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VideosForNoReason Reply

I lost over 100lbs. Caloric deficit is what helped me. Took over a year. My videos are of poor quality but I did document the process going as far back as 2017

The Gaining Ground Reply

Love a new OBEASETOBEAST video! Time to grab some coffee and sit down. I was really feeling down this week, 6 weeks into my journey. It’s been so hard… just a crap week altogether. Looking forward to getting some much needed energy and motivation before filming my next video.

Let’s get that coffee and hit PLAY!

Ellie's 300 LB Story Reply

Calorie deficit and being consistent is what has helped me.

Sagemaster Grasie Reply

Consistency and being persistent. Fighting the good fight everyday, forget motivation! Strive and drive WOOH!

Crazyunicorn127 Reply

I love Obese to Beast, I’m currently a senior in high school and I have lost 95 pounds. High school is already hard enough so losing weight while in high school was even harder. I love that you mentioned what the hardest part of weight loss for me was finding a balance. It’s been hard to lose the weight, I’m at 187 now and I plan to continue! I started at 281. It’s been such a weird journey especially doing it in high school, and people’s reactions have been completely different than what a normal “”adult” would have.

    Emily Lachtrupp Reply

    Crazyunicorn127 I have almost the same starting weight and new weight! Keep it up!! You’re doing amazing ❣️

Firebourn94 Reply

Best advice I ever got
What’s the hardest part about exercising
Showing Up

Regular Show Is an Anime Reply

Yo was just watching your previous vid then you uploaded. This is what’s called:

NayNayWhispers Reply

After weeks of cardio and low carb, I didn’t lose any weight. I was even tracking my calories in My fitness pal. I met with a trainer and nutritionist yesterday and he said I need to up my carbs right before a workout and do weight training to build muscle and increase my metabolism. I’m on a four month plan, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m currently 60lbs overweight.

    Sam Howl Reply

    That dude sounds like a bro. Upping your carbs before a workout isn’t going to help you lose weight. Chances are you aren’t tracking very well and eating more than you think.

    Henri Tuhola Reply

    Keep cardio. Take 10-15g of whey protein isolate every day along the meal. Stop snacking between meals. Then start adjusting what kind of things you eat. It should be nutrient dense low glycemic index meals eventually.

Mike Vasquez Reply

Fat burners? When you eat right and lift regularly, your body becomes the fat burner.

ElCatrinMuerto Reply

Yeah bacon in your pockets. The neighborhood dogs will smell them and chase you around. Its cardio.

Shizzy Shoe Reply

I feel like another thing is don’t depend on motivation . You need discipline to stay consistent .

    Green Gypsy Bird Reply

    Shizzy Shoe Agreed! I’m motivated once every 3 months. Every other day is habit.

Jason saddler Reply

Consistency and knowing it’s NOT a diet, it’s a lifetime change

Kacie Warren Reply

I love comparing following diets to following a recipe! Definitely agree.

Adrian Hernandez Reply

I’ve been on keto for 3 months and lost 30 lbs, size and my SMAC resutls all in good range.

Tiffany Lukian Reply

Consistency I AGREE !!! I stepped my every other weekend drinking and BOOM back at the loss and back at the GOALS

Omega Skittles Reply

@3:00 I mean… Yeah.. It’s bacon. Totally agree. Bacon in pockets 😂

Kevin C Reply

Consistency, with training, eating, sleeping, etc….consistency is key

electricvibes Reply

Ive always wondered what kind of facial hair you can grow.

Harriet Butterworth Reply

Every time John says “thank you SO much for clicking on this video” it sounds so genuine and I’m always like “aw no worries, it’s my pleasure”

Thaddeus Fields Reply

Trigger warning: John says “ton” a lot!!!

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