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Crissy G Reply

You are a HERO to show people the real struggles and Rewards of your Journey!!🔥💪🔥

    AutumnxNoir Bariatric Babe Reply


XOXO Ronnie Reply

I love watching your interviews because it never feels like you’re trying to lead the person you’re interviewing to agreeing with your own beliefs.

Nancy Gonzalez Reply

I don’t like how she demonizes potatoes!

They aren’t bad! Ugh. White potatoes and sweet potatoes are great 😊 and have nutrients.

    J R Reply

    I think it might be because potatoes have starch. And starch is mild for the stomach. My dad had stomach ulcers operation, so in effect his stomach decreased (ulcers burst through the stomach). His diet after that was for very mild foods, like a baked apple, semolina, custard type of thing (has potato starch as one of main ingredients). I know it’s different type and reason for the surgery, but that’s why the potato didn’t surprise me when she said it.

    Danielle Zorzin Reply

    Potatoes are friend!!! Btw, I love potatoes! Of course! 😂

    Celeste Wilcott Reply

    I had the sleeve, I ate carbs even potatoes at almost every stage, except of course the fluids and jello stage. Carbs are tricky in the first 6 months to 1st year due to the fact that our stomach is our course small, but also weaker in a way, so the fibre can be a little tricky, but if cooked well, puréed or souped, it’s easier and then you get the benefits of the nutrients of the carbs and it will still feed and rebuilt a more diverse microbiome. We still need all three macros, we can vary the amounts and there are varied ways to get protein. I’m at the stage where beans work great for me which is a win because they have carbs and proteins.

    Nikki Bluford Reply

    @Celeste Wilcott It’s funny how everyone journey is different. I have the sleeve too. Doctor did not want me to eat starchy carbs until my 6 month mark. They just wanted me to focus on getting my 80-100 grams of protein in.

    Tina Reply

    Nancy G. I agree that potatoes are good for most people (2 grams of protein per 100 grams of potatoes, as well as many other nutrients), but if someone has limited space in their stomach post-operatively, it makes good sense for them to eat the protein-rich food first.

Binge Eating Food Addiction Diaries Reply

I have come to terms with the reality that I will deflate like a balloon as I lose weight . It is what it is .

    Sofia Reply

    it’s so so worth it.

    hektik Reply

    Yep. It’s difficult and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, especially after doing such a difficult thing as losing a bunch of weight, seems like a cruel reward at the end. But we have to take responsibility for our decisions. I’m lucky. I guess I decided I was big enough just in time. I have some scars on my belly but it’s not bad at all and I won’t have hanging skin I will get to be 6 pack lean and I’m grateful for that. It could have very well turned out differently for me. I’m empathetic towards people with that

    J.D Reply

    You do but honestly it doesn’t bother me as much as you think it would. I still enjoy how my body looks in the majority of clothes I wear. Naked isn’t the best but still better than the alternative.🤷🏻‍♀️

Joel C Reply

Approaching the 200 lbs lost mark and my body is no where near what I thought it’d be. Really considering loose skin surgery at this point

    V A Reply

    It’s a no brainer get it done

    M A Reply

    Wow, 200lbs lost is incredible! 👏🏻 how long did it take?

    Liz Reply

    Make the best choice for your body!

Emily Durkee Reply

It looks like their walls fuse together in the background and I love it

Bailey J Reply

We absolutely encourage all bariatric patients to consume a high protein, very low carb diet – I guess it is a personal choice whether or not they choose to follow it. Patients are even instructed to restrict fruit. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but that is the standard of practice.

    S.A. Reply

    Do you then take supplements to get your micronutrients? cause I can’t imagine that you would be able to when the volume you can eat is so small and the focus has to be on protein.

    Bailey J Reply

    @S.A. Yes! Especially fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K. B12 is supplemented as well.

M Day Reply

😂 The phrase is “Lie back and think of England” 😉 guess it doesn’t translate to American

Robert Porter Reply

In 2018 I had a 360 lower body lift after losing 200lbs. During recovery, as I was getting ready to leave the hospital I felt something burst under the skin in my lower abdomen and pretty much immediately went ghost white and felt like I was going unconscious. I had a hematoma and had to be rushed back for an emergency surgery, which lasted 7 hours. I forget how many units of blood they had to give but I ended up in ICU for 7 days. It was a really tough time, I had plans to get the skin on my chest removed in a follow up surgery but due to everything that happened it’s been setback quite a bit. I’ve followed this channel for a long time, I identify with you a lot since I believe you claim your highest weight was 363lbs and mine was the same. I also went from a 56” waist and 5xl shirt. I was at my lowest 157lbs right before the surgery. I currently sit around a healthy 170-172lbs. My stomach and waist are all healed now and look decent, but really trying to work on upper body. Just tired of not being able to wear t-shirts without compression garments underneath. I think if I could build my chest and shoulders like you have I wouldn’t even worry about another surgery.

Duchess Liz Reply

Oh, I had the same WLS as her! I rarely see anyone who had the Loop DS lol. My stats: 5’7 HW: 389 SW: 321 CW: 203 total loss so far: 186 pounds lost. I’m 11 months post op. The hardest thing imo about this surgery is getting your protein in and the sheer amount of vitamins you have to take (2 bariatric multi’s without iron, 1 with iron, 2 calcium citrate, vitamin A, and potassium).

Briana Cunningham Reply

I had roux-en-y gastric bypass in late 2008. I lost over 160lbs, then had a skin removal surgery to take the extra skin around my waist and lower back. I had complications while healing from that, and started have serious complications from the bypass about 2 years after I had it. I had an emergency surgery because a part of my small intestine started sucking itself into itself. It was extremely painful and I just remember waking up in the surgical recovery room. I had multiple complications from the scar tissue attaching my organs to my stomach wall, and potentially lethal complications for low blood sugar. I had to have my gastric bypass reversed which was the most horrendous painful thing I’ve ever been through in my life. I had multiple surgeries after to remove adhesions that our bonding my organs together. Such a long story and so many complications but I was so miserable being overweight, even if I knew I was going to have to go through all those surgeries and horrible pain I would have still done it. Being fat absolutely negatively affect every single aspect of my life.

Susie Q. Reply

I was just taking about this today. I’ve maintained a 120lb weight loss for several months now (I lost it with calorie counting and exercise). But there is part of me that still sees a big girl when I look in the mirror. The loose skin on my belly and arms is all I can focus on sometimes. My boobs have also deflated. In fact, my friends and I call ourselves the raindrop crew 💧🤣 But then there are times when I look at myself and think “what a badass”. I’m healthy now, I’m happier and truly living my best life. The skin is a sign of how hard we’ve worked to get to this point. I’d rather have this skin than have stroke-level blood pressure in my 30s. So I wear it proudly! 💪🏼 I’m proud of anyone who takes life by the balls and does what makes them happy and healthy.

    Esmee Reply

    @The Dawn of Vanlife I’ve seen your comments and a few times and lady you are hella impressive. You’ve not just lost a ton of weight already, you’re doing it, from what I gather, in a sustainable way. You’re taking steps now that *will* benefit you later. Those don’t show in the mirror but they matter, keep trusting the process and keep rocking because you are amazing!

    ar enia Reply

    @Esmee you are so honest about this problem. I am sure you will be able to handle it in time! There must be some specialised psychologiest, who can help you! I saw a german documentary about people, who suffer from bullemia or anorexia. a lot of them had a simmilar problem. They thought that they were bigger then they are and they got specialised help for this problem. You don’t have anorexia or bullemia, but if there are people for this problem, there must be people for your problem. I thought about getting counseling too, because my relationship with food has never been the best. And I think in order for me to keep my weight on a healthy level long term, psychological help would be needed. Also, there is still sometimes (not many times) that I have to adjust my self-image. With this comment I did not want to insult you, or hurt you in any way … I hope in a few years you will be able to look upon yourself differently and see the beautiful person that you are!

    The Dawn of Vanlife Reply

    @ar enia Body dismorphia, especially when you have been big a long time, is a very common problem. Especially because you don’t see the extreme difference. There’s a bunch of tiny incrimental differences that eventually result in some big number. It’s like watching a kid grow up, when you see them everyday you just see Mikey. But if grandma sees Mikey at 2 and then doesn’t see him for a year, that 3 year old looks more drastically different to her then he probably did to his parents along the way. Eating disorders are on the extreme end of body dismorphia because you literally think something is wrong that you need to fix. Where as on the less extreme end, you are just negotiating what you thought weightloss would feel/look like to what it actually is on occasion, but you have the ability to recognize you actually are fine and healthy even if you struggle with body image on occasion. Which isn’t super unusual. Even those without a weight problem may struggle with some other body image issue.

    The Dawn of Vanlife Reply

    @Esmee ❤️

    Esmee Reply

    @ar enia Thank you, that’s a very kind and helpful comment. Recognising a problem is an amazing first step and I have reached out for help so I’m certain one day I’ll be ok. I’m managing quite well on my own all things considered. It’s luckily always conflicting with a genuine passion (powerlifting) so I don’t think it will easily get out of hand again. But it’s definitely a bit of a problem nonetheless.

Treytino Reply

Slow down the questions, you can only ask one at a time.

Juan C Martinez Reply

I had VSG in October of 2019 best decision I ever made. I weighed almost 400lbs before my surgery and just over a year out I’m currently down to 246lbs. Thankfully I haven’t had any complications, I hit the gym 5 days a week and started running which is something I was never able to do before. I have a personal trainer that’s helping me with strength training and it has really helped with my loose skin.

Eric M. Reply

Could you please turn on closed captions for videos like these? It can help us non-native English speakers a lot to understand something if we can’t make out a word even after a few times re-listening to it. (Not to mention deaf people…)

Mel Salvi Reply

“Dear John”,
I have a co-worker who had bariatric surgery more than two decades ago, when the current types didn’t even exist. Unfortunately, there was no bariatric surgery by video laparoscopy. It was a living hell. After 6 months in the hospital, it was another two years of recovery.

I think like you. Surgery should be the last resort, but it cannot be demonized. It saves lifes.

Diana Rose Reply

Are we not going to talk about how shiny her hair is??!!

I Am Somali Reply

I lost over 100lbs naturally, I’m currently in the gym trying to fill out my loose skin with muscle. I have decided to get skin removal surgery. I thank you both so muchhhh for this video, I’m not as open about my loose skin, I’m kind of ashamed even though I’m very proud of my journey. To see you both so open about it is very refreshing and helpful, thanks so much ❤️

LaumiRez Reply

“She looks like an autopsy corpse” How rude!!! 😡😡 I’d like to see them go through 1/10th of that surgery!

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