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CFC jack Shields Reply

Not trying to be rude but someone who is 400 500 or 600 pounds that is not healthy!

    C G Reply

    That’s not rude that’s just true

    josiew Reply

    Yeah… duh…

    Trust the process Reply

    @C G it is being rude in this century where most people get offended literally by everything.

    TipTheScales27 Reply

    Even 250 is way too much

Eden Wild Reply

I genuinely wonder if these people think they make sense. “Like do they ever just lie in there bed and think what the heck am I saying”

    nummulite99 Reply

    Not watched the video eh?

    Anjel - Reply


    DaxIsAName Reply

    It’s a lot of projection when they attack a former fat activist for losing weight. Those attackers feel like it’s a personal attack on themselves because they don’t want to confront all the ways that they feel bad about their weight.

    QueenMinks28 xD Reply

    I think everyone should just keep their opinions to themselves… that’s her body her choice. Worry about your own!😂

    Eepy-Cheepy Cheepaford Reply

    @QueenMinks28 xD So basically you are pro suicide.

Lay Smith Reply

You can be fat and healthy you cannot be obese and healthy and I’m talking 300 up 200s to depending on your height and how your body holds weight

    Rin Reply

    Vintage Fox I’m 5’1, if I weighed 200 lbs I would definitely be obese

    Bob Ore Reply

    Ok doctor lady smith

    Kiki D Reply

    @Vintage Fox you’re definitely allowed to have an opinion but no matter where they carry extra 100 lbs, wether it’s joint problems or heart disease. Also 5′ – 5’8 isn’t unusually short? You have to be below like 4’10” for it to be particulary weird

    Vintage Fox Reply

    Kiki D I just personally feel it’s not that black and white clean cut that this particular rubric works for everyone no matter what – genetics, health (not just weight) and body type have a hand in it, it just can’t be that simple to calculate someone’s health based on those two things. In the end I think it’s just knowing your own body and where your body is comfortable and wants to stay naturally and that may not be the “standard” weight + height = your perfect health. Like I said as someone who’s been considered in the healthy/underweight range with an eating disorder I know that I know that was not healthy place for my body to weigh or be in personally even with my height. Different strokes for different folks

    Megan Hill Reply

    All depends on height. At 5’4” I was obese at 200 lbs. I’m now 183 and I still feel like I have a ways to go. If I were 6’0” it’d be different

Melanie Plante Reply

It’s crazy that people can be unhappy with someone else bettering themselves so they can LIVE LONGER

    zitronentee Reply

    It’s the ‘us vs them’ mentality that plague insecure people. They lash out their self-hate by blaming society, industry, politics, etc

    darklausal23 Reply

    Because people that don’t want to do anything about their health feel supported, and when one of the people change their attitude, they can’t no longer identify themselves with the one that changed.

    Farah Pitcher Reply

    All it shows is insecurity and immaturity!

    Mattie Dewald Reply

    It’s madness! I am so happy for this woman, this should be a cause for celebration, not criticism!

    Haley Reply

    Yes, you have to be pretty miserable with yourself that you’re lashing out on someone trying to get healthier. It’s complete madness and jealousy.

Joe Major Reply

It must suck if you’re a part of the “wolves aren’t dangerous; give them hugs and kisses” movement and then one day have to go on your platform and be all “hey guys super embarrassed here but I kind of got my face bit off. Not like a huge biggy, just can’t really eat solid foods or talk anymore lulz. So I don’t want to disappoint y’all cuz I love y’all and you should still go out and do you but I might like take a break for now.”

    DaxIsAName Reply

    It’s really sad how pack/tribe mentality can be. “If you’re not 100% with us, then you’re against us.” is never a good philosophy to live.

    Mattie Dewald Reply

    I think there’s a lot of jealousy and envy in these movements. If someone is losing weight and becoming healthier, it’s easier for these folks to tear them down instead of lifting them up. I hate to see it.

    Sabia S Reply

    Sounds like the vegan cult, too!

    gay AF Reply

    “Im way too childish to admit to a mistake I made and now I have to apologize for doing what I think it’s the right thing” 🙃

    Milly Brumwell Reply

    @Sabia S y?

azra sarvar Reply

Tbh walking is very underrated,when I was looking to loose weight all this hiit and cardio made me loose spirit as I have asthma it was I started walking and I love it now I walk 7-8 miles a day.if you can’t do all this crazy excercises start with walking and may be incorporate yoga and other exercise further along the way.

    azra sarvar Reply

    @Super Kitten yeah I am also trying to include strength training in my routine but it’s hard.

    Tina Hoffman Reply

    Yes! I have lost almost 30 pounds just walking. I think it is great way to build physical fitness into a habit since you can do it everyday. I’m also trying to add strength training. That’s hard not because the exercise is difficult, but I have a hard time mentally when I don’t feel like I’m doing it “perfectly.” But I’m working on being kinder to myself in that regard and not letting it sabotage myself.

    Christine S. Reply

    I started with my fitbit and trying to make sure I hit 8000 steps, when that became easy I upped it by 1000 a week. Since lockdown I easily am hitting 20-30,000 every day and I feel great(and 46lbs down!)

    azra sarvar Reply

    @Tina Hoffman that’s also my problem with the excercises where you have to have certain posture for it to be effective even doing jump rope requires coordination but walking is just freeing..glad to know others feel like it too

    Tina Hoffman Reply

    @azra sarvar whenever I start to be mentally abusive to myself, I try to remember would I say these things to my friend? Would I tell my friend that they should give up, because they couldn’t do something perfectly correct the first, second, or third time? I just have to remember if I expect others to have a learning curve, then I should expect it from myself. Being kind to yourself is a part of health.

Crystal Nicole González Reply

That disclaimer at the end is sad. It’s for her health. She should not feel bad about taking care of herself. Your own health should always come above anyone’s opinion.

    Driden Reply

    It really is but when you spend so much time in a community that feeds you validation and in some cases income. You feel the need to please and keep them happy above yourself

nancy klingler Reply

I think Anna was more of respect at every size, but I think the movement adopted her as a member. It’s a shame you have to be afraid that you are choosing your life and health over these women who will get so triggered

    BeckyJay 2.0 Reply

    I agree! She was much more- confidence at every size not so much health.

    Kara B. Reply

    That’s exactly what the name of the movement should be, Respect At Every Size or Confidence At Every Size, which is what I think the goal of the movement was originally supposed to be going for. Now it just seems to be another movement people fall into to be mad at something.

DaxIsAName Reply

Anna sounds like a smart young woman who got confronted with an uncomfortable reality and is currently working through a lot just so that she can physically feel better in the future.

    Cass E Reply

    It’s true though that there are few good places to turn for people like her. Most of the “health and wellness” people focus heavily on aesthetics, “optimizing health” in needlessly restrictive ways, not treating fat people as worthy of human respect until they lose weight, and basically pretending that weight loss is worth nothing unless you get down into the “normal” range which we know to be false.

    Trust the process Reply

    “a smart young woman”?

Darth Kai Reply

Wait a couple decades, and lets talk about “HAES” then…

    Rebekah Loves Reply

    What’s HAES?

    Natural Beauty26 Reply

    @Rebekah Loves Health At Every Size.

    gay AF Reply

    Lambochaser I think when they see how all of them ended up they’ll realize 😥

    Darth Kai Reply

    @Rebekah Loves yeah, it’s commonly called, “Healthy at any Size,” but I am just used to saying, “every size.”

    Lambochaser Reply

    @Darth Kai Hopefully. The mindset is the biggest thing. If we could all get that will power to just get outside and move, we would all be in better shape. Including myself im pushing 400lbs and I tell myself everyday that I’m tine and that I feel amazing. I know its gonna mess me up in the future. And if I dont take care of it now,I wont have a future. It’s crazy I usually give advice without taking my own advice. Its just…hard. I think most of us bigger people are focused on the end result and wishing it would come faster when in reality we have to realize we didnt get here overnight and we aren’t gonna lose it overnight.

Robert Kolakowski Reply

I borrow from Nietzsche. Nietzsche believed that a human being should not a slave to any ideology. And modern diets are ideologies (it does go beyond hype). The problem with most diets is that they sale miracles and most people quit because, guess what, no miracle. The best way to lose weight is by slow changes and by lowering frequency of certain foods. I went from 280 lbs to 260 lbs by eating less candy bars and ice cream. I went from 260 to 250 lbs by eliminating delicious Wawa’s chocolate milk and drinking hot chocolate instead. After while of drinking Wawa’s chocolate milk less frequently, I stopped drinking it all together. I went from 250 lbs to 2014 lbs by making a lot of small changes, one of them is drinking hot chocolate with reduced calories. It took me 3 and 1/2 years to lose 66 lbs and I need to lose 14 lbs more. Another thing is not to get depressed. What if I regain some weight and tip the scale again at 220 lbs-nothing! I will just pick myself up and continue!

Zsa Zsa Reply

It’s so weird that losing weight and getting healthier is becoming controversial… she seems so nervous and u can tell she trying hard to make it seem like she wasn’t trying to lose weight or this wasn’t about weight smh.

    Lambochaser Reply

    I guess people who feel like they cant do it don’t want to be “left behind”. Its a very challenging thing and it makes people feel all types of ways.

    robyn Reply

    Uggggghhhh such a toxic “movement”

cloudstrife2131 Reply

HAES is going to be a lot less popular as they all reach middle age.

    th1smomentisfate Reply

    That made me so sad to read =(

    Shuffles Reply

    And have a heart attack in their 30s because they weigh 400lbs

    Katie M Reply

    Honestly, my fathers not even that big but he hit 50 and started working out because he said he’s tired of feeling like crap all the time and doesn’t want it to keep getting worse

    Megan Hill Reply

    If they even reach middle age 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Michelle Ellis Reply

    it already is happening. This one and ALR both having major health issues they will deal with the rest of their lives.

Amy Steele Reply

Why won’t people admit that the number on the scale is ONE measure of health? It’s not everything, it’s not the entire picture of health, but it is ONE measure of health. To say you don’t care about it at all is shooting yourself in the foot imo

    BellClan37 Reply


    Yee Yee Hee Hee Reply

    In my case (and some other people) ignoring the scale is the best thing we can do for ourselves. It is so easy to slip into disordered eating when weighing yourself even if you are healthy. As a woman, weight also fluctuates (up to 3kg in one day for some). So yeah, people on the extreme end of weight groups should definitely take a look and get a reality check. For people like myself, it can be damaging to do, so I skip that and look at how I feel, how my clothes fit, etc.

    gay AF Reply

    I think the mirror is the most effective and satisfying thing, because if you are losing fat and gaining muscle it can be frustrating not to see a huge difference, but when you look at yourself at the mirror and see the muscles, your skin getting clear from eating well, you feel better in general… that’s very rewarding

    JuaP Reply

    @Yee Yee Hee Hee absolutely I like clothes fit specially but yeah numbers are not a friend for a lot of people and that’s ok

    JuaP Reply

    In general weighing yourself every single day can be so damaging and discouraging for some people cause even if you are steadily losing weight it fluctuates so so much depending on a bunch of stuff (I remember freaking out every month cause my weight would not move and then every time once my period was done the numbers would go down again)

Lizzie Hotel Reply

Walking is DEFINITELY underrated. It’s actually pretty good for burning calories and losing weight. This morning, I took my 5 year old on a 2.78 mile walk, took 53 minutes, I burned 356 calories. These walks are in addition to my other workouts and runs, but they still add up.

    Jillian Henriques Reply

    Walking is awesome because unlike HIIT or other cardio it doesn’t really increase your appetite (well for me at least).

Blue Suede Blades Reply

I sincerely like her, she seems to have a sweet personality. But I’m sad that she feels like she needs to apologize for making an effort to have a better lifestyle. She shouldn’t owe anybody that

    Amateur Astronomer Reply

    Same! From the time I first saw one her tic toks, I could tell there was something genuinely cool about her. I wish her the best on her journey. Social media support is superficial so I hope she doesn’t let it interfere with her real life goals.

AWEtistic Reply

It’s so sad to see how scared she is that people are going to come after her to lose weight for health reasons because she might end up being unable to walk if she doesn’t. How is that a movement of positivity and acceptance?

    Jarrella J Reply

    AWEtistic the All Accepting, All Loving Kindness Positivity bunch are the most vicious and hateful wolves in sheep’s clothing out there.

Taylor Andree Reply

I really like that she is using her diagnosis as motivation to get healthy, and not as an excuse to give up. We usually see the opposite.

Jasmine O’Connor Reply

Anna will take absolutely no criticism. People were telling her for months to cut down on the jumping, squats and high impact workouts and she blocked them or let her minions rip them apart. Then she went and tore her knee up.

    182atenasb Reply

    A lot of people act the same when they first start to get healthy. They go way too hard because they have so much weight to lose. It feels like it will take forever. Like her they often injured themselves.

gay AF Reply

A community that claims to be “positive” and supposedly focuses on self love and acceptance shames someone who takes care of their body for health reasons and tries to improve themselves.

*So coherent*

    gay AF Reply

    Let’s use another positive community focused on self love (except they REALLY focus on self love: the LGBT community. If someone realized they are not gay, we would support them. If someone isn’t sure, we support them. Since we have lived a lot of harming experiences, we lift each other up and try to give confidence to people, straight, gay, cis, trans, whatever. *That’s* focusing on acceptance, shaming anyone that isn’t exactly like you *isn’t*
    You can’t scream “acceptance” and then shame other groups of people, that’s tribal mentality. Honestly, go to therapy and work on your self esteem, but don’t try to bring others down because you are insecure, that’s a really shitty thing to do.

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