build muscle? I was an overweight kid and losing the weight has been great, but now I’d like to build lean muscle and I can’t help but be paranoid about eating way more calories than I’m used to. Any advice?

Keila Reply

I gradually increased my calories. I was uneducated when I started losing weight so I went with 1200. I stopped losing weight after 6 months and now I suspect even though I was exercising, the rest of my day I sat around like a potato. So slowly increased it a hundred at a time and calculated what I should be eating. Now I feel more energetic and am consistently losing weight. So this seems pretty accurate to me.

Precision Fitness Reply

Starvation mode: a first world luxury with Starbucks at every corner, weekly happy hours, and memes about how much wine you drink.

sandra valle Reply

So true, I’ve lost 100lbs and I got comfortable. I thought I was as restrictive as I was in the beginning, but I was starting to eat more and I wasn’t counting it. I work out more now than I did 100lbs ago so I think sure let me treat myself to blank. But that blank was enough to throw off my calorie deficit for the whole week. So I stopped loosing weight. Last weekend I was more mindful of what I ate and how much of it I ate and I actually lost 2lbs. It felt so good to see the number go down.

Hass Reply

John’s hair crisis seems consistent throughout his youtube career

    The YouTube Reply

    Hass 😂😂😂😂

    Maenad Reply

    His complexion is glowing so bright I didn’t even realize 😆

Ms. Mintz Reply

Americans and starvation mode isn’t a thing 🤣🤣🤣

somebodyonce toldme Reply

When you really get down to the details mone of them are eating 500 calories and gaining weight lol

    Penny Proud Reply

    So what do you want us to do?

    Penny Proud Reply

    And he admits to crash dieting first or he would be huge still.

    somebodyonce toldme Reply

    @Penny Proud crash dieting works, but binging for weeks after negates it, the increment of metobolic slow down is about 15% so if you were 300lbs youd still burn over 3500 calories even with crashing your metabolism. Learn how to go in a deficit slowly, track your macros, dont do bullshit chicken rice diets and especially not salads. On my current cut im eating breaded chicken sandwiches 3 times a day lol down 20lbs

    kk Reply

    somebodyonce toldme what’s wrong w salads? genuinely curious

    somebodyonce toldme Reply

    @kk nothings inherently wrong with it, but the general populace eats salad b3cause they hear its healthy and then they dumb 700 calories of dressing on it thinking their eating low calories

Lord Chumpington Reply

I mean, it’s basic physics.
You lose weight on a deficit… Your body can’t create energy out of no where (because science), so you will lose weight on a deficit.
I also hate the myths that women have it harder (it’s the same) and that it’s harder for short people (it’s also the same)

    Perrie Facts Reply

    It CAN be harder for women because our TDE is almost always lower and we have a higher likelihood of having a hormonal disorder such as hypothyroidism or PCOS

    Lord Chumpington Reply

    @Perrie Facts Nope, incorrect.
    Lower TDEE just means you need less food, so a man would need more. Also, if a woman is overweight by 10%, and a man is overweight by 10%, and they both need to lose weight, that could be 5-10 lbs extra the man has to lose! So yeah, eating 500 calories less per day is harder for women, but that’s also a bigger % of their TDEE. Going from 2000-1500 is harder than 2500-2000, but if you had to lose 10 lbs and I had to lose 20, you’d get there in half the time.

    (PCOS and Hypothyroidism do not break physics either. Someone with PCOS in a 500 cal deficit will lose the same as someone without PCOS on a 500 cal deficit)

    Dan Brown Reply

    Lord Chumpington it’s not basic physics, it’s complicated biology. The human body has evolved to save energy in all sorts of ways. What you eat (macro composition) and when you eat play significant roles in weight loss. Significant and lasting results are not just about calorie intake.

    kk Reply

    Lord Chumpington you’re not taking into account women’s hormones and periods. it’s not the same. men generally have more muscle mass and the more muscle u have the more calories u burn. you’re incorrect.

Carla Reply

So true, I had no clue how many calories I was actually consuming until I started looking at the numbers. 😳 Changed that ASAP and now with more knowledge I feel like I’m more in control of my weight loss.

Saltwaterfish96 Reply

I started calorie counting two weeks ago and lost 4lb already.

Moami Reply

That is exactly what I was trying to explain to my friend! But when she said “yeah? then why kids in africa have big bellies?” I gave up….

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