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DieNinutschka Reply

Hey Hannah!
Why don’t you have a box or something for your little cute friends while driving? I live in Germany and driving like this is forbidden here. If you crash your dogs would probably die very quickly even if your speed isn’t that high. Just saying because I do not think you do it because your dogs mean nothing to you or something like that and you may not have considered it yet…..
Greetings from Germany and keep going!

Melissa Sahagun heathen Reply

Your dog is so observant it’s like he’s listening to every single word you’re saying and he’s watching the road for you lol

    * Potato Power * Reply

    +Sophiaahhaahh and his ear’s inside out so he can hear out for dangers on the road

    ebony berry Reply

    lol I think he thinks she’s talking to him. he’s like yes potatoes good yes I need to listen to my body but please watch the road

    Melissa Sahagun heathen Reply


    sunshine sprinkles Reply

    Hahaha 😂

    sunshine sprinkles Reply

    ebony berry , you’re too funny 😂 love your comment👍

Let's Be Healthy Together Reply

@High Carb Hannah Great content but… Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel or The Starch Solution will not be able to help you or the other person in the accident with you.

C Golden Reply

Your dog is so cool….looks like a boss. But I need to share this… I once had a dog that I let run around my car when I was driving… and then I got into a fender bender. The dog flew from the back seat into the dashboard. I thought her neck was broken. She was OK but I was so scared for her and after that bought a safety halter. Then there is my sister…her dog fell out of an open car window on the highway at high speed. The dog survived but was in lifelong pain after that. Our little fur babies need protecting.

TheBlondePixie Reply

Love the channel and the recipes. Slightly panicked about the dog,driving and looking at the camera while driving. I can see there being a law about vlogging while driving soon enough.

marylee vargas Reply

you’re like mariah carey and natasha lyonne’s love child

P Teifert Reply

do ‘s and don’ts of driving. holy crap!

    S K Reply


John Smith Reply

I have a “Don’t” for you….. recording a youtube Vid while driving.

    AtOutoftheBlue Reply

    John Smith Also don’t write a plural as a contraction. Unless your name is Do, and something belongs to you, “Do’s” is nonsense. Also don’t forget the apostrophe when writing “don’t”

    SJ Calderon Reply

    Agreed! Driving with a dog on your lap is also dangerous! Keep safe HCH!

    Boo Boo Reply

    John Smith or have you dogs on your lap while driving

    Tauna Calise Reply

    Nope. The phone is put away when driving.

    Eve Reply

    Absolutely terrified watching this

Zen B Reply

I normally love your videos Hannah but I don’t support the distracted driving thing you are doing here.

Dale Power Reply

Please don’t drive while making videos. Or with unsecured dogs on you. Pretty please?

Thank you.

    barry musgrove Reply

    Yes, that can be as unhealthy as eating deep fried bbq belly pork, or deep fried mars bars, feeling hungry now must pop into the kitchen

Armanda Lebron Reply

I like your thoughts but I have a comment I can not keep to myself…you are violating driving safety are .looking at your cam more than the road and the dogs are loose in the car…you are very educated so why not also follow driving safety

Ann G. R. Reply

Ah….should be named the dos and don’ts of driving…..don’t record a video while driving and don’t drive with a dog on your lap. YIKES. I love your message but am alarmed at the situation. Adorable dogs by the way.

    jackie smith Reply

    I just wrote the same thing …before reading your post …yikes agreed .

Jenna L Reply

did you really need to do this while driving…..ah

jackie smith Reply

love you but driving while filming and with the dogs distraction ,,,yikes …

Stephanie Murphy Reply

I love the message but I can’t help but feel like she’s going to get into an accident while watching this. Kinda scary. 🙁 I know this is an old video but please Hannah don’t do this again lol! I know you’re not holding the camera but still distracting from the road.

Christy Sanchez Reply

Do NOT record and drive!!! That’s terrifying Jesus it can wait

Motivated By Medals Reply

You’re awesome, but if you hit someone whilst recording, they’d sue you and there would be video proof.
(Future JD)

InHislove Reply

Please don’t drive and blog. Its dangerous for you, those around you and your precious doggies. You are so inspiring. Please inspire your younger audience to be safe also! love you xx

Kirt Kirt Reply

keep your eyes on the road! if this isn’t illegal, it should be.

Jw Smart Reply

I live in a city with a lot of unconscious drivers… but i gotta say i’ve never seen someone so unconscious about her responsibility to others. Wow. Get Off The Road!

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