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Sami Lambi Reply

I’m enjoying the live-streams!

The Final Sara Reply

I can’t even survive a Chloe Ting workout without eating how do these people exist

    Piper Bear Reply

    It’s called discipline

    Delray King Reply

    Just walk 20 mins every hour. CT’s workouts are worthless

    Renee Beagley Reply

    Rodney Mills i never said I’m in a deficit. I’m actually not at all usually. This week is definitely deficit week. Next week will be at maintenance.

    angsty teen Reply

    @Renee Beagley probably while you have enough body fat to survive off

    Renee Beagley Reply

    angsty teen I’m 10lbs to goal, so there’s not much left. 5’9” and 149, looking to get to 140. I’m close to maintenance so I’m definitely implementing a protocol that works for me.

Nerd Gains Reply

Yeah I’m good that’s a bit to extreme for me

Cais Corner Reply

“The goal is to detoxify your liver” who’s gonna tell them what the liver…does

    Cat Lover222 Reply

    Funny thing is, during starvation, the liver will release digestive enzymes to break down muscle tissue (“toxins”). So, wouldn’t this diet cause more “toxins” to be in the body?

    Enzoesa Reply

    @Jerry Fischer hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahaha so you use soap to cean your soap bar before using it?

    Jerry Fischer Reply

    @Enzoesa another uneducated comment 😀

    Enzoesa Reply

    @Jerry Fischer yeah sure what ever dude.

    ggstatertots Reply

    @Cat Lover222 Your body doesn’t starve until you break down all your fat stores, at that point it starts breaking down muscle. Most Americans have plenty of fat to lose though.

Rachmaninov was Emo Reply

I’m gonna be honest… when I first heard you say the snake diet I actually thought it was a diet where you just eat snakes.

    DuckPin2011 Reply

    Or rats.

    Rachmaninov was Emo Reply

    @DuckPin2011 That makes sense

    Emma Austin Reply

    Same. I thought you must eat snakes.

    Ivy Reply

    Yours makes more sense. I thought they thinned out snake poison as a weightloss cure.

    Rachmaninov was Emo Reply

    @Ivy oooh I like the creativity in that one

Egoism Reply

Cat dieter here! I follow my cat’s diet. She eats when she’s hungry typically in the morning, noon, and evening. Sometimes she may* skip a meal for a nap or afternoon hunting. When hunting she may snack on critters. I snack on yogurt and jerky. She also likes yogurt and jerky if given the chance. Cat diet for the win! 🐱 🐈 highly recommend !!! – she’s in a maintenance currently. During the winter she tends to bulk, then as spring comes around she increases her daily activity/ deficit. // Wish we wouldn’t add so much stress to food.

    rebecca triggered Reply

    That’s actually so cool 😃

    Cat Lover222 Reply

    Does the diet include mandatory periodic naps?

    Alexandra Reply

    A little odd sounding at first but that’s adorable & it sounds pretty healthy!! Lol

    Mindflayer 03 Reply

    rakakalala This is probably true but the concept was interesting.

    pamela lagos Reply

    Tell your cat that she’s awesome!

Stella Artist Reply

Yikes! When I heard snake diet, i thought it was just eating a giant meal, and then being full for the rest of the day….

    Lauren Hodges Reply

    I can vouch for 1 meal diet! If you need snacks though, just be considerate and eat small.

    IXVMM Reply

    That sounds more like OMAD! (One meal a day).

Tieia Middleton Reply

John, thank you for this. We live in a world where people have NOT been eating whole food, maybe their entire life. Certainly been eating processed foods, meats with hormones and antibiotics. If we promote whole food, nothing processed, we could heal so many. I’m like you and have lost 180+ pounds. Kept it off for 18 years. I had to learn to eat clean and healthy. I weight train 6 days a week, cardio 4 days (cause I hate cardio lol). No fads!

    Gordon Freeman Reply

    Noone says you can’t learn to eat healthy *AND* practice fasting.
    Grats on the weight loss. Keep it up! 😀

Natalie Rangkla Reply

It’s not petty to point out someone’s lack of qualifications.

    Eric Kuzma Reply

    He died at age 51

    christinafasts Reply

    Eric Kuzma Cole Robinson is still alive lol

    Danny B. Reply

    christinafasts He’s talking about Angus Barberi; the guy who fasted for a year.

    christinafasts Reply

    Danny B. OK, he must’ve replied to the wrong comment by mistake

d Reply

Interesting..ill stick with my 9pm-9am fast😅😅

    Jose Mama Reply

    I’ll stick to eating when hungry

    Marilyn Beth Reply

    I do something like that. I don’t eat for four hours before bed and then I wait two hours after waking to eat my first meal. I find this is good for my digestion.

    Jana H Reply

    Is it working? 9 pm to 9 am? I do 9 pm to to 1 pm

    d Reply

    Jana H actually yes! Been at it for 6 months or so, never been this lean with such little effort in my life. Used to snack all day long and now im never even really hungry

Lindsey Quinn Reply

The title of this brought up memories of the tape worm diet. Is that still a thing?? Or am I showing my age here? 🤔

    rebecca triggered Reply

    😦 Why is that a thing??? Horrifying

    Ms Maybe Reply

    It’s still a thing. I think a few years ago a mom got put in jail for child abuse because she gave her chubby daughter tape worms to help her lose weight

    Jess the Poet Reply

    That’s exactly what I was thinking!!

    Alyse Santillana Reply

    Omg to this day I still think, “if only I had a tape worm”

    Sarasti S Reply

    Where can one hypothetically get a tapeworm? Asking for a friend…

ThePrincessBabbit Reply

I don’t think fad diets like that work. I’ve lost 104 lbs so far just counting calories and exercising. I still have more to lose, but just being patient and continually eating less calories than you burn is the best and safest way I think.

    WilsonEatsASMR Reply

    exactly, it’s not rocket science. I have lost 100 lbs in a year by doing the same thing. all these fad dangerous diets are for the gullible. To lose weight, no matter what you do, you have to be in a calorie deficit. That’s it, plain and simple!

    Jake Cowger Reply

    @Gordon Freeman How are you this dense? You are debunking your argument for me. It is NOT the fasting that is causing the weightloss, so stop acting like it is. You aren’t special for calculating calories on a weekly basis, that is literally how any weight-loss plan works.

    ggstatertots Reply

    @Jake Cowger Fasting puts you into deep ketosis though, so your body efficiently burns body fat without elevated insulin and blood sugar levels. When you eat multiple times a day, you have multiple insulin spikes which tells your body to store excess glucose as fat rather than getting burned off. Also prolonged fasting promotes autophagy by the body where your body consumes and recycles old or cancerous cells. It also creates new stem cells and new brain cells which is pretty amazing.

    Gordon Freeman Reply

    @Jake Cowger “You are debunking your argument for me.”
    The fact that you don’t realize I’m flat out telling you we agree, and you think i’m somehow arguing in the inverse is incredible…
    You fail to understand nuance, and you fail to realize when someone is speaking to you in good faith.
    You seem like a bad faith actor, so there’s no point in me continuing this conversation. At any rate, I wish you well.

    Jake Cowger Reply

    @Gordon Freeman Lmao we do not agree. I have seen your comments all over this comment section. Acting like you agree with me is a joke. You have openly advocated for not counting calories and said personal experience > medical science.

    I’m not the bad faith actor here my friend, take a look in the mirror.

Jordan Price Reply

It’s just another form of intermittent fasting

    littleblackpistol Reply

    No, it’s a ultra low calorie, nutritionally inadequate starvation diet with laxatives (epsom salts drink) that will promote muscle and water loss, a flabbier, weaker body and malnutrition. It’s utterly moronic but some lazy idiots love cheap promises from uneducated hucksters.

    Gordon Freeman Reply

    @littleblackpistol You’re following me everywhere! 😛
    Noone says take a laxative while fasting. Water fasting is water. And when you’re fasting your body triples the production of growth hormone(aka steroids) it’s converted to IGF-1 in the liver, and IGF-1 causes muscle retention. The lack of insulin causes an increase in hormone sensitive lipase, which increases fatty acid mobilization from fat cells. You burn fat, and preserve muscle. You can call me uneducated, but I know the science. Look up anything I’ve said and refute it with data. I’ll be waiting.

    Jerry Fischer Reply

    @Gordon Freeman these guys aren’t going to read anything. They just can’t handle that there’s a simpler way to do something they’ve spent too much time and money to get the same results.

    Gordon Freeman Reply

    @Jerry Fischer You’re probably correct. But debating someone is rarely going to change the other debaters mind. Rather the hope is, some 3rd party watches the debate and comes away with a better understanding of the safety & efficacy of fasting. If nothing else, hearing a dissenting voice from outside an echo chamber is a good thing. Question everything. Be well, Jerry. 🙂

    Jerry Fischer Reply

    Gordon Freeman just saying the whole, “look it up, I’ll be waiting” doesn’t work.

Gordon Freeman Reply

“Participants were allowed to eat 250 calories a day while fasting”
THAT’S NOT FASTING!!! Citing bad science, makes me furious.

Fasting means NO FOOD. A ZEEERO!

    Inci Moawad Reply

    Ok but why are you screaming? 🥺

    Gordon Freeman Reply

    @Inci Moawad Because I hate when people use science with a flawed methodology to pretend something good for people(fasting) is somehow bad for them.
    I want the maximum number of people who can use fasting as a tool to not be scared off by bad science.
    According to the Zero Fasting App, 374,755 people are currently fasting. They’re doing it because it works, and they feel better doing it.
    I want that number to go up! 😀 Cheers~

    Gordon Freeman Reply

    @BeeJ. Dr Greg is great! I love him.
    He’s wrong about fasting, but hey, being right 99.3% of the time is pretty darn good! 😛
    Also, his cookbook is fantastic.

    Jerry Fischer Reply

    It’s not that black and white.. autophagy and fat burning don’t just completely turn off as soon as you have a bite of something. Thinking this way may help you do longer fasts, but the human body is much more complex than that.

    angsty teen Reply

    @Gordon Freeman mine says its 712.4k!

ObesetoBeast Reply

Just some context! This was during a live stream, and I was learning about the diet for the first time! I am not saying all fasting is bad, just reacting to what I was reading here about this specific diet!

    Nobody Else But Liv Reply

    Hey 👋 I’m the person who asked about this in the live stream. I’ve only done this diet for 2 weeks but it cleared up my acne that I’ve been battling for 5 years in just that small amount of time and also dropped my blood pressure to a perfect number . It also moved the scale which I have been try to do unsuccessfully for two years. Some context: I’ve seen 2 different doctors and 3 different weight loss doctors all of which have put me on diets that are the typical “normal healthy eating and exercise standard American diet” one told me to go vegan which I did for 9 months and it made me gain an additional 45 Ib’s and I was on the fast track to being a type two diabetic. I’ve tried everything from cross fit to weight watchers to water fast. All of which I either couldn’t stick too or it wasn’t working. That’s when I found the snake juice diet. As I stated I am very new to this way of eating but with the results of my clear skin and blood pressure, i want to keep going with it and see if it will help me lose weight too. I actually messaged Cole over Instagram and he actually replied to me. He is in the process of helping me and I am very grateful to add this to my keto diet. I will be tracking this on my channel if anyone is curious about it. I’m not a doctor, I’m not even as knowledgeable as obsetobeast. And honestly it terrifies me that this big of YouTuber even posted a video over my comment as I’ve only ever wanted to track my journey on here but I appreciate how nice he was about replying to it. I just wish he would actually do some research on it beyond a very bias and uneducated article, as well as even reach out to Cole about it 🤷🏻‍♀️. But I’ve rambled on enough, like I said I will be tracking my journey with this and still respect obesetobeast very much. I just hope he and anyone reading this will do more research, who knows just like me it could be your ticket to a healthy life.

    Danny B. Reply

    @Nobody Else But Liv I felt the same about the diet when I first started. I ended up with multiple health conditions, and, for the first time in my life, depression. I can share my whole story with you if you;d like, i just dont feel like sharing it on here. By the way, everyone who did the snake diet 3-4 years ago. gained the weight back

    Nobody Else But Liv Reply

    Danny B. I would love to hear your story please message me on my Instagram : nobodyelsebutliv

    shadow1910 Reply

    @Nobody Else But Liv how often you fast? 48hrs, 72hrs etc? And what do you eat on your refeeds?

    Nobody Else But Liv Reply

    shadow1910 currently I am doing 48 eat 72 eat repeat and I eat a low carb diet in the days I eat. I’m not strict keto but I do try and stick to that type of diet because my doctor told me I’m insulin resistant.

Loes Reply

When are people going to realize that sticking to healthy habits and living an active lifestyle is all you need? Take small steps and don’t use fads.
I lost 20kg/45lbs in about 8 months and have kept it of so far (only 6 months on maintenance). Even through covid lockdown without my gym I have kept it off.

Rodrigo Sobs Reply

“This diet cures herpes”
LoL 😂

    Micheal93k Reply

    False information on this website. It doesn’t cure herpes, it’s extremely decreases herpes flare ups. Look it up. Most likely a benefit of the fasting over the actual diet itself.

Danny B. Reply

If you ever interview this guy, I’d like to come on the show. I was almost hospitalized due to this diet.

    Benny Canuck Reply

    Hey bud, sorry for what you’ve been through with the snake diet. What protocol were you following that got you hospitalized? If you don’t mind sharing of course.

    Danny B. Reply

    Benny Canuck i didnt get hospitalized but i got very sick. I was following his 48s protocol.

James Wilkinson Reply

You should bring Cole on for a interview. That would be great.

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