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Solitary Gem Reply

Water fasting is not worth the risks. Especially when you mostly just lose water weight.

    man in glasses Reply

    You say “worth the risks” as if there is any benefit to it whatsoever over a sensible diet…..

    Ada Reply

    man in glasses well the obvious “benefit” is the quickness of results. it’s quite exciting to see the scale going down every single day (something you don’t get from any sensible diet).

    man in glasses Reply

    @Ada its so pathetic people are that impatient. When I lost 30 lbs, I did it over 10 months, at j2/3rds a lb a week. I felt great, I actually was able to build muscle during that time, and it was healthy

    Black Coffee Reply

    man in glasses And you were happy and it was sustainable 😀

    Ada Reply

    man in glasses good for you, but it’s shitty to call people pathetic for desperately wanting to make a change. some of us have been overweight for most if not all our lives. sometimes it’s hard to even believe you can make a change. yes, going the easy route is dangerous and not a good idea, but don’t call it pathetic just because you’ve never been there.

    not to mention that when you have less weight to lose, you can see an end in sight, so making a long term plan seems manageable, but some people have hundreds of pounds to lose. it’s a lot harder to embark on a journey that you know will take years, especially when you’re trying to undo years of habits and conditioning. so get off your high horse, you don’t know everybody’s situation.

Black Coffee Reply

Sounds dangerous, not sustainable, and there are so many better ways to lose weight. F’ing diet culture.

CheetoFireCat Reply

Sounds complicated😐ok no teeth brushing no way…that is insane already. Don’t do this. I’m yelling too nooooooo 🤦‍♀️

    communist rat Reply

    thats dry fasting

    CheetoFireCat Reply

    @communist rat i’ve done intermittent fasting which was great. But this seems so extreme. It does not sounds healthy to me at all in my opinion.

    CJ Plick Reply

    The community is a cult cringe fest. I saw facebook post on a fasting group asking if you accidentally swallow a little drop of mouthwash do you break a fast… There was this lady who accidentally tasted her food while cooking and was freaking out that she broke her fast when all she did was place a small drop of sauce at the tip of her spoon…. the rest of the spoon was clean. I was like wtf. Feeling what hunger feels like is beneficial for anyone starting their health journey but thats waay to extreme

    CheetoFireCat Reply

    @CJ Plick omfg that is just WHAT?! WHAAAT?!?! The insanity🤯😱

Ada Reply

I first water fasted in 2017. I wanted to do 21 says, but after 9 days I started having mild palpitations, so I stopped. I tried again this year, but gave up after just 4 days. I had forgotten about the brain fog, the weird feeling of your digestive system being off, the gross coating on your tongue, the constant food cravings.. It’s just not worth it, even more mentally than physically.

yogibbear Reply

She sounds like the kind of person who you could sell into one of those MLM scams…

Yvette G Reply

My favorite part is when he really can’t believe the stupidity of what he’s hearing

    Matsumi Wheatley Reply

    I don’t think anyone will be able to believe to stupidity he or she is hearing. I know I can’t and I’m only 7mins into the video.

Sinthu Chiva Reply

I am so glad that she’s doing okay.

Dani Marsh Reply

How can anybody think that not washing is a good way to lose weight. Not only are you immensely hungry but also dehydrated and stinky, that’s just going to make you a million times more miserable and less likely to stick to permanent healthy life changes.

Great Tribulation Reply

I did it for 7 days lost muscle mass and my happiness.

Dungeons and Deadlifts Reply

“We’re not hunters and gatherers, We’re Netflix and chillers” lmao Soooo true

Janey Williams Reply

The theory is that in dry fasting the body breaks down fat to release water as a compound from the component parts of the lipid molecules ie it forces weight loss. It’s is only a theory and there is no research evidence that it works at the moment and as far as I am aware. Asfar as water fasts go people do it before surgery without I’ll effects and though it’s not for me don’t feel justified in trying to stop other people from doing it either. One hears that it’s dangerous I’m not sure there’s much evidence that it’s dangerous either when people take electrolytes. I am vary wary of preaching to people how to lose weight in a negative way. We’ve done that already. Each to their own.

    Marie Odu Reply

    Yep as you said you have to take some electrolytes 😁 but to each their own

klb202 Reply

Right after I hear ‘juice’ and ‘himalayan sea salt’ I think of the infamous Jillyjuice

    Akai Mato Reply

    Y E S, I was thinking the same!!!

LetItRoll97 Reply

Some of y’all in the comment section are just mean.
Yes, her previous actions were stupid but she is intelligent and forgiving enough to acknowledge her mistakes and move on from it. She knows better so she preaches better. People forget how much misinformation there is out there. If you don’t know, you don’t know and there are people who prey on that. That’s why channels like John’s matter- they combat lies with truth in a compassionate way.
The next thing I saw that appalled me was people questioning that she is a certified trainer. I believe she’s one. I would not be surprised if in her quest for truth and knowledge on health related topics, she decided to get certified as a trainer. She seems more than intelligent enough to do so. Now, she may not have rippling muscles like the average trainer is expected to have but that doesn’t make her license any less valuable. In fact, she may reach a unique audience of people who were too conscious about their weight to even enter a gym, more or less get a personal trainer.
My point is this- she made a mistake and she’s working to fix that mistake for herself and for others. That is what matters here.

    Zurgo Pussysmasher Reply

    Thank you 🙏

    denierla Reply

    Agreed! Everyone’s journey is different. I’ve done liquid fasting, but I always have listened to my body when I felt like I was doing too much. The other part of losing weight for myself was fixing my mental health. So many won’t lose weight when people criticize them for past mistakes in their journey. Compassion is what is needed.

    SanMan Reply

    Never trust a fat doctor or a skinny chef.

o Reply

i have an ed and these kinds of people are doing crazier things than i do bruh. i rarely fast for several days because it only puts me in a b/p/r cycle and i feel faint and sicker than i already do, like it’s not worth going down .5 pounds or whatever.

Epona Lee Reply

This sounds so dangerous. And it says a lot about todays society that those extreme “diets” are kind of popular, even among personal trainers (not especially this one) it seems.
How deep into the “diet mindset” must one be to not think one step ahead when they hear “not shower to lose weight”. This really makes me sad, those people must be really upset and hopeless regarding other ways of losing weight when they try such devastating “diets” that have no no no backup in science or even logic whatsoever.

Delphoene Evenhuis Reply

Cole Robinson is going to land in all kinds of hot water if he doesn’t stop making statements such as “Fasting is perfectly safe during pregnancy” or telling people to stop their meds! He doesn’t even bother throwing in the obligatory disclaimer, “I’m not a doctor…”

Epona Lee Reply

Can’t people just try moderate ways to lose weight? Like slightly deficit for a few month boom your good to go.
There are no quick fixes .

    deathpresent101 Reply


    SilraxA Reply

    @deathpresent101 lol

Alê Reply

I see so many of these people who water fast claim it’s for spiritual purposes and not for the weight loss, yet they always have those before and after pictures of their bodies

Black Coffee Reply

Who would’ve ever thought that we would get to a point of being afraid to eat food? Sounds like anorexia!

Wanda Mkhize Reply

This saddens me. She started her video by saying when she did this she was broke. This fasting lifestyle probably made what she could have viewed as starvation bearable.

Fasting so extremely, abandoning hygiene and working out is uhh a little unwise. Your body shouldn’t go through that. Short fasts for spiritual reasons I sort of kind of get HOWEVER fasts for the sake of losing weight are things I’m not a fan of because more often than not… People can’t do them well, it often ruins the individual’s relationship with food then all of these disorders arise. With that said, I know that not all fasts are made the same. You can’t really put intermittent fasting, OMAD, fasting a day a week, prolonged water fasting and dry fasting on the same level.

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