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    Fay Nt Reply

    just waited here for someone to do it haha

Leah W Reply

I like your new channel pic and banner, looks great

Rebecca Brown Reply

Wait the after picture is before the before picture in the thumbnail?

RachelReduces Reply

Thanks to Robert Marshall for always being a great resource to us on YouTube Chat and in Discord. You really make it easy to understand Health and Fitness a lot more by breaking down the philosophies and techniques. 🤩

#1man1year150 Reply

Let me know if you want to talk man. I would love to share my story with you… you’re a huge inspiration to me man.

I went from 426 to 153 and bouncing back because I … had some issues.

You’re awesome Beast and regardless of a response or not, keep me motivated as i’m working on beast mode!

I wish I would have done strength training way earlier in my journey.

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    Abbie Holyday Reply

    Yes! I want to hear this interview ♥

    #1man1year150 Reply

    @Abbie Holyday thank you 🙂

    It has been a very long journey and i’m far from done, but this guy has been so much of an inspiration to my 41 year old self!

    The mental hurdles I went through about my loose skin and all have been crazy and the documentary about it all takes time but it’s time i’m really happy I was able to earn back to live…. because I was easily 1 foot in the grave with how I was eating and treating my body.

    Every single one of you is inspiration to me…. and every damn one of you is WORTH IT! REMEMBER THAT! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

DrewDrops - Reply

Great discussion! Hit very close to home on this one. It took me getting strong mentally to start my weight loss journey. Still have a long ways to go but I’m down 72 lbs started the end of July.

    Magen Martin Reply

    Wow congrats its hard for me to lose weight on physch meds

Miriam Mezher Reply

we miss the clean face✨

sara lipkind Reply

Yeah when i was younger I ate to avoid my past

Lifestyles Of Kayla Reply

Literally so true. I always feel like as soon as I reach my goal weight I’ll be happier and my life will be great

emille mcmillan Reply

After losing 120 pounds I can say for a fact that it dosent so much for mental health unless the reason you were depressed was SOLEY due to your weight, for me I’m just about the same mentally and I think I may be depressed, I didn’t believe in it at first but after looking up the signs i think I just may be, I wouldn’t say I’m sad but I’m definitely nowhere close to happy, I don’t wanna go anywhere and it’s causing problems with my family (covid foxes that problem) I can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling refreshed and and and…porn…

I just don’t genuinely enjoy life anymore and I can’t remember how I use to, I’m currently at 232 pounds I’ll continue dropping till I’m about 180-195 though I doubt it’d change anything for me mentally

    Abbie Holyday Reply

    I wish I could offer words to help, all I can really say is you are not alone and you are loved.

    emille mcmillan Reply

    @Abbie Holyday yeah I know that thank you it’s just hard to see the purpose in life for a few years now after my father died, I was 12 at the time and now I’m 18 and I still can’t see the purpose…

    Abbie Holyday Reply

    @emille mcmillan that is so much for you to deal with, especially at that stage of life. I’d say grief counselling would be a very good idea if it was at all a possibility for you. You have purpose, you have so many glorious things ahead of you, you won’t be able to see that through the fog (that fog is so thick, I know that), but you have.
    Maybe just start by googling grief therapists in your area. That’s one step, one step you can be proud of making. Then on to step two. Slowly you’re moving towards recovery.
    If I could hug you I would. My son is 20 and I’d hope someone would reach out to him if he needed it.

Mel Salvi Reply

My mind is not in a good place and exercise help me.

    Rebecca Ketchem Reply

    Same here exercise helps me mentally.

DietDevan Reply

The best cardio is the one you enjoy. For me I absolutely love incline walking but since El Paso is back on shut down, I’m starting to think about buying a bike.

    Alhan A Reply

    Buying a bike was the best investment I made. Especially with quarantine and lockdown it is worth every penny!

    DietDevan Reply

    @Alhan A do you have any bike recommendations? I know how to ride a bike but it’s been a few years since I have.

LT Reply

Calorie deficient diet, lots of water and Exercise!

John's HANtourage Reply

I think it’s so awesome that you have succeeded in your weightloss and you devot your time to help other people do the same 🙂 i hope to be as helpful and inspirational as you one day xD

Lifestyles Of Kayla Reply

Me: just casually listening
Beast: “how to stop binging”
Me: 😨🤔

Grace Car Reply

So many inaccuracies. Skinny fat people should cut. They are over fat. If they try to gain weight the fat will outpace any muscle gains.
There are not a lot of bodybuilders maintaining on 5k calories.
The protein requirements of an overweight 200lb males will be no where near the requirements of a 180lb jacked lean male. No way. More like a 140lb male. The untrained individual will definitely not have the muscle mass of 180lb. You are discouraging high protein intake when the major benefits are muscle retention, but also increased thermos effect of food and increased satiety. Poor forethought.
Finally encourongn weight training over cardio is a bad idea for someone losing weight. You should be encouraging both. But cardio will have a much greater effect on their weight loss. Resistance training? 10 minutes of air squats and push ups aren’t going to build any appreciable muscle mass, especially if you are talking about long term metabolic benefits, eg higher calories. That is just being misleading.
In order to get a higher BMR you need a fair amount more muscle, lbs more muscles. You aren’t gaining pounds of muscle doing air squats.

I had to stop the video because I was worried the wrong information would sleep into my subconscious mind.

Greg Hill Reply

Water fasting means only consuming water. I believe avoiding even fluids is called dry fasting. It’s confusing.

Jen Doodle Reply

Theirs 18 ads in my video😣😭 sorry I don’t think I’m gonna watch this one

Kay Nabay Reply

I thought that this would not give me any new lesson but I was wrong, thanks <3

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