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Abbie Reply

Iโ€™m here so early

Kaitlyn McLaren Reply

i usually love the comedy of zooms, but itโ€™s a bit much with hers. just right off the bat lol.

MadeOfCoolness Reply

I like Michelle, gonna see what he has to say about her.

    Kristen Lockhart Reply

    they’re friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

    James Leggett Reply

    Lol I’ve said it before, but I wish she were my cousins.

RedLightning17 Reply

Some kill their own base. I was fan of Alan Roberts. He was a little much but I respected his opinion. Then he insulted me for zero reason in the comments just cuz I had a slightly different opinion of something than he did. It’s just immature. I’m good with Michelle McDaniel tho

    Victoria McKenzie Reply

    I used to watch him but he took a short bus to crazy town on his community tab and I just couldn’t anymore.

    Elizabeth Eddy Reply

    I was a viewer of his too, then he made some crazy covid posts and aggressive responses. I realized he has a pretty limited view of the โ€œtruthโ€ and โ€œreasonโ€ and was not interested in watching him anymore

    Amanda Reply

    @Elizabeth Eddy same thing happened to me.

    a. corrado Reply

    I just don’t understand his obsession with fat people, its kind of weird.

    Maryam Reply

    @Elizabeth Eddy same, I left the second he hopped on the covid conspiracy train.

Peartskirt And Spunky Reply

Lol just watched her video ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Peartskirt And Spunky Reply

    And you know what I agreed with her whole heartedly

Kayla Burnett Reply

I like how the video catches him off guard with the zooms, lol

Solitary Gem Reply

Part of why I follow you is because you don’t just talk about weight loss. After the first 4-6 months of my weight loss journey, it was just about grinding it out since weight loss just comes from a caloric deficit and knowing your TDEE. There’s only so much to learns about weight loss or fitness.

Juliette Veronica Reply

I’m still convinced Swolenormous is the worst

    Anna Reply

    I stopped following him after he went after Will Tennyson for no reason.

    DietDevan Reply

    I use to watch him a lot but his Nuts On Chin thing was very cringe to me

    willow autumn Reply

    Swolenormous ego..and his comment section is full of self serving dopes

Isabella Verduga Reply

i think it can fell a bit dishonest to a loyal fan when the title is OBVIOUSLY clickbait and thats why people complain

Myurr Reply

To be fair, ALL fitness channels are repetitive (Sorry John >.>)

But if you are into anything that has a big following (Video Games, Anime, Movie franchises, etc.) These get repetitive too because there’s only so much to talk about sometimes. But we all like being in a Echo Chamber sometimes and having your own beliefs validated over and over only makes you believe them more strongly. That’s why Alan and Papa Swolio still get views despite being on repeat, because people agree with them and like being validated.

Personally I can only take so much and have stopped watching most of those channels unless they drop a video with something more interesting to say.

clydeknightwind Reply

Stopped watching papa swole for the exact reason she said. Stopped watching Alan because he went insane and abusive.

Crissy G Reply

I believe the Algorithm changed to suppress these types of videos.

Amanda Martin Reply

I used to follow Alan Roberts and Swolenormous until probably the last 6 months or so. They went downhill so fast, went from critiquing (which was great) to just tearing people down and personally attacking them. Their content became SO hate filled. It’s just repetitive at this point too, and not interesting.

Someone who mixes fitness and lifestyle really well is Whitney Simmons! She’s proved that you can change up your content without sacrificing your views/quality.

    Gjuljeta Jashari Reply

    Something about swolenormous feels so cult like to me. I watched his cosmo video and he DID NOT even read the article when i pointed it out in the comments one of his subscribers said it doesnt matter what they wrote becouse they are fat positiv by putting the obese woman on the front cover

DietDevan Reply

I feel like Alan Roberts and Swolenormous channels died because all they do now is insult you while trying to sell their programs.

    Seyler-kun on the case Reply

    yeah that was my problem with swolenormous.. coloured hair? insulted, ed? insulted ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

    benwhitnell Reply

    Alan has really turned into an edge lord.

    DietDevan Reply

    @Seyler-kun on the case Honestly!! And I use to be a fan of him too like back when he didn’t have 1,000 subscribers a few years ago. It sucks to see what he’s doing now.

Russell Syx Reply

Buy Greg’s friggin COOKBOOK

CJ Reply

I really loved Aloan Roberts channel at first, but for some reason it just turned bland for me. Nothing bad happened or nothing, it just kinda got, i dunno. Blah i guess. I asctually totalllllly forgot i was even subscribed. Its like 99% hate. Granted, its proper hate in the sense that hes not wrong about stuff but, its just exhausting drinking so muchy haterade. If he had more purely positive videos, id prolly watch it alot more.

Maryam Reply

Alan Roberts ruined it for me (and probably a bunch of other healthcare workers) with his crazy covid posts. He was also just getting plain mean.

Random Person Reply

I tried to get here as early as possible just to say I love the “look how buff I am” outros

Joanne Elizabeth Reply

John !! You are so sweet man !! You energy is everything.

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